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Israel's Remembrance Day: 43 fallen IDF soldiers were added in past year.

On Israel's Remembrance Day, millions of Israelis will visit cemeteries to pay their respects to 23,928 fallen soldiers and victims of terrorism.
Prince Philip was the 1st UK royal to visit Israel.

Duke of Edinburgh broke unofficial boycott of Israel by British royals to attend 1994 ceremony naming Princess Alice as ‘righteous among the nations’ for hiding 3 Jews from Nazis. May his memory be a blessing.
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WATCH: IDF soldiers play with Palestinian kids in Hebron.

You won't see this on the mainstream media.
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This is not Europe, it’s Israel’s Mount Hermon ❄️ ⛄️

Snow in Israel on April? Well, yes!
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Prime Minister Netanyahu: “Israel will not allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons.”

In his meeting with US Secretary of Defense Austin he added: Israel has no greater ally and certainly no greater family than the United States of America, and the United States has no greater ally and no better family than the State of Israel.
While the Islamic regime in Iran continues to threaten to destroy Israel, Iranian people continue to LOVE Israel.

I love Iranian people back. They are not my enemy. ❤️
The Israeli Security Agency and the Mossad, have uncovered a method by Iranian agents who attempted to lure Israelis to travel abroad in order to harm or abduct them.

I can say that I received multiple messages from Iranian agents (some of them pretended to be women), that have tried to “tempt” me to travel to different countries. When they failed, some of them even tried to offer deals indirectly, and when that failed too, they just cursed me and threatened to kill me and my family.

Their threats merely inspire me to keep going, because it clearly makes this regime angry. Free Iran! 🙏
The UAE Ambassador to Israel, Mohamed al Khaja, stopped to get some falafel on his way to Jerusalem.

I’m happy to see this. The UAE is dear to us Israelis. You are welcome to visit Israel! 🇮🇱🇦🇪
I wish my Muslim friends around the world Ramadan Kareem! ☪️❤️

May this month of reflection, self-improvement and fasting be a meaningful one. Let us pray together for more peace and less conflicts.
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Today is the Eve of Yom HaZikaron - Israel’s Memorial Day. 🕯

We remember 23,928 fallen security forces and victims of terrorism who sacrificed their lives for the sake of Israel.
23,928 heroes.
23,928 stories.
23,928 fallen.

They sacrificed their lives so that we could live in our homeland Israel. We remember them. 🕯

Via Hannah Brafman
His name is Shai Kushnir. He fell during the Protective Edge operation in Gaza in 2014. He was a combat medic in the Armored Corps.

Hamas terrorists fired a barrage of mortars that directly hit an IDF armored vehicle near the security fence. Shai was killed together with 4 more soldiers (Liran Adir, Omri Tal, Daniel Mersh and Noam Rosental). I was minutes away from them, on the way to enter the Gaza Strip with my tank crew to fight Hamas. I remember the noise of the mortars, and then the seconds of silence.

I will never forget this day. May their memory be a blessing.
Prime Minister Netanyahu and his family visited the grave of Lt.-Col. Jonathan (Yoni) Netanyahu, the brother of the Prime Minister.

Yoni was the commander of the elite Israeli army commando unit Sayeret Matkal. He fell during Operation Entebbe in Uganda. He is a hero of our nation.
This cartoon of an Israeli child, yearning for his father, killed in battle defending the Jewish state, is so powerful and heartbreaking. 💔
This is the gravestone of my schoolmate Nadav Raimond.

Sergeant Raimond fell during Operation Protective Edge (2014) when terrorists from Gaza infiltrated Israel through a terror tunnel. The terrorists fired an anti-tank missile at the lower part of a military pillbox, killing five soldiers.

May his memory be a blessing. 🕯
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A siren just sounded across Israel in honor of Israel’s 23,928 fallen.

They sacrificed their lives so that we could live. We remember our heroes.
The nation of Israel had been through a lot. Many sacrifices were made so that we could exist in our homeland Israel. 🇮🇱

God stands with Israel - now and forever.
Happy 73rd Birthday Israel! 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