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App name: EK2WhatsApp

Package name: com.whatsapp

Mod version: v15.00

Base version: v2.23.21.88

Mod by: Ehsan Kamboh

Official website:

You can install this latest updated version 15.00 on your old version without losing your previous chats and data. Thanks for using EKWA.

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Download TrueCaller Gold Premium MOD APK v13.56.7 for Android

Overview of the TrueCaller app.

- TrueCaller is a popular mobile application that provides a range of useful features related to phone calls and messaging. One of its key features is the Caller ID, which allows you to identify incoming calls from unknown numbers. It pulls information from its extensive database and displays the name or business associated with the number, helping you decide whether to answer the call or not.

- TrueCaller also offers a spam call blocking feature, which can help filter out unwanted calls and messages. You can create your own blocklist and report numbers as spam to contribute to the community's database. Additionally, the app provides a smart messaging feature that lets you communicate with friends and family. You can send text messages, share media, and even make voice and video calls using TrueCaller.

- Another neat feature is the ability to search for phone numbers or businesses. You can easily find contact details, addresses, and even reviews of businesses within the app. TrueCaller also integrates with popular messaging apps, allowing you to identify and block spam messages.

It's worth mentioning that while TrueCaller is free to use, there is a premium subscription called TrueCaller Premium. This subscription offers additional features like ad-free usage, call recording, and more.

- Overall, TrueCaller is a handy app that helps you manage your calls, block spam, and stay connected with your contacts. Let me know if you have any more questions or if there's anything else I can assist you with!

Download TrueCaller Gold Premium MOD APK 2024

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How to Unban Permanently WhatsApp number in 2024?

(Updated Article)
(Added tutorial images also)

- 100% working 3 different mathods

Please guys, I have seen the same message many times in the past few days on all social media accounts where users are being punished by WhatsApp for permanently or temporarily banning the account has been banded. That's why I have written an article today with complete research, hope you guys will benefit from it. And 100% your account will also be unblocked. Please open and read this article once and share it with your friends so that they can benefit. Your reading and forwarding of my article will show me Google in the recommendation, which will encourage me to do more such useful content.

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Download YMWhatsApp APK - Latest Version 2024

Features of YMWA:

- Download YMWhatsapp APK (Official) Mod by Jesus Muentes Antiban
- Download YMWhatsapp APK (Official) Mod by Jesus Muentes Antiban
- Send larger audio/video files.
- Send images in full resolution.
- Freeze the last seen time.
- Custom backgrounds.
- View deleted messages.
- View deleted statuses.
- Hide blue tick, double tick.
- Group message counter.
- Download & save status.
- Share lengthy media files (100MB).
- Disable the call button.
- Do not disturb mode.
- Clean junk files.
- Lock WhatsApp with Pin.
- Hide forwarded tag.
- Save view once the media.
- Pin more than 03 chats.
- Create a backup for your data.
- Anti-ban app.
- Free to download and use.
- Available for Android 5-11

Download Link:
Your question:

Is there any such app or any such method with the help of which we can convert PDF files into a single PDF file i.e. create.

Our answer:
Yes, there are many apps and methods that allow you to convert multiple PDF files into a single PDF file. Some of them are as follows:

Online Tools:

* PDFMerger: This is a free online tool that allows you to merge multiple PDF files at once. To use it, you just need to upload your files and choose the order in which you want to merge them.
* Adobe Acrobat Online: This is a powerful online tool that allows you to merge as well as edit and manage PDF files. To use it, you'll need to create an account for Adobe Acrobat Online.

Desktop Apps:

* PDF Merger & Splitter: This is a free desktop app that allows you to merge several PDF files together and split them into separate files.
* Adobe Acrobat Pro: This is a powerful desktop app that allows you to merge as well as edit and manage PDF files.

Mobile Apps:

* PDF Merger: This is a free mobile app that allows you to merge multiple PDF files at once on your phone or tablet.
* Adobe Acrobat Reader: This is a free mobile app that allows you to view and edit PDF files on your phone or tablet. It also has a feature that allows you to merge multiple PDF files into a single file.


Using any tool or app, you'll generally need to do the following:

1. Select your PDF files.
2. Choose the order in which you want to merge them.
3. Start the merge process.

Jazak Allah

I am happy to help you. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Team @IhsanMods (
Download Adobe Lightroom Premium Mod Apk 2024 for Android

Hey everyone, I've just written an awesome article about the Adobe Lightroom Premium Mod Apk. Check it out on my website and download it. Don't miss out on this cool App Guys!" You can go and download the premium version. Its free for you! 😎❣️

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Note-taking apps are super helpful for organizing thoughts, making to-do lists, and jotting down ideas on the go. Some popular ones are Evernote, Microsoft OneNote, and Google Keep. You can mention their features, like syncing across devices, adding images, and setting reminders. It's also a good idea to share how you personally use note-taking apps. Good luck with your social media post!

