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Spotify mod has been updated to version v8.6.32.925 and fixed shuffle/preview only bug and added quick share button in playerhttps://ihackedit.com/spotify-premium-apk/
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Spotify v8.6.80.1014 Mod Changelog:
•Added Discover Tab
•Added Concert Tab
•Added Playlist Shuffle
•Added Podcast QnA (available w/ select podcasts)
•Added Podcast Polls (available w/ select podcasts)
•Added Podcast Transcript (available w/ select podcasts)
•Added Podcast Ratings and Review
•Added Podcast More For You
•Added Share Podcast Time Stamp
•Added Future A/B Features
•Removed Social Listening BETA
Spotify Mod updated to
•Added Micdrop (Vocal Removal v2)
•Added Podcast Auto-Download
•Added Podcast Manage Download Settings
•Added Video Quality Settings
•Temporarily Removed Enhanced Feature
•Removed Server-Sided and Non-Working Features
•Various Bugs Fixed
Spotify Mod updated to v8.7.4.1056
•Re-added Enhance Playlist Feature
•Re-added Stock Now Playing Bar
•Re-added Stock Podcast NPB
•Added Anchors (Only works for tracks with Lyrics and Storylines)
•Add to Queue Bug Fixed
•Various Internal Bug Fixed
Spotify Mod now updated to version

Mod Changelog:
•Added Quick Settings Feature
•Added Artist NFT Section
•New Lyrics UI (with Sing/Micdrop Feature)
•New Track Sharing UI (Version 2)
•Updated Ad Blockers
•Removed Artist Separate Shuffle (Server-Sided)
•Removed Subscription Checks (Faster Load Times)
•Bug Fixes from Previous Build

New update released.
version changelog:
•Forced Disabled New Playing Feature (Ugly A/B UI)
•Some New A/B Features Added
•Artist Page’s Separate Shuffle Readded
•Some Older A/B Features Went Missing/Removed
•Some Fixes and Tweaking’s from the Previous Mod Build
Spotify Mod has been updated to v8.7.48.1062 with many more features added and bug fixes.

•Added New Overlay Navigation [A/B Feature] (Music and Show/Podcast)
•Added New Now Playing UI [A/B Feature] (Version 2)
•Added Jump Videos [A/B Feature] (NPUI Canvas)
•Added Record Episode [A/B Feature] (Can be seen beside the ‘Download’)
•Added Live Events – New UI with Settings [Public Feature] •Subscription Patched Reworked
•Advertisements Patched Reworked
•Fixed Track/Album/Playlist Image Cover
•Fixed Track/Album/Playlist Empty Bug
•Fixed Missing Now Playing Bar Bug (Sort Of)
•More Bugs Fixed, Minor Tweaks, Load Times and Stability Improvements
•Removed Download Upsell
•Removed Very High Audio Quality Upsell
It's been a long time. Hope you all doing well. Spotify mod just has its 1st update for the 2023. Check it out. https://ihackedit.com/spotify-premium-apk/
Mod Changelog:
New Your Library UI [A/B Feature]
Minor Bugs Fixed