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Forwarded from RT News
Earth’s “Black Box”: Scientists reveal GRIM purpose of giant monolith in Australia

Researchers are constructing a “black box” meant to survive climate change disasters and warn survivors over our mistakes. (ABC News)

The monolith is being “built to outlive us all” and will be constructed in a remote location on Tasmania, researchers at the state’s university said.

The creators expect human civilization to “crash” and the box will “record every step we take towards this catastrophe.” The box’s website also gives people a glimpse at some of the raw climate-related data being recorded by the device.

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They really hate natural order.
Vaccines, over the last hundred years, have done very little for anybody, yet they’re elevated to messianic status by the establishment.

If they were so magical, then why aren’t the Amish dropping dead? In fact, why is there no correlation between mortality and non-vaccination?
It’s because the “tests” are garbage, so this will never end while the “tests” are being used.
The sheep don’t care.
From Oxford.

One out of every 2700 boys (between 12 and 17) who receive the second Pfizer / BioNTech Comirnaty injection, will be diagnosed with Myocarditis.
Should this radio station be reported for spreading false information?
The president has absolutely no sense of irony.
I am 100% anti-communist.
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I might have a small audience, but I enjoy doing what I do, and I am glad that others enjoy it too.
Government lockdowns did this.
It’s all about inflated numbers so that they can keep everything going.

When will people see this?
The cattle don’t care and continue to brand themselves.
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Syria's state media has said Israeli warplanes have attacked its Latakia port, with several missiles striking the area of the containers at 1:23 local time on Tuesday (23:23 GMT Monday), starting a fire.

There has been no comment from the Israeli military thus far.
Liquorice All-Sorts!

Mix and match, this Christmas!