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The world's largest solar farm can power about 3 million homes for a few hours at most, assuming the sun is shining.

We are told that this is superior to nuclear and coal, and that this will 'save the planet'.
A prediction by Albert Pike, late 19th century, in a letter he wrote to Giuseppe Mazzini, a member of the Black Nobility and one of the most powerful families in the world.
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Upcoming podcast with a guy who helped clean up the Pentagon on 9/11.

He says there was no plane.

To watch the full podcast, join our tribe.
The reason why so many Christians blindly 'stand with Israel' is because tha false 'chosen people' narrative was drilled into them from young.

For 6 months I've been asking Christians—who aren't Israeli—why, and they can't answer.

Here's why:
This guy was inspired by mine and other podcasts. He stopped all AIDS medication and is living a perfectly healthy life.

He was told he had four years to live, 20 years ago. He now believes AIDS is a moneymaking scam.

Take a listen.
The only time China will 'invade' Taiwan is if the US tries to make it happen.

Unlike the US, NATO and the West in general, China works with long-term strategies.

While the US is bombing everybody and drowning in debt, China is becoming the most powerful economy in the world.
A goal of Marxism and the New World Order is the removal of religion and the celebration of atheism (or belief in yourself), scientism, and trust in the state.

Make sure you don’t end up like that.
I keep seeing people talking about the world's top dogs all being in the same club. I don't buy it. Not even people in a small community can get along without conflict.


Human nature.

There is no way that the world's elites are all holding hands and frolicking through the meadows with rainbows and bunnies and unicorns, happily going along with some unified agenda upon which they all agree.

That's utopian nonsense.

There are FRAMEWORKS that are in place, with people slotting in and out of them. And not only are there frameworks, there are COMPETING frameworks with people fighting for power and control.

Read Lord Of The Rings or Game Of Thrones to get a clearer picture on what I mean.

People compete for power and control and everything else.

It's how we are wired.