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the toxic psychological attacks keep coming... #keepyocool
keeping his promise to America... #keepyocool
Radioactivity becomes the new boogyman (replaces C19) and all the vax adverse events get a built-in excuse. What a load of 💩 that would be... #keepyocool
"To get infected, the amoeba has to get to the ceiling of your nose – way, way up there," the late epidemiologist Raoult Ratard told NPR in 2013, when the amoeba was found for the first time in a city water supply in the U.S.

"At the top of the nose you have a little paper-thin plate made of bone with a bunch of holes, a little bit like a mosquito net," Ratard said. "The holes are for the olfactory nerve. So the amoeba is crawling up the nerve and gets into the brain."

Could this be Pandemic 2? Could the fraudulent PCR test be the cause? Will people buy the fear? They already shut down a beach in Iowa, but is yours or my hometown next? #keepyocool
They keep fantasizing and we keep our cool. They might be doing evil things, calling it research, but always #keepyocool #GodWins
Trust Biden, he also said if you got the shots that you wouldn't get the virus... See how that worked out? #keepyocool
The ears were probably just photoshopped.... right?... #keepyocool
Just the most consequential race in the nation being stolen and the GOP will do nothing because they are more interested in defeating Trump than winning the Senate or the governorship in AZ. #keepyocool
How long before the collapse, or are we watching it in real-time? #keepyocool
Just a note about the "weather" tonight.

It's been very clear to me for about 6 years that the weather in the USA is totally engineered.

Tonight is a horrendous storm from Texas to Wisconsin. Not natural at all. Some might call it climate change, but some are either naive or master manipulators. The agenda is to herd and cull. What kills people quicker than a bogus injection designed to cause cancers and infertility? Ice storms and tornadoes in December. Again, totally engineered.

You might be a little behind and wondering why the agenda would be to herd and cull... It's simple. The plan to exterminate masses of the worldwide population has been set in motion by decades of planning, posturing, and programming.

The programmed are us (in many cases,) and we are being programmed to accept our futility, while simultaneously being programmed to feel guilt for these insane environmental changes, aka climate change. Make it make sense! I'll give up my vehicle for the sake of the environment whenever I don't need to work 7 days a week to barely get by. And no I will not be a proponent of universal income if it comes to the US.

I'm working in the snow removal business, and tonight I'm thinking how fucking dangerous it's going to be to drive to work in the middle of the night in an ice storm. The deck is already pure ice and it's 8:30pm. The plan is to go out at 4am when it snows.

In not the guy in the plow but the guy with a shovel so I basically have to wait for snow to fly before I get to work ... But what happens when there's an inch of ice underneath the snow on the roads and I have to drive 30 miles to work in that? I've thought about not going, but I've made a commitment. I have shitty tires from putting so many miles on them in the three years I've had them. But even good tires don't help when black ice is everywhere. Fuck that. I'm trying to live to die another day.

I'm sending this out in case anything happens, and maybe someone will find it in the future and understand that I don't buy this weather for being natural, and I do not want to risk my life tonight in it. 😮‍💨 Some beach, somewhere . . . 🌊🐚🏖️ #keepyocool