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At JBOX we have provided you with a platform to make money while entertaining yourself.
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JBOXCOIN now listed on

This Month of September will be awesome.
We have alot instock ,

*We shall be launching a section of our project this month.

*Giving report update on the development of the video mining platfrom we building.

*Adding more exchanges

*More liquidity on the exchanges.

*And lots more

Everyday life!!
JBOXCOIN News Announcement
This Month of September will be awesome. We have alot instock , *We shall be launching a section of our project this month. *Giving report update on the development of the video mining platfrom we building. *Adding more exchanges *More liquidity on the…
Beautiful people of JBOXCOIN community, Thank you for the support you have given us we promise we will make sure we deliver only the best application.
Expect 1 of this list to be announced soon . We have been working really hards on development of the application.

Our developers are on it 24/7.

We shall drop an update this week . More liquidity on the exchanges

Everyday life
Congratulations to Jboxcoin

We now listed


You can review us now ☺️

Everyday life
Another Good news
You can now trade Jboxcoin on this decentralized exchange


JBOXCOIN to the MoonπŸš€πŸš€πŸš€
We have been really working on in making sure we deliver our application

1, Users can switch to youtube and watch videos from our app================ Near completion
2, Users can appreciate good content by sending jbx token to them==================== done
3, Users shall earn percentage of the referrals earnings=============================== done
4, Video uploaded earn jbx token for the uploader when others views it.===================== done
5, Users earn jbx token when they upload video=================================done
6, users earn jbx token when they view video===============================done
7, Users can stake their jbx token and earn percentage returns on hourly/daily/weekly ===== done
8, There shall be a trading exchange where cryptocurrency can be traded===================== starting
9, The jbx token internal transactions must be real time.============ starting
πŸ”₯ Top Active Members Big Bonus πŸ”₯
πŸ’₯Attention ALLπŸ’₯
GROUP BONUS: TOP 3 active members
Start your chatting now and start earning

Top 3 most active members will be rewarded in tokens every week. (Maybe more if we have many users contributing)

1st: $10 worth of JBOX tokens
2nd: $6 Worth of JBOX Tokens
3rd: $4 Worth of JBOX Tokens

Combot has been initiated to track users chat activity for fairness of the giveaway {invite more and earn more}

More so bring in new member and get rewarded (all messages should be sent to the following admins


track the invitee and get his/her reward

Stay tuned for more updatesπŸ‘Œ

other earnable events will be coming as well, keep notifications on. working on AMA and App lunching as well with earnable option.

Note; Chat with each other, it will be convenient for you.
Note 2: we will publish top 3 active members result here every week with their username.

Short Group Rules:
🚫 Admins will never DM/PM you first.
🚫 No Admin here will ask you to send money to them.
🚫 If you have any issues pls, Don't DM anyone who's not admin.
🚫 Block anyone who chats you up about investing scheme, or money doubling or other crypto stuffs.

We are pleased to announce our next AMA on Sept 17th 2020 at 19:00 PM GMT+7 AMA ID crypto x JBox Project

Speaker : Mr. Jjmani (CEO & Team Of JBOX )

Total Reward pool: $150

Join AMA and Send Your Question Here : https://idcryp.to/ama-id-crypto-x-jbox-project/
⚑️New partners, new widgets + fivefold competition announcement!

now on Jbox, LGCY.network, DFSpay, and Midas Protocol users will be able to read and write reviews on their favorite project without leaving the website. Thanks to the Revain Widget!

πŸŒ€You can check out the widget by yourself from the main pages of Jbox, LGCY.network, DFSpay, Bitcore, and Midas Protocol.

πŸŽ‰Also, to celebrate the integration we are launching a review competition. ✍️Write a high-quality and detailed review on Jbox, LGCY.network, DFSpay, Bitcore, and Midas Protocol and receive 2 RVN tokens (~ 2 USDT) for each review.

⏰The competition will be held from September 15 to September 22th 23:59 (UTC+0)⏰

πŸ”—Learn more
: https://revain.org/blog/revain-platform-gets-five-new-partnerships-fivefold-competition-announcement
πŸ‘We want to thank our community for your massive support. We have continue to silent all the doubters and fudders who spread negative about this project all because of your supports.

πŸ’₯This is just the Begining

πŸ’₯Now Expect More Exciting News and DevelopmentπŸ”₯

βœ…Alot of AMAs
βœ…Big Trading Competition
βœ…New Liquidity on Uniswap
βœ…Another BIG Exchange
βœ…Marketing Promotion
βœ… JBOX App lunching coming soon
βœ… JBOX likely going to Defi updates after review
πŸ—ΌJBOX have team
πŸ—Ό JBOX have Whitepaper
πŸ—Ό JBOX listed on CMC & Coingecko
πŸ—Ό JBOX listed on 3 exchanges
Just stay with $JBOX where your investment is legitimate safe.

Lets spread JBOX news everywhere, with the good news
Hello everyone
New exchange listing
Name will be announced soon πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

This is another opportunity to earn some goodies in JBOX project,,special thanks to JBOX team for organizing this event

Hello, everyone good news 😍
We will start quiz game soon for our regional Communities. 😊
For πŸ‘‡
Indian Group @jboxindia
Bangladesh Group @jboxcoin_BD
Turkish Group @jboxturkey

Kindly join your local group and try to participate. Your local group admin will manage quiz game.

We will ask 3 quiz for every local group. If anyone give us correct answer, we will select him/her. Very easy.

Total Rewards: for every group.
1. $5 worth jbx
2. $3 worth jbx
3. $2 worth jbx

After end quiz game we'll send you your rewards. Don't worry.

Quiz Start Date:
28 September for Indian group.
29 September for Turkish group.
30 September for Bangladesh Group.

(Jbox Team)
Good day everyone

Please for any relating issues, kindly send your message to the below contact,,, CEO is presently working on APP lunching and sorting some things out for the betterment of the community/Investors

Send your proposal to the following contact






Thanks for your undying support
This is to inform our community/Investors that JBOX is now listed in BeeEx exchange

Trading is live now

Trading pair
We so very excited 😁 on the coming soon of the JBOXCOIN platfrom

If you yet in purchasing the JBOXCOIN do that now. Price will moon
Hello everyone !!

This month of October promises to be as exciting as last month for us all. We had the opportunity of meeting new members and partners from AMA and the new exchange listing.

This Month of October we are working day and night in making sure we finish up the JBOXCOIN App.

We're also going to make it fun when the launch happens part of which all airdrop tokens will be distributed on the JBOXCOIN appπŸ‘

We expect more than 50,000 downloads on it's first week of launch.

Be excited because at the launch time we're positive JBOXCOIN price will moon. This is the best time to get some more jboxcoin.

Also want to thank all our regional groups

Jboxcoin philippines

Jboxcoin India

Jboxcoin Bangladesh

Jboxcoin Turkey

God bless everyone for your faith in us !!!

Everyday Life!!!
Get ready everyone πŸš€πŸš€