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I will be verbally refuting the retarded screeds posted by canuck law and his obsession with blaming all issues on Israel

Fuckn low life low iq intellectual maggot coward low hanging fruit picking cunt

I’ll dedicated the rest of my time here to showing anyone with half a brain cell that the shite him and his global cult of maggots spew has absolutely 0 fucking connection to reality, not only that but are insanely delusional regarding the Middle East and it’s relationship to the da west

Who do you think is the reason your standard / price of living costs so high ?
Crescent 🌙 cartel and their western (non Israel) related overlords aka CFR
The culture now is max level retarded even worse is the so called free dumb movement which doesn’t exist and is composed of Feds and their approved LARPing maggots like v4f and others.
Meanwhile in news you never hear about Slovakian 🇸🇰 prime minister was attempted assassinated ….
You know why?

Mega anti vax stance.
Called out the convid19 mass poisoning by 💉💉💉

Do you hear any of the freedumb folks mentioning this shite?

Pharma runs our nations through the blue flag of death 🇺🇳
Hahaha but some fucking retarded maggots still think it’s daJ00z

Do the west all a favour jump off the fucking closest bridge you find.
Forwarded from JihadWatch
Muslim Nobel Laureate, a Muslim Brotherhood Sympathizer, Applauded for Antisemitic Rant at the Vatican

Pope Francis refuses to condemn Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer despite Israel’s protest.

Pope Francis is refusing to condemn a Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer for her antisemitic outburst after the Yemeni Nobel Laureate accused Israel of “genocide” while addressing an audience at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome on May 10.

The Israeli Embassy to the Holy See said…
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Plus his uncle was Swiss 🇨🇭
Banking agent shitlers close friend.
Haj Amin Al Husseini

If you’re anti Israeli you’re anti phakeesteen because you don’t want them to present their dead children to the world for their terrorist fake nation grift.
With a few FEEDINGs and confinement by removal from original echo system
Orcas simp like morons to their human captives, similar to those who spend 1000s on only fans, while a great white shark 🦈 Never folds and will never be in captivity, LEGENDARY STATUS.
Two sides of the same coin 🪙
Both true believers are obsessed with blaming daJ00z for all their problems internally and externally
I wonder if this is just not an act of psychotic projection as the history of both dynastic death cults speaks for itself but of course the majority of the true believers (those who believe their own lies) ignore centuries of violence against their so called “own” and others.
Wow those darn dastardly bastards 😂

Iran especially the religious cultists got heavily quackccinated as much of the medical establishment of shit hole theocracy that destroyed and took over a great Persian civilization, is connected to the French medical establishment. Iran had an aviation accident because they made all the dumb tax slaves under their theocracy especially those in uniform take the 💉💉💉

It’s funny the possibility of the pilot being quackccinated is so high but entirely ignored.

Just like it’s ignored that the IAF airdrops thousands of leaflets in the language of those who live in Gaza telling them to vacate the area they will be bombing.
That’s why people who accuse Israel of genocide are literally retarded dumb fuck wastehumans that have absolutely no concept of reality.
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Did the Americans drop leaflets in German telling non combatants to flee the area in Dresden before flattening the place ?
Scam is on like scamazon aka nation state lol vote harder
Hudo haffez 😂😂 خدا بزرگ است
Apparently Mossad was responsible the name of the helicopter pilot was eli kopter
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