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The official announcement Telegram for Immutable X, the first & leading layer 2 for NFTs on Ethereum with zero gas fees, instant trades & up to 9,000 TPS.

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Welcome The Bornless Game to the IMX family!

A F2P FPS Horror game made in Unreal Engine. The Bornless has already onboarded over 30 esports orgs and gaming guilds with over 1,000+ users anticipating their launch #onIMX
The GameStopNFT Marketplace Feature: Undead Blocks

Join the next generation of web3 gamers with the 25K NFT Loot Coffin Collection

12K Common Coffins @ 0.01ETH each
10K Rare Coffins @ 0.02ETH each
3K Legendary Coffins @ 0.03ETH each
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Welcome The Lost Glitches to the IMX family!

A multiplayer play-and-earn trading card game #onIMX. Honig Studios has been developing games for over ten years for PC, Switch, Playstation, Xbox, iOS and Android receiving critical acclaim and awards for their releases.

Lost Glitches brings together two popular genres- collectible card games & RPGs. Players can choose how to customize their gameplay as the game tailors to create unique experiences for casual and experienced gamers.

With the first set of 400 cards called "Memories" being launched in Dec 2022, be ready for The Lost Glitches launch onto:

MAC/Windows standalone.
Steam & Epic Store Q1 2024 with mobile and consoles to follow.

To celebrate, our community will have the chance to win up to 50,000 $LOST Tokens

$LOST can be used to purchase their upcoming booster packs, launching December 13th
We’re excited to share that Nifty Gateway is officially live on ImmutableX!

They are the MOST premium marketplace for NFTs. They are expanding beyond art and into gaming #onIMX where we will work together to onboard the next billion users into web3 🧵
The Lost Glitches exclusive time-based booster pack drop is now LIVE #onIMX

For the next 48 hours, 3 tiers (bronze, silver & gold) of exclusive booster packs will be released to the community!

Can be claimed with $LOST tokens
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The WAGMI Comic Book NFT VOL. 1 is now LIVE #onIMX

A collection of 5,973 unique Comic Book NFTs designed for the web3 gaming community

Mint price: $89 USD
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The Bitverse Genesis One Mint is now LIVE #onIMX

A collection of 50 unique Bitverse NFTs to explore the world by Kongregate
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Welcome Angelic to the IMX family!

Angelic is a narrative strategy-RPG, bridging the gap between web2 and web3 by utilizing a multi-chain approach #onIMX. Partnered with brands like Animoca, Everyrealm and Pantera and has over 170K early access registrations pre-launch
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2022 onIMX

2022 highlights for Immutable as we continue to onboard the next billion users into the new year of web3 gaming

1/ $IMX officially being listed on Binance

2/ Officially partnering with GameStop to launch GameStopNFT Marketplace!

3/ Immutable officially raising $200M in Series C funding @ $2.5B valuation!

4/ Started in Dec 2017 with 3 and in Apr 2022, we hit 250 full-time hires

5/ The first cross-rollup liquidity layer for NFTs! Utilizing new groundbreaking tech to bring the next billion gamers into web3

6/ The beginning of $IMX Staking!
7/ Officially launching the Immutable Developer & Venture Fund worth $500M to accelerate the adoption of web3 games & projects

8/ Regular updates to Immutable as $ETH offramps are now available to any devs building on IMX

9/ The @GameStopNFT wallet being fully integrated with Immutable!

10/ Dapps and builders continuously building with us

11/ The @GameStopNFT Marketplace officially going live on ImmutableX!

12/ Trading on any marketplaces building #onIMX has never been easier as offers are officially live #onIMX
Today we are participating in the Illuvium Christmas Event at!

Sharing the Christmas love we've prepared 3 Immutable Quests and 500 $IMX to giveaway, head over to win

The secret word is: onIMX
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Welcome Qorbi World to the IMX family!

Migrating from an L1 to IMX, Qorbi World is a F2P multi-game ecosystem focused on bridging esports into web3! One Tap is their first FPS they are looking expand into the #onIMX ecosystem for those who love games like Halo & VALORANT!
Welcome Tiny Colony to the IMX family!

They are migrating from an L1 to building #onIMX! Tiny Colony is comprised of the best minds from Netflix & Disney to AAA studios like EA & PlayStation. Their goal is to build the next household name of pixelated games in web3
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Welcome Search for Animera to the IMX family!

Search for Animera is a sci-fi MMORPG built on Unreal Engine 5 #onIMX. With experience from Konami & Metal Gear Solid, they aim to unlock the true potential of web3 through an NFT-powered journey of interplanetary conquest & exploration
The Smash Stars Daemons allowlist is now LIVE

A collection of 4500 unique Daemons companions, generative art NFTs with in-game utility. 3 elements, 7 rarities
Welcome Aradena to the IMX family!

Aradena is a leading web3 gaming company developing the world's first Hex Battler Trading Card Game #onIMX! They have raised over $1.5M in funding led by @Animoca & are building with the award-winning game studio, Blowfish Studios!
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Welcome Resurgence to the IMX family!

Developed by Emergent Games, a next generation gaming and entertainment company that has multi-award winning devs with a team built from the likes of Playstation and countless AAA game titles.

They are bringing Resurgence #onIMX!
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The next round of BLOCKLORDS Legendary Heroes have arrived!

The BLOCKLORDS Tournament rewards the top 3 ETH bidders with a guaranteed gold banner chest and 7 lucky bidders will be randomly selected to win #onIMX
B/R Watch-to-Earn with WBD Sports is now LIVE #onIMX!

B/R Watch to Earn the first of its kind online experience that rewards you for tuning into the NBA. The very first event will take place during the post game show between the LA Clippers & Bucks later today!