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IguVerse is the first blockchain game that links Socialize to Earn, Move to Earn, and Play to Earn mechanics into one gamified app

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IguVerse pinned Β«πŸ“’ FAQ's UPDATE πŸ“’ Dear Iguanas 🦎, Since we have received a large number of ❓ related to the Private Sale, we have created the FAQ page, where you will be able to find your answers to the most popular requests that you may have: https://faq.iguverse.com/private…»

Hi, Iguanas 🦎,

πŸ“ Following our ongoing agreements with the launchpad platforms and current market trends, we have updated our tokenomics to improve the attractiveness and financial side of the project.
In this regard, we are delighted to share with you the most up-to-date changes:

βœ… For our community, we have decreased the amount of the Private Round from $5M to $1M

βœ… We have created a separate Launchpad Private Round with a share of 5%. At the moment, we are negotiating a few large launchpad platforms to host IguVerse events in July, right after the end of the Private Round. The price in the next round will be equal to $0.05 per $IGU

βœ… After the Launchpad Private Rounds, we will host the Launchpad Public Round with the price topping at $0.1 per $IGU

βœ… We have decided to create a separate Strategic Reserve that will be used for additional funding from large financial funds. Even though we are in the middle of the negotiation process with a few of them, this process may take a few months due to current market conditions. This round will be reserved for strategic investment with a 1-year lock-up of IGU tokens and 2-year vesting period

βœ… The share of Team’s tokens has been decreased from 17% to 12%, while Treasury has been increased from 20% to 25%

βœ… We have decreased the total raise for the project from $11M to $4M and updated the roadmap accordingly. We are closely monitoring the current market situation and sentiment, and adjusting our fundraising goal to it.


We will continue working to increase the confidence of shareholders in our project and create additional benefits for our community!

❗️We are extremely careful with the requests of our community. As a result, we have decreased a minimal entry in the Private Round from $500 to $100. Also, please, note that on July 5, GMT+2, the $IGU prices will be increased by 10% to $0.033 AND $0.044 accordingly.

Hi, dear Iguanas🦎,

β€‹β€‹πŸŽ‰ As you may know, we have crossed the 50% completion of the IguVerse Private Round. It is truly an honor for us to have such a great community!

Since we are in the middle of this Round and have started moving to the end of it gradually, the prices for $IGU tokens will be increased by 10% in 5 days. Please, note that this change in price will be also applicable for the IguVerse NFT holders.

At the moment, the prices are ranging from $0.03 to $0.04 per token. On July 5, 19:00 GMT+2, they will be increased to $0.033 and $0.044 accordingly.


πŸ’°πŸ’°You still have time to get your $IGU tokens cheaper before the increase in price and launchpad rounds, where the price will be ranging from $0.05 to $0.1

Stay tuned, and we will keep you updated!

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Hello, Iguanas 🦎,

IguVerse team is actively working on the expansion of our community worldwide. Our goal is to broaden the awareness of the IguVerse project in China, Turkey, GULF countries, Poland, and Germany.

πŸ“ The responsibilities of a community manager include:
- Assistance in the translation of the website and content
- To develop and manage a local community
- To attract local users and expand the community

πŸ’Έ The recruited applicants will get a number of priority bonuses in the IguVerse project!

If you are from one of the regions mentioned above and feel that you can fit this position, kindly, fill in the Google Form on the link below:


βœ… After successful completion of the Google Form, we will get in touch with you ASAP to discuss further details.

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Hello, Iguanas 🦎,

A gentle reminder: Only 2 days are left before the $IGU tokens increase in price by 10%, which will be applicable both to the whitelisted participants of the Private Sale and NFT holders:


πŸ₯³ Also, we have crossed 25,000 subscribers on Discord and reached almost 50,000 followers on Twitter:



We would like to express sincere gratitude to our amazing community that supports and believes in us during these hard times on the market, broadening the awareness of our project worldwide. IguVerse team constantly read your feedback, fix mistakes if any happen, and does everything possible to make sure that our community members feel completely comfortable within the project and get as many benefits as possible.

