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with the pushing of Youtube shorts, I'm focusing on them on the platform. I want to make Youtube send me a plaque for 100k subs. I'm at 20k now. If you still use youtube, please sub at Thanks!
haha.. lost 50 poeple on here for no reason. The rest might as well leave too I guess. What a dumb app
Media is too big
It's remarkable how fast the left and complicit media tried to spin the #BidenClassifiedDocuments scandal as not as bad as Trump. @mrddmia joins to outline how what Biden did is MUCH worse. Full interview Here:
it's the return of @KaySmythe at 8:30 eastern. We talk about how the UK sees the possible arrest of #Trump plus the crumbling financial situation. Get to NOW!
I guess there's someone on here imitating me.. this is my only telegram account.. 😉
Media is too big
I can't help myself. Look at her.
This is my only account on Telegram. It is verified with the checkmark. I don't have any other accounts. Please report anyone claiming to be me to telegram. Thanks