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We want to be here with you on your parenthood journey, not just by offering the right products and services but the full scope of support! We are very honoured to be the venue partner for Kim DeMarchi's workshop "Parenting with Positive Discipline" this coming August and we are extending this invite to our Hegen mums at a special rate too!

Sign up at this link and we can't wait to see you at our Hegen Experiential Centre: https://www.eventbrite.sg/e/parenting-with-positive-discipline-singapore-2022-tickets-346349148627?discount=hegen

Registration closes 25 July 2022, seats are limited.
🤱 World Breastfeeding Week 2022🤱

Hegen celebrates World Breastfeeding Week and this year, the theme ”Step Up For Breastfeeding – Educate and Support” resonates deeply with our mission to Champion Breastfeeding, Empower Mothers and Celebrate Life ❤️
Ever wondered if your breast size will affect your milk supply?
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In Singapore, new mothers are entitled to 16 weeks or 4 months of paid maternity leave. As the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends exclusively breastfeeding for at least 6 months, we know how hard it is to juggle between your breastfeeding and career goals.
I want to continue breastfeeding when I return to work
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Yes! ☺️
We are all familiar with “mum guilt”, even as a mum-to-be! Mum guilt is defined as the feelings of guilt a woman experiences in relation to her child(ren). Coincidentally, breastfeeding is often times associated to mum guilt – whether or not baby is drinking well or even if a mum should continue breastfeeding despite the ups and downs. ​

One common question associated to mum guilt is – Am I still a breastfeeding mum if I supplement my baby’s milk intake?​
I am still a breastfeeding mum even if I supplement my baby's milk intake
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Yes 🤱
No 😥
A newborn baby’s stomach is only the size of a cherry 🍒 How much colostrum does your newborn require in the first few days of his/her life?
Sore nipples, sometimes even bloody… 😮‍💨 Should breastfeeding be THIS painful? What causes pain during breastfeeding and how can breastfeeding be enjoyable?​
Breastfeeding is a painful experience, I should just tolerate it
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To celebrate and support all breastfeeding mummies, we are giving away a Hegen PCTO Express Store Feed gift set to 3 lucky winners (open internationally) so you can experience the revolutionary innovation that CEO & Founder Yvon Bock created to help breastfeeding mummies. ​
If you are expecting or know of a friend who is pregnant, you can win them a Hegen PCTO Express Store Feed gift set in this post! Head over to find out more and enjoy your weekend ahead ❤️
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How can we parent respectfully while maintaining boundaries with our little ones?

Join us for Kim DeMarchi's Parenting with Positive Discipline workshop from 1-2 October and learn how you can empower and instill confidence, resilience and respect in your little ones ❤️ Through this workshop, you will be equipped with tools and tips that will help make a positive difference in your parenthood journey and family life.

Sign up here for $30 off, now till 15 Sept 2022. See you soon at the Hegen Experiential Centre!
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We've all been in situations with our children where we need just a little more patience 😅 With bedtime approaching, school deadlines and our own patience wearing thin, holding boundaries and maintaining healthy communication boundaries may be challenging.

Join Kim DeMarchi this 1-2 October and get actionable tips and tools on parenting mindfully with your children ❤️ Sign up now for $30 off here! See you at the Hegen Experiential Centre soon.
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Cherish Nature’s Gift: The Podcast is back with Season 2! 🎤

In our first episode, Yvon, founder & CEO of Hegen share about less talked about topics such as the true cost of breastfeeding and whether or not the breastmilk supply of a mother is predetermined by her genes 🤔

Head over Cherish Nature’s Gift on Spotify, Apple Podcast or Google Podcast to tune in to Season 2 Episode 1 🥰

Stay tuned for the rest of the season as we invite our Hegen Mums on the show to share their own motherhood journey too!