Read the full article:
Download CapCut Pro Unlocked Mod App for Android in 2024 - Latest version for Android

"🌟 Exciting News! 🌟 Unlock the full potential of video editing with CapCut Premium Mod – now available on my website! 🚀 Experience incredible features without any limitations. 🎬 Don't miss out!

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Top 5 Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2024

Here is the list of the top most popular 5 programming languages list that you must learn in 2024 if you wanted to become a successful developer.

Here is the List 👇🏻 🔗
EhsanTechCorner Official pinned «📝 WhatsApp beta for Android what's new? WhatsApp is working on favorite contacts to quickly place calls, and it will be available in a future update! Download App here:»
Forwarded from EhsanMods Official (Muhammad Ehsan Yousaf)
Happy Eid Mubarak to all our friends 💖🌹
i pray to Allah to accept our prayers and fasts and forgive our sins if we mad in our life. and bless us with the way of wise people. Ameen.
تحديث جديد ضد الحظر 🔥

تحميل تحديث واتساب عمر 2024 اصدار V63.5 Whatsapp Omar

📆 2024-4-2
🟢 Base Update:
What's news in V63.5
📎Update WhatsApp base to

📎 Add a new notification that appears when someone reads your message (select the message with a long press, then > from the top, select the three dots, then > notification when the message is read)
📎 Added a new option to show the time of deletion of messages and cases in minutes and seconds
📱Activate the company's experimental features
📱Activate the ability to send a one-time audio recording
📱Activate the ability to search chats by date
📱Added the option to put the ghost in the side menu
Improve some application codes for more stability
Fix the ghost feature codes and hide the correct ones
🔵 Misc Enjoy and discover by

😀Misc Other fixes and improvements

🔻   قاعدة الواتساب:

🖥الجديد في نسخة v63.5

📎تحديث قاعد واتساب الى
📎 اضافة اشعار جديد يظهر عندما يقرا احدهم رسالتك ( حدد الرسالة بضغطه مطولة ثم > من الاعلئ اختار الثلاث النقاط ثم > اشعار عند قرائة الرسالة)
📎 اضافة خيار جديد لاظهار وقت حذف الرسائل والحالات بالدقائق والثواني
📱تفعيل مميزات الشركة التجريبية
📱تفعيل امكانية ارسال تسجيل صوتي يعرض لمره واحده
📱تفعيل امكانية البحث في الدردشات حسب التاريخ
🎟 نقل خيار وضع الشبح الئ القائمة الجانبية
🔧 تحسينات متعلقة بالاستقرار والأداء.
🔧اصلاح مشكلة عدم تغير ستايلات فقاعات الصح وتغير لونها
🔧إصلاح اكواد ميزة الشبح واخفاء الصح

🛠 تعزيز الحماية ضد الحظر
مزيد إصلاحات وتحسينات أخرى.

📎 Download and details:
😀 التحميل والتفاصيل:
81.8 MB
الاسم: واتساب احسان کمبوہ EK2WhatsApp
الاصدار: 16.00
الباكيج: com.EK2WhatsApp

App name: EK2WhatsApp
Version: 16.00
Package name: com.EK2WhatsApp
Download EK2WhatsApp V16 Antiban and safe from hacker's attack Mod by Ehsan Kamboh

Important message

I have tried my best to resolve the problem where users of EK2WA were forced to install WhatsApp Official from Google Play Store like any other modded WhatsApp. But since no one had found any method to remove this restriction, EK2WA has provided another option to still carry your chat with EK2WA and its amazing features. I hope you will enjoy our latest version. Insha'Allah.

Whats'new in v16.00?

🛠 Extent Expiry Date
⚙️ Misc Other bug fixes
📌 Exclusive Get a notification when someone is typing a message to you
📌 Exclusive Ability to get a notification when your message got read(Open chat - select a message - Alert when message read)
Added Again Option to show night/light icon on Home
🛠 Fixed Hide View Status on some phones
🛠 Fixed Rounded entry recording audio
🛠 Fixed Swipe row features not working
🛠 Fixed Space when scrolling some UI
🛠 Fixed Search in calls
🛠 Fixed Bubble Bottom Bar random crash
🛠 Fixed Anti View Once issues
🛠 Fixed Storage issue in Android 14
🛠 Fixed Backup/Restore issues in Android 13+
🛠 Fixed Crash on some phones
🛠 Fixed Android 14+ Theme download issue
🛠 Fixed Android 14+ Backup/Restore issue
🛠 Fixed Crash on older devices
🛠 Fixed iOS14 Entry Style
🛠 Fixed Crash in calls history on some phones
Change Ghost Mode now takes priority over custom privacy.
⚙️ Misc General bug fixes
⚙️ Misc Enjoy and discover by yourself!
⚙️ Misc Other fixes and improvements

Download and details:


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EhsanTechCorner Official pinned «Download EK2WhatsApp V16 Antiban and safe from hacker's attack Mod by Ehsan Kamboh Important message I have tried my best to resolve the problem where users of EK2WA were forced to install WhatsApp Official from Google Play Store like any other modded…»