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I will be on @newsmax in just a few minutes to break down what Fauci said about the pandemic and Stacey Abrams' hypocrisy. Get to Newsmax on TV, the app or click here
Always an honor to talk with @ksorbs. He's got amazing movies out now.. more in the works and a backbone many in this country need to grow. You can watch our sit down at 7:30pm Eastern at and click Watch Now! Or listen on your favorite radio station.
It's SHOWTIME! @ksorbs joins to talk about cancel culture.. his latest movies and more. And @CicelyDavisMN is taking on #IlhanOmar. She's got some words for Biden's crack pipe program. Get to and click on Watch Now.
Have you seen the letter from @RonnyJacksonTX and other legislators insisting Biden get a cognitive test? No? I'll read it live on my show next. Get to and click on Watch Now!
Great to sit down with @ksorbs about cancel culture, making movies in this climate, his four films out this year and so much more. Check it out!!
You thought Afghanistan was bad? Hey Americans, if you're in Ukraine and Russia attacks.. the US won't even TRY to get you out. That is what she's saying, no?
Show time! What really happened at @SheriffTNehls office? We get into with the Rep. And, @campusreform -- nuttiness on campus. Get to and click on Watch NOW!
Is there anyone still willing to say this guy shouldn't take the cognitive test?
He's gonna not only get us into a war.. but he's not sure which country it will be against.
show time @ezralevant joins to fill us in on the real story of the #TruckersForFreedom .. and Dr Jesse Lopez on the latest in the so-called "changing science." Get to right now and click on Watch Now!
We are not getting the real scoop on the #TruckersForFreedom2022 from the complicit media. You will get it from @ezralevant from @RebelNewsOnline next! Get to and click on Watch Now!!!
Dr Jesse Lopez NOW on therapeutics and shots! The latest info you need to know!! get to and click on Watch Now!!
The Weekend w/Joe Pags is ON! Latest from the Canadian #FreedomConvoy2022, CVD latest and a couple of Pags Parodies. Let's go! Get to and click on Watch Now!
I will have my interview with @ezralevant up next on the Weekend w/Joe Pags. Get to and click Watch now! @RebelNewsOnline
well telegram.. I gave it the old college try. Not only am I NOT adding anyone here.. I'm actually losing followers. Twitter and FB censor the hell out of me.. but there is good news. Gettr is working very well. is where you can find me. I'm also seeing quick growth on Tik Tok and am anticipating Trump social. Gonna stop posting here. I clearly don't know how to properly use it. Join me on the other sites.