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Russian. The last 10 years I live in Latin America, in Panama.
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You can connect me directly: @photoindra
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If you interested in visiting Panama and wondering what to do.
Here is a webpage with lot's of detailed information on destinations and photos:
#panama #travel
Never thought about movies in such a simple way.
Comparing already beautiful renders by BBB3VIZ with enhanced versions modified by Magnific AI:
10 способов изображения первых 5000 знаков числа Пи (Ken Flerlage)

Ещё мы писали про математику:
Формула для деления площади ёлки на равные части
Число Грэма на пальцах
I've been trying ipad app called Feather that is allowing you to sketch in 3d with apple pen.
Really intuitive and fun:
Forwarded from Win 10 Tweaker
Как устроен CFG
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InstantMesh: Efficient 3D Mesh Generation from a Single Image.
Works ok to get basic proportion. Can export obj.

You can try it on hugginface:
Or run locally:

#ai #3d