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Work has begun on the Hamer edition of the Younger and Elder Eddas. This will be published under our publishing arm Hamer and will be the 11th book of the Irminfolk edition of the Nœrrena library.
New PVC patches with the updated Irminfolk crest are coming soon.

These will be included with 2024's memberships.
One of the beautiful hand crafted items which were raffled off at Yule this year. Acrylic on canvas with Swarovski crystal accents.
Introducing New Arrivals at

Choose from our stunning 8" tall resin statues featuring the figures: Odin, Thor, or Freya. Each intricately crafted in durable resin and finished in a faux bronze paint.

At just $25 each (+shipping), these statues are perfect for your home, altar, or collection.

Invite these iconic deities into your life at
A very neat "coming soon" project for the Irminfolk's Wandervogel program.
For Yule the Irminfolk gave all our cadre and oathed members an admin pouch and hard copies of the bylaws, along with the new crest patch.

This was something we were planning to do anyway, to help keep our essential staff organized and efficient, and it conveniently all came together for Yule.

These pouches are proving really useful. They come in a bunch of colors. Plus they have a place to hold our Radios... a lifesaver for running our bigger events.

We are thinking of making this setup part of the standard kit for people who sign up at our higher member levels.

What do you think?
A couple of us will be meeting up for some Pizza and conversations on the 13th. If you are in the area come on by and say Hi.
The Irminfolk just received an ancient bronze solar wheel dated to around the year 700BC, approximately the late Iron Age.

It came from a dig near Ptuj, Currently Slovenia, located near the southern Bank of the Drava River.

It is about 60mm across and still retains a piece of what looks like either a sprue or a stem.

It was speculated to have been Celtic wheel money and thus came to us by way of a dealer in ancient coins. However, it is quite large for wheel coins, and that sprue remnant seems to have had some sort of mounting purpose that would not be on a Celt's coin. We believe it is more likely to have had a more ceremonial purpose.

Though it predates the Pannonian province of Rome by a few centuries, this Sunwheel was in the ground when the Danube Legion elected Emperor Vespasian at that very site in the year 69.

Quite an interesting artifact.

Now, the question is, what is the best way to incorporate this into our Praxis? Suggestions?
The Irminfolk and Ondheim Wandervogel have come together for FTX Skadi in upper Deleware valley NY. It's about -9 farenheit and we have about 18 people having a blast with some great food and folk music.
Embrace the warmth of tradition with our locally handmade Yule Leuchters. The Yule Leuchter, also known as the "Yule Lantern" or Turmleuchter, is a unique piece of art for your family hearth.
Each lantern is individually hand-sculpted and uniquely decorated,, standing at approximately 8" tall and 4" at the base. These earthenware family heirlooms, hold a timeless charm and are perfect for your ritual ceremonies, making it a special addition to your home.
If the Irminfolk were to own a Hof in the Northeast United States, set on a few acres of woodland, What would the place be named? Any ideas?
🌿 The Irminfolk is buying a Hof! 🌿

We're thrilled to share our ambitious journey that's been 16 years in the making!

Over the years, our dedication has led to steady growth, but our ambitions have outpaced our accommodations. Now, we're on the cusp of securing a permanent home—a hof surrounded by nature, offering both indoor and outdoor spaces for ritual, workshops, and gatherings in the hills of Northeast PA.

But we need your support to make Irminhof a reality. We have a lender, we have the property picked out, we have a business plan, but we need help covering a portion of the down payment. Every donation, no matter the size, brings us closer to our goal. Whether it's a gilded statue dedicated in your honor or a limited edition T-shirt as a token of our gratitude, your generosity ensures your legacy within our sacred space.

For more information and to contribute, visit:

Thank you for your support and dedication. Wotan Mit Uns!
Our new 2024 updated Crest patches have been going out with all auxiliary enrollments and renewals the past few weeks.

Now they are also available to purchase directly.

Our registered trademark design got a freshening up recently and to celebrate we had a new patch created in pvc with a velcro back.

Get them here:
We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the incredible generosity shown by all who have contributed to our fundraiser. Thanks to your support, we are on the brink of reaching a significant milestone!

We are just about halfway to the target of our next big step: making an offer. Your kindness and enthusiasm has brought us so far. We are truly humbled.

There's just a little further to go on the fundraiser before we can start making offers. Once we have a contract we can show you what we have planned.

The final leg of this fundraiser, after we are locked in, is to raise closing costs.

This is really happening guys. We are very close now.

You can help by contributing and by helping boost the signal. Every bit helps!

Crafted with care and intention, our Rune Candles embody the mystique of the Elder Futhark runes. Made from 100% pure beeswax and featuring an organic hemp wick, each candle is a testament to quality and sustainability.

Whether you're seeking to enhance your rituals or simply add a touch of sacred energy to your home altar, our candles offer a connection to the divine. Let the flickering flame guide you as you commune with the gods and tap into ancient wisdom.
Working on a Statue of Odin today. It will be in the same scale as the Thor statue from 2023. This is based on the Lindby icon.