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Little bit higher in Alexa Rank
Right now traffic level is keeping on 5500 users daily. And it's with zero token sales for past month. We also investigate, that 5500 is from Web search results. 900+ additional from Images search results, and 800+ from videos.

Summary 7000+ visitors daily right now. With zero token sales. Naked performance πŸ˜’
Hello. Would be great to get some response from our Green audience. Due to past month we experimenting with monetization of our resource. Do you want to see its stats?
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Yes, sure. Show, what is done? πŸ’›
No, you doing everything wrong! 🚨
Don't care bout you and your ideas. πŸ˜’
Meanwhile Alexa Rank increased on 20 000+ positions
5800+ users breaked ☺️
About monetization. This is graph of Brave Browser installations. On each verified install(user should use Brave Browser more than 30 days) - we got reward from 1$ to 7.5$
6300+ visitors was 9th February
6400+ users from Web search at one day
Little bit higher in Alexa Rank
3Months stats. 250 thousands clicks and 10.8 millions impressions 😌
7100+ visitors from Web search. More than 9000+ in total
7300+ visitors at one day from we search