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This is what propaganda does.

It leads to mass slaughter.
So sad she died.
Since the establishment is raging against pitbulls and propagandising people to hate them, I think it's therefore a pretty good reason to celebrate pitbulls.
Oxford to introduce its first climate lockdown.

The city will be divided into six neighborhoods and residents locked down in them - no traffic in or out - and on a rotating basis.

Plan was approved on 30 Nov.
Mike Donio worked in the pharmaceutical industry and explained to me how broken and corrupt the whole thing is.

If you trust the pharmaceutical industry, then you're making a mistake.
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“We created the problem (Mujaheddin / Osama Bin Laden) in Afghanistan and Pakistan to fight against the Soviet Union. We supported the people that we are fighting now (Al Qaeda), to fight against the Soviets."

- Hilary Clinton
Good morning.
This is the US military.
“Bill Gates is not only owning the most farmland in America. He has also taken control of the global production and warehousing of seeds.”
“Climate crisis”.
Artificial intelligence is merely automation.

Agree or disagree?
Interesting comments on AI.

People think it means writing algorithms.

I don’t think that is intelligence.
Still relevant.
The government is nothing more than a cult-like belief system with its churches (government buildings), tithing (taxes), holy text (Constitution), priests (politicians) and church pastor (president).

Believing in all of this is a dangerous superstition.