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🎁 Lootbox feature is active.
πŸ“± The button that you can update whenever you want has been added to the "account" page.
⭐️ Fixed some minor issues.
⛏Dear miners,

πŸ’°Hexa wallet withdrawals have been suspended. Don't worry, our miners whose balance seems to be incomplete, their balances will be corrected.

Thank you for being patient.
Keep mining.
Daily to-do list

βœ…Don’t forget to check the NFT market and mine with HEXA!
πŸ“¦We noticed a minor issue with NFT skill points today.
βš’ We are aware of this error and will fix it as soon as possible.
⭐️We will refund the missing skill points.
πŸŽ‰ Hexa have been returned due to problems with HEXA WITHDRAW.
⭐️Skill points of members who have problems with their skill points have been returned.
βš’ Withdrawal transactions made within the application have been taken into maintenance.

πŸ’°Don't worry, your Hexa Coins are safely protected in the cold wallet within the application.
** Don’t forget, only pickaxe owners can earn HV!
** HV’s can only be used in Hexaverse and upgrading Pickaxes
Are the skills of your Pickaxe no longer enough for you?
You can sell it on the Marketplace and buy powerful ones!
*You can also upgrade your Pickaxes ⛏
Now today is a special day in Korea! Some of you may know and some of you probably haven’t.
On 14 August, β€œcouples seek nature and relax while singles mine Hexa to drown their loneliness”. :)
Hope You Guys Enjoy Green Day!!
⭐️ "Hexa network - PRO" ⭐️ application will be with you soon!
- You will be able to withdraw your hexa to wallets.
- You will be able to buy and sell NFTs
- You will have access to the luck center.
- Possibility to mine Hexaverse

You can mine just Hexa in "Hexa Network" application, You can mine both Hexa and Hexaverse in PRO version.
Do you recognize the pickaxes well enough? Let's match it up!
⛏ Which pickaxe have you got? ⛏
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⛏Performance: Mining faster
πŸ€Luck: More loot boxes
πŸ€‘Hexa: Extra Hexa
πŸ› Repair: Less damage per mining with Pickaxe

** You can improve your pickaxes with the HV’s you have earned or you can buy higher quality ones from the Marketplace!
πŸ™‡πŸ»β€β™‚οΈThe more you mine, the more damage your pickaxe will get

πŸ› Don't forget to repair your pickaxe with the HV’s you earned

πŸŽ‰By upgrading, your pickaxe will get damaged slower
HEXADROP is coming!

⛏ Hello dear miners,

πŸ’°There is now a new way to cash out your HEXA tokens!

How its work ?

⭐️ Hexa Network makes a partnership agreement with new projects that have been confirmed to enter the crypto exchange.

🎁 The projects that have a Partnership agreement with Hexa Network allocate NFT and Token rewards for Hexa Miners!

πŸ“±Hexa miners review projects and choose which they want to join.

βœ… Hexa miners pay the project's entry fee with Hexa Tokens and qualify for Token and NFT rewards of project they choosed.

πŸ’°You can turn your tokens and NFT rewards into cash by selling or you can wait until the values increase.

More details coming soon..
As Gandhi said, β€œThen you win” πŸ†
Hexa is real, keep believing & keep mining!
Hexa Drop is Here!

Our first project for the Hexa drop is the @Betterfanapp ! By participating in the event you will be rewarded with 100.000 USD worth of $BFF, $BTB. Moreover, there are plenty of free Fan Card NFTs awaiting you out there!

Come grab a slice!
We are so happy to announce πŸ“’
πŸŽ‰ More than 15,000 Hexa Miners are joined @Betterfanapp having first partnership with us.
πŸ’° Hexa miners claimed some of rewards worth $100,000 by joining Better project.
πŸ‘ Better Event is still ongoing, do not miss your chance, join and claim your rewards of NFT, $BFF, $BTB.

πŸ‘ Millions of thanks to all Hexa Miners. We grow together, we will win together! We just started with @Betterfanapp but more projects will be seen on Hexa Drop after the Better project be listed on exchanges.
⛏ Hello Miners!
πŸŽƒ Halloween event has started now!
πŸŽƒ You will mine 2x HEXA until November 1st.
πŸˆβ€β¬› Happy Halloween!
⛏ Hello Miners!
βœ… Transfer problem is already solved!
πŸ‘¨β€πŸ­ Our developer team are working to make Hexa Network better day by day.
πŸ”Hexa wallet is faster and secure!
🏦 You can transfer your Hexa to wallet anytime!
πŸ‘» and do not miss to mine 2x more Hexa in Halloween 2x Event.

πŸŽƒ Happy Hallowen! No trick, just mine! ⛏