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The official announcement Telegram for Immutable X, the first & leading layer 2 for NFTs on Ethereum with zero gas fees, instant trades & up to 9,000 TPS.

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We’re thrilled to partner with SparkadiaGG's upcoming Edenbrawl to onboard the next million players on ETH

Founded by a powerhouse team from Riot Games, Bungie & Blizzard Entertainment, Eden Brawl will give an enriched multiplayer UX that keeps you engaged at all times

Looking for a Web3 game that encompasses the best of Web2 elements?
- AAA game
- intense WASD skill-based combat
- unique champion playstyles
- streamline player agency and more

this is for you.

More at

Join their community at
The next evolution of Staking Rewards is coming...

New Rewards: min 5% annual rewards at 30% of stakeable token supply staked (variable based on amount staked)

New dashboard: more transparent staking experience

Same plan: sustainable, long-term growth

Stay tuned👀
WE ARE LIVE! Today, IMX Staking Rewards for Immutables is launching! We’re excited, we’re bullish, here’s why;

Full product dashboard
Stake, unstake, check your rewards, check the cycle…do it all on the fully productised dashboard!

🏆 Rewards 🏆
For a promotional period there will be a minimum 5% annual rewards rate with up to 30% of stakeable token supply staked. If it’s below 30% staked or trading volume is high, reward rates will be higher.

🔒 Token custody 🔒
Giving custody of your tokens to a third party increases your risk dramatically. Celsius, Luna, we have seen what happens when you revoke ownership.

That’s why the staking product took the extra time to build. It lets you retain control of your tokens. You don’t ever give up ownership!

🔥 The IMX growth flywheel 🔥
Staking Rewards add to the accelerators of the IMX flywheel. We’re looking for mass scale and this is going to help us get there.

IMX grants -> more games
Trading rewards -> more trading
Staking rewards -> more players

More games -> more players -> more trading -> more games.

Links to the product and FAQs

Okay, now we have covered the fun stuff, let’s get you into the product. - Try out the product!! - please read this for the detailed information

For the hardcore community members, we’ll be following up on another post covering our tokens and rewards strategy 👀

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Excited about @GamestopNFT launching #onimx? Feeling’ even more bullish😤 after listening to Robbie chat with SuperStonk? So are we!

To celebrate, we’re giving 10 lucky winners 250 $IMX EACH! Want to try to win? Click this link for the competition page -

The Challenge?
- Join the ImmutableX Discord Server
- Follow Robbie on Twitter!
- Tweet using #onimx
- Visit the ImmutableX YouTube

That’s it! That’s all you need to do to go into the running. We will be releasing more alpha on those channels in the weeks leading up to the release of the GameStop marketplace on ImmutableX. You will want to stick around 😉

Link to the AMA here:
Deep-dives straight from your favorite Immutables dropped in Reddit!

[The mergeeeeeee]

The one and only Alex Connolly (Co-Founder and CTO) sharing his galaxy 🧠 here:

If you want a quick digest to go with your cup of joe or night cap, check out the blog:

[IMX Staking]

Eddie Burrowes, SVP for Tokens, also sharing big brain vibes in Reddit on the IMX staking strategy and approach:

Join our Reddit so you never miss galaxy brain posts from the team. More coming...
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Rarible is now live on IMX 🔥

Partner Spotlight

Rarible is the first marketplace on Immutable X to be featured in our Partner Spotlight - IMX Trading Rewards program.

Trades on Rarible count double towards your Trading Rewards eligibility (100,000 IMX tokens rewarded daily)! Live from 12:00AM September 13 to 11:59PM September 20 (UTC time).

IMX 🤝 Aether Games

We're welcoming Aether Games to the IMX family! Their TCD “Cards of Ethernity” will be launching on Immutable

They have a global team w/ experiences across LoL, Baldur’s Gate 3, Hearthstone, Gwent & more! Make sure to check them out at
Only #onIMX

Moon Strike is launching the ultimate blockchain-based sci-fi multiplayer shooter game with us! Microsoft awarded them the ID@Azure program grant, accelerating their game development

200K+ Moon Strike players can
🌙Level up the survival mode w/ Unreal Engine graphic quality
🌙Collect 3D NFTs that are gas-free & carbon neutral

We’re excited to welcome Moon Strike to the IMX family!
Welcome @SupremacyMeta to the IMX family!

Only #onIMX, Supremacy is a 24/7 mech MOBA that delivers an exciting sci-fi world of mech destruction in a series of immersive and interconnected games.

In Supremacy, players buy and trade mechs to fight in Unreal Engine 5 MOBA battles.

Stay tuned with significant new updates coming to their Battle Arena and upcoming FPS and RTS releases.
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Welcome @uldorgame to the IMX family!

Uldor is a F2P MMORPG where you can compete in PVP, fight over territories and explore a vast open world #onIMX
Welcome The Metakey's New Ganymede to the IMX family!

New Ganymede is a frenetic, massively interoperable sci-fi fantasy MMO-ARPG coming soon to PC and Mac #onIMX

The Metakey is among the first pioneers of NFT utility exploration who are building and bridging the best web3 games and experiences, on the journey to hyper interoperability!
Our official welcome to The Immortal Game to the IMX family!

We have been building with them #onIMX as they continue to enhance Chess by introducing an entertaining crypto layer. The next generation chess platform driven by the community.
Welcome Nifty Gateway to the IMX family!

We are partnering with Nifty Gateway to be the first chain added outside of ETH to offer a premium and frictionless trading experience to the web3 gaming space.

Here is to onboarding the next billion people 🤝
Welcome to @bloodvesselsnft🩸 powered by @kongregate! Play as a 1/1 NFT in an immersive world shaped by you

A collection of 250 vampires:
Public price: 0.14 ETH
WL price: 0.07 ETH

Oct 26 12 pm PST
Welcome Kyō to the IMX family!

Kyō is a hypercasual gaming platform the aims to bring the next billion players onto web3. With Storms' experience in the web2 space & backing from iCandy, AIS and SK Telecom, we can do this together #onIMX
The GameStop NFT Marketplace is live with ImmutableX! Together, we’re advancing the next generation of web3 games #onIMX 🅧
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🤝The @GoPeanutGames Bubble Bots Mini Game is officially live #onIMX!

Battle it out for a share of the $16,500+ in UDSC weekly prize pool
The Venly Wallet is now live on Immutable!

An important unlock for those developing their web3 game infrastructure #onIMX to have another available solution for your game
The Amrbus Studio Rangers Genesis Gold NFTs Public Mint is now live #onIMX

Collection Size: 450
Mint Price: 0.49ETH
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Welcome The Bornless Game to the IMX family!

A F2P FPS Horror game made in Unreal Engine. The Bornless has already onboarded over 30 esports orgs and gaming guilds with over 1,000+ users anticipating their launch #onIMX