πŸš€ More is coming! Stay tuned!

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Dear Iguanas 🦎,
You still have 8 hours to get $IGU tokens before the prices go up +10%


Also, today we will release our demo NFT generation algorithm, so you will be able to test how we will generate NFTs from your pet’s photos.

πŸš€ Stay tuned!

Dear Iguanas 🦎,

πŸ’₯ We have launched a demo version of the NFT mint. By using ML/AI algorithms, you can transform the photo of your pet into an awesome NFT with a chosen background. This experimental technology will show you the way your pets will look in the IguVerse world:


In one hour, we will hold a quiz where you will be able to win the USDT prizes. All the details will be revealed very soon!

πŸ“ˆ Also, as you may know, the prices for $IGU tokens have already raised by 10%. Another price growth will be + 10% as well and take place in 7 days.

We’ll keep you updated!

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Dear Iguanas 🦎,

We announce the quiz with a $100-prize for the best minted NFT.

These are the simple rules to follow for participation:

β˜‘οΈ Take a photo of your pet

β˜‘οΈ Upload it to our NFT demo-minting system


β˜‘οΈ Choose your background and mint your NFT card

β˜‘οΈ Upload the minted NFT into the Telegram chat

A person who will get the highest number of likes for the uploaded NFT, will get a USDT πŸ†!

Let’s go!!!

Dear Iguanas 🦎,

πŸ“ˆ We would like to explain more details about our revenue model and the reasons why the IGU token will go up.

Every IguVerse player will have to mint at least one NFT pet in our app, using $IGU tokens. The income in $IGU tokens will be distributed as follows:

βœ… 50% of all $IGU tokens will be distributed to Treasury and held there

βœ… 30% is going to be swapped for BNB, serving as liquidity for the $IGUP token, keeping the ecosystem of the reward token healthy

βœ… 20% will be swapped for BNB, which will be distributed to the BNB Treasury 

At the beginning of the game, there will be still the possibility to use BNB for easier onboarding. However, the prices will be 10% higher than with $IGU, to encourage users to use our native token. If user mints a playable NFT pet with BNB, the BNB pool is going to have the following distribution:

βœ… 50% of BNB is going to serve as liquidity for the $IGUP token to maintain the ecosystem of the Token

βœ… Another 50% will be distributed to the BNB Treasury

βœ… On top of that users will have to spend $IGUP tokens for level ups and upgrades, which will be burnt and decrease reward token supply

Since the increase in price for the $IGU token is substantiated by the demand for the tokens, the price for them will increase accordingly to meet the supply, which will skyrocket the price of $IGU tokens after the game launch!

πŸ“ Read more details in our Medium article:


Dear Iguanas 🦎,

πŸ“ˆ As we are getting closer to the end of the Private Sale gradually, we would like to inform you that only 1 day left before the price for $IGU tokens will go up by 10%, increasing to $0.036 and $0.048 per token accordingly.

Do not miss your opportunity πŸ—“ to buy the tokens at lower prices, which are ranging from $0.033 to $0.044 currently:


Stay tuned, and we will keep you updated!
​​​​πŸ’₯ We are excited to announce our first IDO on GameStation


⚑️ GameStation is a launchpad platform specializing in launching Play to Earn games as well as Metaverse projects and has a lot of successful projects launched on their platform.

The exact event date will be announced soon in both parties' social media. We will keep you updated!

Also, we will announce information about our next the launchpads soon. We are currently in negotiation process with the biggest launchpad platforms.

πŸ“… This is just a warming-up since we have HUGE news for our community. On Monday, we are going to reveal a big strategic partnership for IguVerse.

Stay tuned, Iguanas🦎!
Hello, Iguanas 🦎,

IguVerse team would like to express sincere gratitude to all the participants of the IguVerse Private Sale. Currently, we are less than 20% away from the completion, and less than 2 days left before the end of this round. 

