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Four UX failings that e-commerce can fix with design

It’s crucial to reduce the number of useless clicks, and increase the number of clicks that deliver the feeling of success. Let’s have a look at the main problems that can make a visitor feel not happy: http://amp.gs/jnb43
Queries in PostgreSQL. Hashing

“The previous article focused on the nested loop join, and in this one I will explain the hash join. I will also briefly mention group-bys and distincs”: http://amp.gs/jGzy1
10 Easy to Build an Android Chat App using Kotlin in 2022

This tutorial will guide you step by step in building an Android chat app in Kotlin with the help of third-party messaging SDKs: http://amp.gs/jGZUC
20 years of payment processing problems

Electronic payment systems have existed on the Internet for a long time, and some bugs in them are twenty years old. We’ve found critical vulnerabilities allowing us to steal money and drive up the balance. Today we will analyze typical implementations of payment processing and related security issues: http://amp.gs/jGGgW
Designing Converting Landing Pages

“Here are some tips, backed up by my 10-year experience as a UX/UI Director in agencies and product-led companies. These alone will give a nice increase in your conversion rate, I guarantee”: http://amp.gs/jGGsS
Modern Microservice Architecture: Design Principles

First mentions of micro service architecture application go back to the previous decade. Today this approach became the industry standard. Alexander Solyar, Lead software architect at Innotech, dives into details, shares professional insights and practical rules for working with micro services: https://habr.com/en/company/innotech/blog/684928/?utm_source=telegram.me&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=modern-microservice-architecture-design
Unity: Selecting and uploading files by user on WebGL assembly

In this article, we will look at a way to give the user the ability to upload any files, such as textures. And let’s touch on the topic of launching JS functions from C# within Unity: https://habr.com/en/post/684936/?utm_source=telegram.me&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=unity-selecting-and-uploading-files-by
Grow as a UX Designer by Learning Copywriting Basics

Getting a task from a client, UX designers tend to pay attention to the design goals, not the contents of the website/app itself: https://habr.com/en/post/685232/?utm_source=telegram.me&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=grow-as-a-ux-designer-by-learning-copywr
Paysend Connect Meetup

Paysend invites you to its first Paysend Connect meetup, which will take place on September 22 in Belgrade at Karbon space: https://habr.com/en/post/685926/?utm_source=telegram.me&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=paysend-connect-meetuppaysend-invite
Top 10 cyberincident investigation mistakes

Imagine someone withdrew money from a company’s account at night. The next morning panic breaks out, leading to yet more problems. The IT department can reinstall a compromised system from scratch or restore it from backup. Reinstalling from scratch will wipe out all traces left by the attackers, and external investigators will have to search for clues in other systems. Restoring from backup carries the risk of accidentally reinstating a compromised image.

In this paper, we will describe common mistakes that experts make when responding to security incidents: https://habr.com/en/company/pt/blog/686478/?utm_source=telegram.me&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=top-10-cyberincident-investigation-mista
Unity: What is a Coroutine and why is there an IEnumerator

In this article, we will look at Unity coroutines, what they are, and at the same time we will capture the topic of Enumerator \ Enumerable in C # and a little secret of foreach: http://amp.gs/jGfXY
The 2022 National Internet Segment Reliability Research

The National Internet Segment Reliability Research explains how the outage of a single Autonomous System might affect the connectivity of the impacted region with the rest of the world. Generally, the most critical AS in the region is the dominant ISP on the market, but not always: http://amp.gs/jGfQu
Modern Micro-Service Architecture: Key Challenges for System Analysts

We’re continuing to explore micro service architecture. In today’s blog Alexander Solyar, Lead system architect at Innotech, describes the main challenges analysts are facing while working with micro services. He also shares a number of effective solutions and recommendations: http://amp.gs/jGkyI
Recipe for increasing your productivity

In this article we’re going to discuss techniques of improving the productivity for software developers. We’ll focus on personal throughput — and the reasons why we struggle to complete more work: http://amp.gs/jGkE4
“Every time I turn on my computer it is a wonder. I have no idea what is going on, but it awakes, it becomes alive, and I can communicate with it in its own sublime and subtle language”

It’s alive: http://amp.gs/jGyWs
How in-app chats help e-learning platforms to be more interactive?

The last two years made us realize how technology can facilitate and improve communication. Digital technology had its impact in almost every industry including the sensitive education sector: http://amp.gs/jGhjq
What causes testers and developers to feud and how to avoid it

Pavel Petrov, Lead tester-engineer of the risk detection monitoring service for corporate clients, shares his insights on building a productive relationship between two different IT camps: http://amp.gs/jGvFb
“There is one only too obvious problem with relativity of simultaneity in the way it is normally introduced, and I have never found an answer to it — what’s more, I never read or heard anyone formulate it”

Let’s Discuss Relativity of Simultaneity: http://amp.gs/jGvcf
“We must understand that time is a finite resource, and thinking about leverage makes an engineer focus on what matters most”

How to be an effective engineer: http://amp.gs/jGVmU
Let’s Discuss the Lorentz Transforms

Part 1. Einstein’s 1905 Derivation: http://amp.gs/jG9Ud

Part 2. The Equation of the Sphere, or Is It? http://amp.gs/jG9Ur