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OP140: RESsellation - Between October 2019 and July 2020 the Tessellation global event took place. During this event the Resistance battled against Enlightened and Nemesis for “an as-yet-unannounced prize for the Faction that gets the most points”. Help us refund the agents who made possible this RES victory!

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An important message from our Ukrainian friends 🤝🙏👊 💙💛
Допоможіть відбудувати мій будинок, який постраждав від ворожих обстрілів:
- зруйнований дах;
-пробита стіна між поверхами;
- пошкоджені несучі конструкції;
- вибиті вікна.
Будинок потребує негайних ремонтних робіт, бо негода та дощі спричиняють подальшу руйнацію та непридатність для проживання.
Зараз всі мешканці нашого будинку за свій кошт і своїми силами намагаються відновити наш будинок, але катастрофічно не вистачає коштів.
Хочу попросити у вас допомоги на відбудову.

Гривня: 4441114450236524

Долар: 5375418800042103

Євро: 5375419900537737

Банка монобанк:


Або ж напряму в фонд для реконструкції будинку:
Найменування отримувача: "ОСББ РІЧ ТАУН ЗАХІДНА-10"
Код отримувача: 44201489
р/р UA843052990000026007020121880
Призначення платежу:
- благодійний внесок


Let's get acquainted. We are residents of the hero city Irpin. We personally set up our group to help repair our house, which was damaged during the occupation. We want that Irpin to become the same prosperous city as before February 24, 2022, so we offer you to take part in the reconstruction of our house, our Irpin, which bravely defended Kyiv and, consequently, our country.
Initially, we raised funds ourselves, but the cost of reconstruction reaches hundreds of thousands of hryvnias, so we decided to turn to you for help. We believe that together we will bring our home back to life.
Currently, the guys in our house are finishing repairing the roof. Thanks to your efforts, we have collected about 17,000 hryvnias.
Ahead is the repair of the load-bearing wall, the facade of the house, glazing of the front and their doors, repair of the sewer and much more.
We are ready to exhibit photos of the work done so that you can be proud of our achievements with us.
So, if you are ready to give us hope for the revival of our home, we provide you with our details:

UAH: 4441114450236524

USD: 5375418800042103

EUR: 5375419900537737

Банка монобанк:


Fund for the reconstruction of the house at Irpin, Zakhidna Street:
Recipient's name: "ОСББ РІЧ ТАУН ЗАХІДНА-10"
Recipient code: 44201489
hryvnia UA843052990000026007020121880
euro UA433052990000026005000128173
Purpose of payment:
- charitable contribution
If you know the funds that help rebuild homes, write to us in the comments or to me in person.
If you do not have the opportunity, we will be grateful for the repost.
Peace to us and a speedy victory.
Reconstruction is going forward at agent Arlekin36 house 👍💙