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• Helex ( HLX ) Official Channel.
• Exclusive services for cryptoinvestors.

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© Helex Corporation Ltd is a registered Company in London, United Kingdom.
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​​♦️Helex | HLX Insights

• Our Executive Directors and our CEO @javiercasas1 travel to Marbella Rolls Royce Show the past august.

• Helex Services allow crypto investors around the globe buy luxury cars from Dubai & Europe

• HLX is always involved in our 7+ services.
​​♦️ Helex | HLX Insights

• Meet our CEO Javier Casas @javiercasas1 at our Private Office

• We have 7+ Executive directors and 15+ team members worldwide with 70+ years combined of experience in Investments, Management & Real estate.

• We connect the world of cryptocurrencies with the real world in a personalized and professional way.
​​📱Welcome to the Helex Official Telegram Channel

⚡️At Helex Corporation, we bring 7+ exclusive services for cryptoinvestors around the globe.

🌍 Visit our website and learn more about the project: https://helex.world/

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🇬🇧 Helex Corporation Ltd is a Company registered in London, UK
​​Helex | HLX Insights

• Visit our Brand New Website

• We create a personal solution study, tailored to client’s need, providing other possibilities which are available in different countries around the world. With confidentiality as a core value, Our company offers anonymity for our clients who require it for their properties or other services received from us.
​​​​​​Helex | HLX Insights

• We reach more than 2k followers ⚡️ in our LinkedIn company page.

• The world-class social media.

🔝 Visit https://www.linkedin.com/company/helex-corporation-ltd
​​🌌 Helex Corporate Insights

• Our Corporate Expansion is on fire , our LinkedIn company have more than 6k followers around the world.

🥇Visit linkedin.com/company/helex-
​​🌌 Helex | HLX Insights

• The best experience is based on the strongest performance.

Visit helex.world
​​🌌Helex | HLX Insights

• Exclusivity is what you will receive from Helex.

Corporate Vision helex.world/company.html
Helex | HLX Insights

• Visit our official Instagram account with more than 160k followers.

• Instagram is the Only Active Social Profile

Visit instagram.com/helexcorp