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Devcon5 starts tomorrow. Oct 8th - 11th.

iExec will present alongside Microsoft, Intel, Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, ConsenSys, Kaleido & PegaSys.
Articles on what will be shown during the workshop are coming soon. Stay tuned!

The workshop is on Day 2 (October 9th)
iExec is excited to announce the latest collaboration with Microsoft, Intel, EntEthAlliance and ConsenSys

Revealing the first implementation of the new EEA Trusted Compute Specification at Devcon5, Oct 9th

Official EEA announcement in the twitter thread:
Our Research Engineer Hadrien Croubois gave a lightning Talk about Ethereum Name Service and Kitsune Wallet, during the last day of Devcon5 in Osaka! 🎙
WATCH: iExec announced a collab with Microsoft on the Trusted Compute Framework (TCF) at Devcon5

iExec is the main contributor to the TCF code.

The EEA Token use case + 3 other potential apps that could be built on top of it:
Join us tomorrow for the Q&A session!
We're excited to respond to your questions on the future roadmap, V4, business collaborations, the RLC token, TCF, and more!

🔴Watch live: Friday 25 October
09:00 (UTC) / 11:00 (GMT+2)

The full video will also be available afterwards.
Great news for the iExec RLC token!

Upbit, Korea's biggest cryptocurrency exchange anounced that RLC has been selected as one of only 26 project tokens that will continue to be accessible through UpBit BTC pairs and the wider Korean market.
The president of China, Xi Jinping, recently expressed interest in implementing blockchain tech across the country's economy.

A community member summarized iExec's work and collaborations towards blockchain adoption in China.

There's still more to be done. It's only the beginning.
iExec is proud to be a technology partner in the Blockchain in The City challenge in Lyon.

We are mentoring the teams participating in the hackathon.

The objective is to build blockchain and IoT solutions for smart cities. Looking forward to seeing what the teams come up with!