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Contributing to a new economy through action in line with nature
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5 min after you left the trunk of your car open… #cats #inlinewithnature
Maria has been with us for the last 2 weeks, helping us and our community of neighbors. We really love to have young people around us and support them with what they want to share with the world. In Maria’s case it is music, sound and art. Innocence, playfulness in connection with nature. As the community house goes into another direction with their own projects, we are looking for possibilities to create a stay for young people in our little hub. There is a house at a very low cost on the market which we could transform into something beautiful. We don’t have the funds right now, but let’s see what happens… 😍
A short trip to Bristol meeting dear family and friends. ❤️🤩❤️ Enjoying breakfast and the beauty of Windmill Hill city farm, and now back on the mountain in Spain. #oraclegirl #communitygardens #family #shorttrip
Guess what we are preparing. Using recycled materials. PS: Find the cat.