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Restock of 2023 December 3 (4mo old) accounts

Restock of 3-6 month old accounts. All of accs in that restock have humanlike username, display name and profile picture

Restock of 2021 full access accounts

Fixed an issue that was causing emails to not arrive after purchase
Restock of 50-90d old accounts. That accs with random usernames and without PFP

Prices have been lowered by 24h for 2024 accounts

Restock of 2022 accounts.

Restock of 1 mo old, March 25-26, 2024 accounts

Restock of 2023, 2024 accounts

Discord has been very unstable for the last half a year and has been running constant waves. Buy accounts only if you will to use them in the near future. If you plan to age/hold them do not buy

This does not mean they'll always get termed in the upcoming hours, it may happen in a week, two weeks, a month.

Deal safe, inform yourself before purchasing.
Small restock of 2023, will stock more in a few days