πŸ’¬ At this exact time, we are at the final stage of negotiations with a few fundswhich are expected to acquire the remaining $IGU tokens and close the Strategic Reserve Round.

We would also like to share the top 10 wallets with the largest transactions πŸ’° that have been made during the Private Sales:

1. Wallet 0x0bfd61a181d6a4c0addac7101d74e39f690407de - $43,750
2. Wallet 0x960b03bdd5e7bb519dda72618055652f08a1b1ac - $38,800
3. Wallet 0x78c1317af5995a4d9ffdfcf76088dfbe580c4f95 – $25,030
4. Wallet 0xF59853cA47FE755569b0E337C82EB1ecFfDF8398 - $25,000
5. Wallet 0x610989438adc873c22cff6d4f67abcedba69d804 - $24,450
6. Wallet 0x1299da1e23b910e29fd006a6c4cbad2d7d3388d6 - $21,000
7. Wallet 0x6bbae454847a6526d266fa4886e37dfb26a5e05a - $13,650
8. Wallet 0x4fa5282048a3f069a9493c88b6e1cba7a68d4128 – $12,500
9. Wallet 0xd6b04daa7418398dc60789f37b37058ef5c1f765 - $11,700
10. Wallet 0x8c6017961056d0a0f8b392417b95077cfde5d820 - $10,500

⚑️ Since the Private Sale is going to the end, there will be 3 winners out of those Private Sale participants who will buy $IGU tokens after the time of this announcement post. The chosen winners will be awarded an additional 50% of the $IGU tokens, which will be calculated on the basis of a transaction amount.

There will be 3 winners selected based on these terms:
2-x random transactions - 2 winners will be chosen based on random data from the addresses of the IGU Private Sale contract starting from the announcement date
The biggest BUSD transaction

Private sale link: 

The results of the quiz will be based on the public $IGU token Private Sale contract starting from this announcement date. After the sale ends tomorrow, we will make transparent results of the quiz based on publicly available data:

🦎 More news is coming soon! Thank you for being a part of the IguVerse project!

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Hi, Iguanas 🦎,

β€‹β€‹βš‘οΈWe are informing you that the Private Sale is officially finished.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in this IguVerse event. During the next few days, we will share the instructions and announcements on the upcoming events.

🎯 Our main priority at this moment is focusing on app development and negotiations with launchpads, funds, and big partners.

πŸš€ Tomorrow we will announce our big announcement!

​​​​πŸ’₯ Thanks to our dear community, we have completed 87,45% during this fundraising round, which is an excellent result, considering current conditions on the market. As we have already mentioned, the remaining tokens, which were not purchased during this Private Sale, will be acquired by a large market player as a part of the strategic investment. Once it happens, we will make sure that all of you are notified on this matter.

Also, the results of the quiz we announced yesterday will be published soon.

Thank you for staying with us!

Dear Iguanas Community 🦎,

We are delighted to announce the winners of the quiz we have launched yesterday.

πŸŽ‰ The following wallets are going to receive an additional 50% of the $IGU tokens based on the last transaction:
1. 0xf4d8dffc6e82118ce3b0603fdcd61d35d4cda829 - $10,000 - Receives +50% to IGU purchase
2. 0x622ef27ffc78aec690cd10b5e21d0a5496d5b61f - $1,000 - Receives +50% to IGU purchase
3. 0x29dc8ca88bf3e358beca7e795cf45437d158142e - $100 - Receives +50% to IGU purchase

πŸ₯³ Accept our warmest congratulation to the winners

Google docs with winners:

🎯 Today later, we will announce our strategic partnership! Stay tuned

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Dear Iguanas 🦎,

We are happy to announce strategic partnership with MEXC GLOBAL. Token $IGU will be LISTED on the MEXC exchange.

Founded in 2018, MEXC Global is the top 20 cryptocurrency spot exchange according to CoinMarketCap, with a daily trading volume over $875M, while the number of monthly users goes above 8.3 million:


πŸŽ‰ For IguVerse, it is a great milestone, which will give $IGU exposure to millions of active users.

