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The first 50 registered kids for Folkish Summer Hallowing 2022 will get this awesome drawstring backpack full of goodies inside! 💪Only 1 week until the greatest heathen family event on the east coast!⏰️ Our kids have looked forward to this gathering for the past 11 years. It's the Irminfolks only gathering open to the public. Check out 👉 for more information!
Last minute preparations for FSH. Kids' shirts!
Freyr joins the ranks of our pantheon.
At long last the project to recreate Idols of Odin, Thor and Freyr in a more medium scale for Blot has been realized. Freyr was completed today. The seated Idols are about 18" tall and Odin is a little over 2 feet.

These will be consecrated this weekend before approximately 120 witnesses.
Forwarded from Dave Martel (Dave Martel)
Got back from Folkish Summer Hallowing a couple hours ago.

I feel refreshed, rejuvenated and cleansed of all my mundane stress and frustration.

And just like last year I already miss the company of all my folk. I got to catch up with so many excellent people from last year and met so many new friends.

Had the honor and pleasure of meeting those who enjoy my work. It's a very humbling experience to have a complete stranger approach you excited to shake your hand, get a book signed or take a picture with you.

The blót on Saturday night was magnificent. Mike performed a living statue rite reconstructed by @TheNorroenaSociety and it was hands down the most beautiful ceremony I've witnessed in person. There was a point where Thor was hailed and there was a booming rumble in the sky. No storms at all that day. Sent chills down my spine.

The activities were excellent and wholesome as always. My kids ran amok with the other kids and came back to the cabin completely filthy every night.

@Irminfolk lost access to their previous location, had several obstacles and cancellations and scrambled like maniacs the last few months to make FSH happen.

Despite all that, they managed to host the biggest and best heathen event on the east coast. And my personal favorite in the whole world.

I'll do a whole stream talking about my experience later this week.

The high holy Goðín are with us. The ancestors are with us. And we have a community that has love and fellowship that can be found nowhere else in modernity.

Blessings to you all. Hail.
Forwarded from Dave Martel (Dave Martel)

I will be joined by Michael Sagginario, leader of the @Irminfolk Odinist Community.

We will be showing a slideshow from the Folkish Summer Hallowing, discuss his organization, our time at the event and the future of the heathen nation on the east coast.

You don't want to miss it!
On Saturday evening we performed the Smyrja rite provided to us by Mark from the Norroena society to "awaken" three idols; Thor, Odin and Freyr.

The first sign that things were going right was that upon naming the God Thor, there was a loud "boom" sound in the distance. About as loud as a paint can full of Tannerite exploding.

It went something like this:  .... "and give you the name Thor; Hail Thor... Boommmmm"

And then today we noticed the apperition of a face in the smoke of the sacrficial ship that looks very similar to the Eyrarland Thor Idol.

Conclusion: the Rite works.
The Irminfolk will be represented at March for the Fallen at Fort Indiantown Gap Military Reservation on September 24th.

March for the Fallen is an annual ruck March and charity event honoring Fallen servicemembers of the United States armed forces. The Irminfolk treats it as a moot and team building effort.

This year will be the first year one of the Irminfolk core members returns to the event since suffering a catastrophic leg injury in Afghanistan 5 years ago! Come on down and show support!

We already set up a 14 mile team for team Irminfolk and we will have people in the 5k and 28 mile as well.

If you plan on joining us, reach out so we can coordinate.

Here's the link to register:
This Sunday, September 4th, in Budd Lake New Jersey, the Irminfolk will be attending Scanfest., the Irminfolk's sponsor, will be vending. Stop by and check it out if you are in the area.
The Irminfolk are set up in lot 14 at scanfest. If you are near Budd Lake NJ come on down and say hi!
Here with our friends from Knotted Bone, Viking Village, and Jera Moon
The wife carrying contest is going on.
Part of Team Irminfolk at the Spaghetti Dinner the evening before March For the Fallen at Fort Indiantown Gap tomorrow.

Gunnar is wearing his late uncles' uniform from Vietnam for his first 14 mile Ruck.
Raising the remembrance flag. The March is about to begin.