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1. IDF calls up reservists to boost air defense units ahead of potential Iran axis attacks (Ch. 13)
2. Home Front Command to launch media campaign within days to prep Israelis for war vs. Hezbollah; Bank of Israel tells local banks to prepare for high demand for cash, as public may rush to withdraw funds in case of wartime state of emergency (Walla News)
3. Defense Minister Gallant: War vs. Hezbollah will be difficult challenge for Israel, catastrophe for Lebanon and Hezbollah, especially in Beirut & southern Lebanon; risk of war growing. (N12 News)
1. Israel sees indications that Iran may launch missile/drone attacks from Iranian territory, possibly on Friday; Israeli officials inform US that Iranian attack will trigger response (Walla News)
2. Israel may also face missile and/or drone attacks by Iranian proxies from several directions, or militia raids from Syrian territory (N12 News & Ynet)
Cleared for publication:
1. Israel’s security cabinet discussed preemptive strike on Hezbollah in secret meeting on October 11; Air Force jets were on standby to launch immediate assault.
2. American officials told Israel: Don’t strike first, US will attack Hezbollah if it starts a war; IDF chiefs attended dramatic cabinet session, waiting for order.
3. Defense chiefs supported preemptive action, Netanyahu objected, report says; ultimately no vote was held as it was clear majority in cabinet opposed move; one IDF general warned that Israel will regret this inaction in the future. (via Channel 13 News)
IDF advances prep for intensified fighting vs. Hezbollah, ground invasion of Lebanon, potential war on multiple fronts in case of Iranian revenge attack. (Israel Hayom website)
IDF confirms: 3 sons of Hamas leader Haniyah eliminated in Gaza airstrike, were engaged in terror activity; 3 grandsons also killed in strike; army carried out attack based on precise real-time intel, without updating Netanyahu and defense minister Gallant in advance. (N12 News)
Israeli Air Force held exercise in Cyprus in recent days to simulate an attack in Iranian territory; drill held in cooperation with Cypriot military to prep for remote strike missions in response to Iranian attack. (via military journalist Doron Kadosh, IDF Radio)
Israel on high alert for attack: Fighter jets patrol Israel’s airspace to counter Iran axis assault; IDF works with US and regional partners on early detection of missiles/drones; intel agencies monitor 2 IRGC ships in Red Sea and Persian Gulf to foil naval strike. (N12 News)
IDF and Mossad approve strike plans in Iran in case of direct Iranian attack on Israel, Ynet reports.
Iran expected to target northern or southern Israel in next 24-48 hours, Wall Street Journal reports.
Israeli air defenses still on high alert tonight for Iranian missile or drone attack.
Israel goes on full alert for Iranian attack: IDF cancels school nationwide starting Sunday; Defense Minister Gallant: Israel deploys new capabilities in air, land & sea to counter Iran threat; President Biden cuts vacation short, returns to White House for talks on Mideast tensions. (N12 News)
❗️Iranian drone attack on Israel is underway, at least dozens launched.
Israel-Iran Status update:
1. Iran launched 221 drones and cruise missiles at Israel last night: all were intercepted, Ynet reports. Out of 110 ballistic missiles, a few hit inside Israel, minor damage caused to Nevatim airbase. The rest were shot down by Israel's Arrow and David's Sling missile defense systems.
2. Israel's war cabinet will convene soon to discuss response vs. Iran; Israel will aim to hit hard but align retaliation with US and western partners to avoid large-scale conflict. Options include strikes or covert ops targeting Iranian bases or defense industry, cyber attacks on vital assets, elimination of senior Iranian commanders across Middle East.
Israel-Iran status update:
1. Iranian missiles fired at Israel last night carried total payload of 46 tons of explosives; Iran's drones were armed with another 4 tons of explosives; direct hits would have completely destroyed 2 Israeli military bases (Ynet)
2. IDF extends emergency instructions for Israel's home front until 23:00 Monday night, no school activities tomorrow either. Unclear if this means Israeli response is coming up (IDF Radio)
Israeli war cabinet discusses strike options vs. Iran, some actions can be ordered on short notice; Defense Minister Gallant tells US Israel must respond to Iranian assault; army to launch northern Israel drill Tuesday, intensive IDF activity expected. (N12 News & Walla News)
Israel's leadership decides on "clear and decisive" retaliation to Iranian attack, N12 News reports; response may not be fully coordinated with US but aim to align with American view; Air Force expected to play key role, other options also considered; timing of planned op classified.
Status update:
1. At least 3 killed in Israeli strikes on 2 vehicles in southern Lebanon, including senior Hezbollah commander.
2. US official says no updated received from Israel regarding plan or timing of retaliation vs. Iran.
Via Kan News & Ynet
Israel decides on retaliation plan vs. Iran, waiting for right conditions; most decision-makers say response to Iranian assault must come soon; debate among Israeli leaders persists, some ministers called for attack on sensitive sites inside Iran. (Kan News)
1. Israeli fighter jet fired 3 missiles at Iranian air defense site last night, US official tells ABC News; bombed radar site protects Natanz nuclear facility; target knocked out according to initial assessment.
2. Attack destroyed radar of S-300 air defense system, military journalist Amir Bohbot reports; strike signals that Israel is capable of bombing nearby nuclear facilities, he says.
Satellite images appear to confirm strike on radar of Iranian air defense battery; exact attack method and munitions used to target Russian-made S-300 system remain unclear; strike signals that Israel can overcome Iran's defenses undetected and strike at sensitive regime sites including nuclear facilities. Via N12 News & NYT