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28.11.2023, Training Flamengo (Bate Anda) & Cruzeiro (Pavilhão🇧🇷) and Lech Poznań & ŁKS Łódź🇵🇱 www.hooligans.cz
28.11.2023, Lazio🇮🇹 before match against Celtic🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿: “For history and tradition, always Anti Antifa!” www.hooligans.cz
29.11.2023, Galatasaray🇹🇷 - Manchester United🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 www.hooligans.cz
29.11.2023, LPH (Lech Poznań Hooligans🇵🇱) & Uliczni Wojownicy (ŁKS Łodź Hooligans🇵🇱) in Favela Complexo do Alemão🇧🇷 www.hooligans.cz
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29.11.2023, Lens🇫🇷 corteo before away match against Arsenal🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 www.hooligans.cz
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29.11.2023, Inter Milano🇮🇹 & Nizza🇫🇷 & PSV🇳🇱 & Botev🇧🇬 in Lisbon🇵🇹 www.hooligans.cz
XX.11.2023🇸🇪Youth fight, Trojas yngre vs Kristianstad Lealta,
5x5, 1,5 min., win Kristianstad, on photo Trojas yngre www.hooligans.cz
29.11.2023, København🇩🇰 pyro away against Bayern Munich🇩🇪 www.hooligans.cz
3 years back, 29.11.2020🇨🇿Jablonec + Liberec vs Hradec Králové, 8x8, win Jablonec + Liberec (white) www.hooligans.cz
29.11.2023, Lokomotiv Plovdiv🇧🇬 with Napoli🇮🇹 in Madrid🇪🇸 www.hooligans.cz
30.11.2023, Cruzeiro Pavilhao🇧🇷 Lech🇵🇱 & ŁKS Łodź🇵🇱 on match Flamengo vs Athletico Mineiro www.hooligans.cz
30.11.2023, PAOK🇬🇷 & Partizan🇷🇸 in Frankfurt🇩🇪 before today match www.hooligans.cz
4 years back, 30.11.2019🇸🇪Ultras Malmö vs Youth Generation Gothenburg, 15x15, win YGG (in red) www.hooligans.cz
30.11.2023🇺🇦 The Capitals Firm (Dynamo Kyiv hooligans) celebration 22 years! www.hooligans.cz
29.11.2023, 13 arrested in Bern🇨🇭, 9 are Roma🇮🇹 lads of the Fedayn group. Swiss police said that they were there to attack Delije🇷🇸, present in Bern for the match against Young Boys. Tonight Roma will play against Servette www.hooligans.cz
29-30.11.2023, Sporting🇵🇹 ultras & hooligans looking for Curva Nord (Atalanta🇮🇹), Atalanta no show www.hooligans.cz
30.11.2023, Raków Częstochowa🇵🇱 on tour Graz🇦🇹 www.hooligans.cz
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30.11.2023, Real Betis🇪🇸 in Prague🇨🇿 www.hooligans.cz