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‼️ ETH Amsterdam Recap: We had an amazing time connecting with the global Web3 community! 🌎

The IoTeX team joined panels on Web3 infra, delivered keynotes on #MachineFi, and co-hosted an interactive healthcare event with HealthBlocks. IoTeX's Dev Relations Lead, Simone Romano, delivered an exciting presentation on IoTeX + MachineFi during the "What's Next for Web3 Infrastructure" event, hosted by TRGC.

Where is IoTeX headed next? Spain! πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ The IoTeX team will participate in IoT Solutions World Congress @IOTSWC from May 10-12 in Barcelona. We will have a booth to showcase our ongoing #MachineFi testbeds in the IIC Pavilion.

πŸ“½ Watch Simone's presentation:

➑️ Read our full recap:

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‼️ Mark Your Calendars β€” IoTeX will speak at Google's Born-Digital Summit on May 12! πŸ—“

IoTeX is honored to be the only blockchain company to present at Google Cloud's Born-Digital Summit, an APAC-focused digital event for startups, VCs, and digital natives. Join us to explore how new ideas like Web3 will shape the future!

IoTeX Co-founder, Raullen Chai, will join Richard Widmann (Head of Digital Assets Strategy at Google) for a special session on "Solving for the Future - Web 3.0 ft. IoTeX"

➑️ Register here:

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‼️ Join IoTeX and Google Cloud as we explore Web3 at the Born-Digital Summit on May 12! 🌎

Our Co-founder, Raullen Chai, will join Richard Widmann, Head of Digital Assets Strategy at Google, for a fireside chat on "Solving for the Future: Web 3.0 feat. IoTeX"

πŸ—“ Mark your calendars β€” May 12 @ 12:10pm SGT.

➑️ Register here:

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πŸ‘‰πŸΌ Calling all white hat hackers β€” our friends at Hacken are running a bug bounty program for IoTeX! πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

Search for bugs and earn up to $15K for any found vulnerabilities on IoTeX websites/APIs, ioPay, ioTube, and more. Happy hacking!

➑️ Join now:

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‼️ We are excited to announce a new partnership with Ankr to bring robust and reliable RPC infrastructure to the IoTeX Network 🌐

IoTeX builders and users can now utilize Ankr's dedicated RPC endpoint, making it easier than ever to interact with #MachineFi. Node providers can benefit by monetizing their excess power in their nodes and participating in the decentralization efforts of IoTeX.

➑️ Learn more:

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‼️ Last week, IoTeX Co-founder, Raullen Chai, joined the Google Born-Digital Summit for an in-depth chat on the future of Web3 and MachineFi. πŸ’‘

Raullen joined Richard Widmann, Head of Digital Assets at Google, for a special fireside chat on "Solving for the future: Web3 ft. IoTeX". Didn't catch it live? The replay is now available on YouTube!

➑️ Watch it here:

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‼️ Introducing Mainnet v1.8 for the IoTeX blockchain πŸŽ‰

The next iteration of the IoTeX Mainnet is here. Mainnet v1.8 comes with new features that make staking much easier for users, as well we improved security and accessibility.

β€’ Staking via Web3 tools like MetaMask
β€’ Improved P2P robustness
β€’ Multiple API improvements
β€’ New chainservice builder for service mgmt

Mainnet v1.8 will be activated at height 17,662,681 (May 30 ~11pm UTC). Delegates please install Mainnet v1.8 to your nodes before the activation.

➑️ Release note:

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‼️ Introducing ioTube v6, now live on IoTeX Testnet πŸ’»

The next evolution of ioTube is here! With this release, we now unify the liquidity of the stablecoins from various blockchains in new cross-chain tokens cUSDT, cUSDC, cBUSD, and more.

Visit if you would like to test this ioTube release. We would love to hear any feedback you have on this release and developers can feel free to build on top of our testnet release.

Stay tuned for the official Mainnet release date.

➑️ More info available on IoTeX Forum:

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‼️ Welcome Elumicate to the IoTeX Network! πŸŽ‰

Elumicate is building a global network for real world events mining using #MachineFi. Outdoor cameras, LIDAR sensors, and other devices will capture insights on smart cities and traffic patterns, which can be monetized and shared by the user-owned network.

Elumicate has received a grant from the IoTeX Foundation to execute their three-phase roadmap, and is currently running a closed beta testing program. Join their Telegram group to join!

➑️ Elumicate vision:

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‼️ IoTeX Mainnet v1.8 will be activated on May 30 β€” Delegates can upgrade their nodes now. πŸ’»

This feature-packed release enables $IOTX staking via MetaMask, as well as chainservice builder + API module upgrades.

➑️ Full details on Mainnet v1.8:

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‼️ IoTeX Ecosystem Spotlight β€” Wed, June 1 @ 9am PT 🌎

Come meet the innovators building the future on IoTeX during our Ecosystem Spotlight!

This Wednesday, June 1 @ 9am PT, join us LIVE with Elumicate, SumoTex, HealthBlocks, and MOBI as we explore what's new with #MachineFi.

➑️ Set your reminder on YouTube:

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‼️ IoTeX Mainnet v1.8 has been successfully activated! βœ…

With this new chain upgrade, users can now stake $IOTX with MetaMask, Trust Wallet and other Web3-compliant wallets. Visit to start staking today!

➑️ Learn more:

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‼️ IoTeX is coming to Consensus by CoinDesk this week in Austin, TX! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

One of the largest crypto conferences of the year is here! Come meet the IoTeX team at Booth #408 as we unveil some exciting new milestones for our #MachineFi journey.

➑️ Consensus Details:

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‼️ IoTeX's MachineFi Lab has raised $10M at $100M valuation, led by Samsung Next, Jump Crypto, and DraperDragon 🌎

As the core developer of IoTeX, MachineFi Lab is an entity that builds infrastructure and tools to empower MachineFi developers. We are excited to embark on this next chapter of IoTeX with the support of top Web3, IoT, and traditional VCs. It's time to bring MachineFi to the masses! Subscribe for updates at: πŸ€–

Thank you to our investors that believe in the future of IoTeX: Samsung Next, Jump Crypto, DraperDragon, HashKey Capital, WEMADE, IOSG, Goodwater Capital, DHVC, AlphaGrep, Hanwha Impact, XooglerVC, NewBuild VC, and more!

πŸ”Ž Read Samsung Next's investment thesis and CoinDesk news coverage

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‼️ IoTeX is ready to bring #MachineFi to the masses with a new $10M funding round led by Samsung Next, Jump Crypto, and DraperDragon. It's time to BUILD! πŸ€–

We are ready to embark on the next chapter of our journey to bring the Web3 Machine Economy to life with the support of top crypto, IoT, and traditional investors. With our new $10M raise, IoTeX has sufficient runway to bring new team members onboard and build the industry's best tooling and products. Buckle up!

➑️ Read Samsung Next's investment thesis for $IOTX + MachineFi Lab:
The IoTeX team landed at #Consensus2022 by CoinDesk to share #MachineFi with the masses. We ran into old friends, met new ones, and sewed the seeds for future partnerships.

πŸ“Έ Here are some of our favorite highlights. Stay tuned for more memories later this week!

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‼️ IoTeX is now listed on Okcoin 🌎

Exciting to see $IOTX available on more US-based exchanges, along with the dozens of global CEXs offering hundreds of trading pairs. Let us know where you want to see $IOTX listed next!

➑️ Explore where you can trade $IOTX here:

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