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Hedera is the most used, sustainable, enterprise-grade public network for the decentralized economy.

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Special thanks to Andy Gastwirth, Chief Innovation Officer at DLA Piper, who joins us on this Season Three premiere of 'Gossip about Gossip' for an in-depth discussion on fractional ownership and the tokenization of real world assets on TOKO from DLA Piper.

"Artists Take a Stand Against Plastic Pollution in New Multi-City Exhibition"

FAD Magazine covers Le Good Society's "Let's Live With Less Plastic" Exhibition, showcased around the world and on the Hedera Gallery in an effort to combat excessive plastic polution in our oceans.

Quantum Computing poses significant security threats to distributed ledger tecnologies. While Hedera is CNSA standard compliant and is generally considered safe from future quantum threats, we are closely following The National Institute of Standards and Technology's ongoing efforts to standardize post-quantum cryptography.

Read more from Pratyay Mukherjee, Rohit Sinha, and Leemon Baird πŸ‘‡
At Hedera, we strive to make the activity, status, and health of the network transparent for our users and our community. It is vitally important that community tooling is in place that facilitates this.

Our newly updated network overview dashboard from Metrika provides a central hub for real-time network data on a broad set of network metrics: transaction activity/breakdowns, network latency, #NFT activity, and more.

#ESG is not only a vital component of the Hedera ecosystem - driving advances in it is essential towards a more sustainable future.

In this Town Hall highlight, Hedera Chair Brett McDowell dives into the vibrant and expanding world of ESG on Hedera, covering some of the need-to-know tools and use cases built on the network that are helping build sustainable future on #Web3. Learn more about Envision's Guardian platform for ESG asset tokenization, DOVU's carbon offset marketplace, and much more below.

"Messari: State of Hedera Q2 2022"

πŸš€Key insights:

- 51% increase in active users from last quarter.
- Developer activity trending upwards.
- Continued increase in NFT activity.
- Consistently low transaction fees, averaging below $0.0001.

Read more on their detailed analysis on transaction metrics, user growth, ecosystem funding initiatives, and much more below
πŸ›  Developer Evangelist Francesco Coacci is back with another guided coding tutorial.

This time: How to manage Hedera tokens using smart contracts. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a keyless Solidity smart contract and use it to manage fungible tokens on the network, ensuring a transparent and trustless workflow.

The Pornini Foundation - the Swiss non-profit organization bringing innovation to conservation - has announced that they are migrating its NFT-based Nature Collectibles Initiative to Hedera, citing Hedera's unmatched carbon and energy efficiency.

"Hedera is significantly more energy-efficient than alternative public networks, aligning with our conservation ethos, and destigmatizing blockchain and distributed ledger technology from its purported environmental impact.”

Read more below πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
Quantum Computing: Why should we care, and are we prepared?

Head of Cryptography Rohit Sinha joins us for a thoughtful discussion on quantum threats, NIST's efforts towards post-quantum security, and Hedera's position viewed through the quantum lens.

πŸ›  Interested in building decentralized applications on Hedera?

Dev Relations Engineer Ed Marquez has put together this helpful guided tutorial detailing how to use the Hedera SDK to send and receive HBAR using smart contracts. This functionality is fundamental in building decentralized applications that rely on contracts in areas such as #DeFi, #ESG, #NFT Marketplaces, and much more.

Special thanks to Max Winograd, VP of Connected Products at Avery Dennison for joining us on the podcast for an in-depth discussion on atma.io, the world's leading connected product cloud utilizing Hedera to accurately track the lifecycle impact of billions of products.

πŸ› What is HIP-415: Introduction of Blocks?

Leemon Baird dives into HIP-415 in this Town Hall highlight explaining the technical aspects and rationale behind formalizing the concept of blocks on the Hedera network and how it drives interoperability.

Considering building or actively building on the Hedera network? Outlier Ventures, in partnership with the HBAR Foundation, presents the Hedera Base Camp Accelerator program!

This 12-week program helps early stage startups leverage the Hedera network to build secure, scalable, and sustainable solutions across #Web3 serving both retail and enterprise users.

Learn more πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
In need of resources to help you build on Hedera? Visit our Integrations page for a comprehensive directory of microservice APIs, network gateways, payment rails, integrations, and plugins that make it even easier to build applications on the network.

We welcome Toni Caradonna, CTO of The Porini Foundation, to the podcast this week to discuss the Foundation's decision to migrate its Nature Collectibles #NFT project to Hedera, citing Hedera's unmatched carbon efficiency as key factor in their decision.

Tune in to learn more about how the Foundation is using Hedera to tackle global issues in sustainability & #conservation.

As was announced April 2022, the Hedera Governing Council has entered into an agreement to outsource core services to Swirlds Labs as the Council focuses on network governance, industry standards, public policy, & treasury management.

Payments for these services will be made as prepayments of HBAR, with periodic adjustments based on actual expenses and HBAR market price.

More details πŸ‘‡
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Metrika, the leader in operational intelligence for DLTs, has today announced a collaboration with Hedera, providing the community and network ecosystem with advanced monitoring and analytics capabilities through Metrika's platformπŸ“Š

Read more below πŸ‘‡