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Russian. The last 10 years I live in Latin America, in Panama.
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You can connect me directly: @photoindra
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Interesting idea: to use a little bit different frame naming convention for animatics. Instead "frame0001, frame0002 etc" call it "frame010, frame020, frame030". In this case you can add additional storyboard frames in-between with names like frame021.
Advice to "Do a silhouette check" from article "How to Make a Storyboard":
I've been asked couple of times to make text appear longer on the screen during video editing. So today I finally goolged average reading speed for different languages. It's 17 characters per second for adult programs. And 13 characters per second for children’s programs.

For example phrase "Netflix is an interesting reference for different video related topics" should stay on the screen around 4 seconds (61/17). Here is interesting guideline for text style:
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10 principles of motion design (by Jorge R. Canedo)