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Russian. The last 10 years I live in Latin America, in Panama.
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Краткий туториал по запечке орнаментов в Marmoset и Substance.

#Substance #baking | Malte Resenberger
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Каждый раз смотрю и до мурашек. Шикарные титры, которые после прохождения игры раскрываются ещё круче. Когда-нибудь я приду к тому, чтобы заниматься именно такими проектами.
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📌 Полезная шпаргалка по настройке шейдеров в Redshift, (Cinema 4D, Houdini)

#redshift #c4d
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Understanding EXR Data Compression:
ZIP is the compression method used in Portable Network Graphics (.png) files. It is NOT based on the Zip file format, despite its name). That means when this document states you can use ZIP, it can be replaced by PNG files (if you don’t need AOV, keeping in mind that most software is slower handling PNG, especially After Effects).
RLE is a compression used in TGA files, and it is close to the way data is compressed with Quicktime Animation sometimes used in .mov files. This
means you can replace RLE by TGA files (if you don’t need AOV)
DWAA is close to the way data is compressed in JPEG files. DWA could be replaced by a JPEG file sequence, if you’re careful about the compression rate (and you don’t need alpha or AOV).
Calibrate monitor resources: