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Contributing to a new economy through action in line with nature
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Winter came a bit later this year...🙃 “The place where fearlessness comes from is a trust in the truth you are fighting for. Put your confidence there, rather than fear of the dominant. Ignore the dominant forces. Think of the rest you are part of. A creative earth. A human community. And draw energy from that. “
Natural Farming - time to sow

This year, I just follow my body to tell me what to sow and when to sow it. I’m going back within, learning to trust my own impulses again and becoming self-reliant, despite what others say and what is happening around me. There are three vegetable gardens. My mind doesn’t know how much I need to sow, I maybe even sow things that are not suitable for this climate, and I don’t care. My natural impulse just says: ‘Sow more’. Such a joy to put all these flower and herb seeds in the soil. Thank you Paco from @biosegura for the growing trays and thank you Paco, friend and neighbor for the land. #inlinewithnature #receivingwhatyouneed #givingbacktonature
Natural farming - the power of networks

Our climate is excellent for growing berries. The soil needs a bit of pine needles to make it more acidic, but there have been raspberry fields for a long time. When I reached out for help to our friends in the Belgian and Dutch natural farming network, although it was very late, Wim sent us cuttings of tayberry, jostaberry and Japanese wineberry. In the package he added willow bark and cuttings, to make a willow tea for better root formation. We have so many resources to share with each other. Networks are so powerful to provide in our needs. Let’s keep connecting and sharing! #inlinewithnature #sharingeconomy #networks #community Thank you @Wim Vergoossen
Living in line with nature - creativity

I've been feeling excited about adding more color and artistry to the gardens for a while now. Then the idea of using mosaics arose. When we passed the construction company, I shared my idea with the owner and he took me to a corner where he kept broken and old tiles. He told me I could choose whatever I wanted and looked very amused as I, in awe and wonder like a child in a playground, discovered all these treasures. He gifted us the tiles and we promised to send him a photo when the artistry took shape. For the time being I will use them on a few plant pots and for the worktop of the outdoor kitchen that we are going to build. So excited and happy!

#creativity #art #sharingeconomy #gift #connectionsbeforemoney #livinginlinewithnature
Natural farming - Nature proves to be strong.

This year, calendulas are sprouting everywhere, spinach is coming up for the 3rd time, the tobacco rebirthed itself and even the smallest trees we planted (you can barely see the small stem peaking above the soil) are showing their first buds. Slowly we see the results of the many seeds we have been sowing. Compared to last year, the land looks greener again. Especially the first part of the garden. I’ll make an update video with more info very soon! #naturalfarming #fukuoka #inlinewithnature #seedballs #greenmanure #foodforest
Living in line with nature - following nature’s curves

This time we are going to try something new. Instead of using our minds, we let natures form decide. We found a branch from a tree, and will build the outdoor sink and worktop around it. So curious if it will work out. 😍 #naturalbuilding #creativity #outdoorliving #inlinewithnature
Community - Baking and sharing bread for the first time

Remember when we restored the abandoned oven last spring? One of the neighbors, who lives on the other side of the mountain, promised to come over with his mother, an experienced baker, to show us how to use the gigantic wood-burning oven so we can bake our own bread. Last Saturday we did it! We made bread from the sourdough she brought and baked 15 round loaves of bread to share with the people in our hub and a very tasty pizza for ourselves. They gifted us the flour and a brand new pole to use. We shared the goodies with the people around us and got really excited to experiment more in the future! #food #bakingyourownbread #community #sharingeconomy #inlinewithnature
Natural farming - Planting potatoes

We have been planting potatoes in different ways. Some potatoes have been cut, this is how they do it here, to get more harvest. Others, we just planted in their natural form, which felt much better. So interesting to feel the difference between the manipulated and natural way in our bodies. In one spot we planted them 5 cm under the soil and covered them with straw to keep the soil moist. In another one, inspired by Ruth Stout, we simply laid them down and covered them with a thick layer of straw. In this area, instead of seed potatoes, we used the red potatoes we bought from the locals last year that had grown a lot of roots over winter. We had way more fun with this planting method, and forgot about filming it. 😉 Curious about how nature will take care of our spontaneous action. #naturalfarming #fukuoka #inlinewithnature #plantingpotatoes
Natural farming - Stratification of fruit trees

Last winter, we covered up a lot of natural fruit trees seeds we received as a gift from Natural Farm Shizen in Italy in a bucket with sand. Over winter, these seeds can adapt to the local climate and in spring, they will form roots. The sand helps with the root formation, but keeps the stem from sprouting. March is the time to check on the seeds, to see if they are ready for (trans)planting.
#naturalfarming #stratification #fukuoka #inlinewithnature