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Hey, I am cassshy from STM. I am an affiliate who generates leads. I am here to share my experience.
We also offer agency ad accounts for rent: heavyvalue.com
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Wanted to share the stats for a new Collections ads for mortgage leadgen. Payout is $14. This is one of the adsets.
The first day the CPL was $8 which is ok, but then...let’s see what it will be after lil scaling.
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Accounts and bans
This is pretty simple. Today we have 3 options:

1️⃣rental accounts;
I am not a big fan of rentals. Why? Well, in the best scenario you will stuck on sms or id verification while a seller will try to reach the acc owner to get it verified. In the worst case your money can be spent by account owner. Price is 100-300$ depends on GEO

2️⃣buy farmed accounts.
You need a really good seller. Make sure they are delivering accounts with verified BM, have a number attached, turned on 2FA, aged, with $1-5 spend. The price could be $500-700 per acc. Ofc I am talking about the best quality ones, which able to spend at least 50k

3️⃣ agency ad accounts. These days it becomes more popular among WH affiliates. The price is 5-10% from ad spend. The ad accounts are solid, but you still need strong social accounts. They are needed to be shared for the agency bm. You can easily spend millions on these agency accounts.
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Guys, imagine you can spend $100k-200k-300k a month using 1 personal fb account without any bans. Just smooth spending. Yes, it is real in 2021. It is real when you are using agency accounts from Facebook partner. Yes, I became an authorized fb partner. I can deliver agency ad accounts for everyone who runs white hat offers like leadgen, e-commerce, etc. And have a potential to spend at least $20,000 a month.
Comment on if you’re interested.
Hey, guys, we want to reanimate this channel and post more useful content based on our team’s experience.
Since last post we launched the agency and offered agency ad accounts for rent. Also, we managed to reach $350k-630k in spend per month, running leadgen, and own ecommerce products. Means we got a lot to share with you.
We appreciate your questions and share our channel with mates
ℹ️ Let me briefly tell you about Heavy Value and how we may help you.
So, we are a team of media buyers offering ad accounts for rent. We used to run leadgen on decent volumes. Now we’re in eCommerce mostly, running our own products.

⚠️Why it’s important to know? Well, we don’t just offer agency ad accounts for rent, but also can guide you in:
What offers/products to run in Facebook, TikTok, Google, and Snapchat;
We can show how to test offers with minimum budget and max efficiency;
We can explain how to scale your campaigns, avoiding bans and ad restrictions;

Why we’re doing it? It’s simple - we need you to spend more with us.

⚠️It’s very easy to start - just reach out, sign an agreement to be safe, and get shared ad accounts.
We promise to top up your ad accounts within minutes and resolve any issues as fast as possible. You gonna love our support team.

Reach us in Telegram @heavyvsupport
Hey guys, I have something to say about Facebook ad accounts structure while you're working with agency ad accounts. Having the one, doesn't mean you can't be restricted from running, shit happens, especially when you run some clickbait angles. But if you want to maintain your volumes - I'd recommend to spread your ad budget accross several ad accounts. Here are some spend from last week - 6-13k a week within 1 ad account. So just imagine you have 15 ad accounts like that.
Today we gonna talk about Facebook and Tiktok bans. Those platforms got pretty similar ads policy. And of course, I am talking about promoting only policy-compliant products

90% of all ban’s happening because you’re violating ads policy. Check if your landing page:

🧩 has a contact info;
🧩 has Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy;
🧩 has no pop-ups;
🧩 has no auto play widgets;

🧩Also, make sure your ads are not fooling your audience. You need to balance between clean ads and clickbait.

🧩 make sure you’re using original content
🧩 make sure you are not using any copyright or branded logo/content

You can save a lot of time and achieve pretty decent results if you just read and follow fb/tt ads policy.
✋🏻 Let’s talk about YouTube ads
YT is the biggest traffic source regarding the volumes. It can be super effective if you’re running eCommerce, info businesses, digital products.
YT basically shows your ads in relevant channel videos. It can skippable or non skippable ads.
But I want to point your attention to optimization.
The thing is when you analyze the data you actually can’t see what channels/videos brings you more profit, or what channels is better to be cut off.

But have you heard about DV360? This this powerful instrument you actually can analyze and manage those channels. It allow to dive deeper to stats, review the performance with the maximum information, so you could make a decision.

Btw, we will get those DV360 accounts in February.
What are you currently running?
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Digital products
Some Black Hat
Hey, marketers. I am pretty sure you will be interested in this kind of content for the channel - winning creatives overview. The idea is to drop some vids and explain (if needed) why it was the winning one. I think it can help a lot for many of you to understand the concept, and how to create your own video for fb, google or tiktok, since they are all different regardless traffic source and vertical.
So those two are old but still valuable in a perspective of how to create videos for both fb&tiktok for leadgen verticals. Those vids were used for the vertical called Mortgage Refinance. The offer itself is not working due to changes in the US economy.
But still, what do we see here:
The guy shows how much did he get after getting approved for so e program, bought groceries for 1-2 weeks. Looks awesome. He says you just need to apply.
This is a classic clickbait, but it’s allowed by both aff network and fb/tiktok.
This video is super simple, made by amateur that points that it was an honest feedback, it’s not an ad. This the most important while you’re making videos for leadgen.

I do recommend to use fiverr or backstage.com to order videos like this. The price is around 30-100$.
IMPORTANT: always use original content, do not even touch someone else’s videos, it’s not gonna convert well for you
Guys, we finally got own Facebook Agency ad accounts. As you may know there are numerous of agencies like us, but they ALL offer HTTPOOL accounts. Which means a lot of limitations, delayed requests, etc.

You can even run ClickBank offers with us. We will help you with approval, and scaling.