β˜‘οΈ The approximate date of the listing is scheduled for September. More details will be announced soon.

Stay tuned!

Dear Iguanas 🦎,

⚑️ We are delighted to share some exciting news for you: we are launching an Alpha Channel for our community.

The members of the channel are going to get a number of benefits:

βœ… Priority access to the demo version of the IguVerse game

βœ… The ability to mint your first NFT pet for free

βœ… Priority access to the referral system

Please, note that only members of the Alpha-Channel will have the access to the referral system. All the members that will be registering by using our referral system will not be able to share their codes until the release of the game.

βœ… Priority access to the exclusive news on the project

βœ… First access to the $IGU-staking within the IguVerse application

βœ… Exclusive competitions with the $IGU & $IGUP awards

βœ… The ability to get direct answers to your project-related questions directly from the IguVerse owners.

Important! Access to the Alpha Channel will be available only for the Alpha whitelisted members, who will have to complete a number of tasks to join this community.

πŸ”— Please, follow the link and fill in the Whitelist to join the IguVerse Alpha-community:


Also, if you are the IguVerse Genesis NFT owner, will have the access to the Alpha Channel by default. In order to join the channel, you will have to state the BSC address where your NFT is located. If your NFT is located on Binance, you need to withdraw it to your BSC address where the NFT will be located. The address should be added to the Alpha Channel form. In case you have any questions on this matter, please, contact our managers.

πŸ”₯ We are looking forward to seeing you in our Alpha Community and enjoying the whole range of benefits available there.

We will keep you updated!

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Hello, Iguanas 🦎,

​​​​πŸ’₯ We are delighted to announce that we are opening access to the IguVerse Alpha Channel for the $IGU holders. Members of the Alpha community are able to get $IGU rewards and other benefits for the completion of simple tasks. If you are a holder, please, fill in the Google Form below so we can add you to the channel:


Please, make sure that you are subscribed to our Discord channel:


πŸš€ Also, approximately by the end of August, we will launch the Alpha version of the IguVerse game, which will be available for access only to the Alpha channel members.

We are looking forward to seeing you in the IguVerse Alpha channel!

Stay tuned!

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Hello, dear Community🦎,

πŸ† One of the IguVerse community members has created a wonderful piece of art and shared it with us. Being blessed to have such a great community, our team has decided to hold the IguVerse competition for the best community art. Your artworks may also include memes in the form of either pictures or videos. We will choose 3 best artworks and award winners with $IGU tokens:
πŸ₯‡ 1st place - 1000 $IGU tokens
πŸ₯ˆ 2nd place -500 $IGU tokens
πŸ₯‰ 3rd place - 500 $IGU tokens

⚑ Also, participants of the quiz will get access to the IguVerse Alpha channel!

In order to participate in the competition, please, share your works of art with @iguverse_manager

Stay tuned, Iguanas 🦎!

Hello, Iguanas 🦎,

⚑️ Thank you for participating in our Best Community Art Competition! After receiving many creative works of art, we are delighted to announce the winners:

πŸ₯‡ 1st place - Iguana Harry Potter – 1000 $IGU

πŸ₯ˆ 2nd place - Graphic Iguana- 500 $IGU

πŸ₯‰ 3rd place - Tetris Iguana – 500 $IGU

πŸ’₯ Please, find the creators and their works attached in the comment section! Kindly, accept our warmest congratulations on the victory!

We will keep you updated!

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Hello, Iguanas 🦎

⚑️ We are delighted to announce the IguVerse Copywriting Competition.

If you have an excellent command of English along with advanced writing skills and are ready to participate in the competition, please, complete the following tasks:

1. Write an article on the IguVerse project with a minimum length of 1500 characters

2. A polished article should be uploaded and published on the author’s private Medium

3. Please, share the link of your Medium article with
@iguverse_manager in our Telegram Chat

πŸ† The winner of the competition will get a 1000-$IGU award and the opportunity to join the IguVerse team. 

Stay tuned, and our team is looking forward to seeing your articles!

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