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Forwarded from iEarlGrey
The attack of the RF Armed Forces on targets in Kyiv on the morning of May 16 was called "the most massive".

According to, this is reported by the Telegram channel "Military commissars of the Russian Spring".

It is noted that the RF Armed Forces launched strikes with Kalibr and Kinzhal missiles.

In the Svyatoshinsky district of the capital of Ukraine, a fire broke out as a result of the hit. Explosions are still going on in the city.

Forwarded from Russell TEXAS Bentley (Texac Donbass)

May 17, 2023 As a result of the morning shelling of the Petrovsky district, 3 people were injured, 3 others died. The number of dead and wounded during the day increased - so far five people have died as a result of shelling by the AFU. 24 people were injured, including a 13-year-old teenager . Everyone gets the necessary medical care.

25 residential buildings and five civil infrastructure facilities were damaged.

Nazis shelled Petrovsky when people were going to work this morning. A shell hit a bus stop between the Trudovsky ("Laborers") neighborhood and Dobrovolskogo ("Volunteers") neighborhood on Petrovsky Blvd. A man was wounded, two people in their car stopped to help. A moment later, another shell slammed into the bus stop, killing them both.

Ilona Chmyruk was a golden person, a nurse who was known by all Petrovsky! Valery Generalov was a man from the village of Trudovsky, who recently buried his mother ....
And now he himself has become a victim of the Nazis!
Sergey Glazkin is wounded, we pray for his health!
🇷🇺 Reported that Russian forces, namely the Wagner Group, have now taken full control of Artemovsk. An absolutely huge victory, one which has come after 224 days of fighting, huge loss of life on both sides.

From my side, I will try to get there as soon as possible to report for you.

Artemovsk, 2014 - the city rose up en masse to show their desire to be a part of Russia, not the post-Maidan debacle that was, is Ukraine. A massive shame that no one in Kiev, or the west, wanted to hear what they had to say, and ultimately, this was the only way.
As we await a new photo of Alexander Zinchenko crying now about the loss of Artemovsk, and the Premier League, please simply use this from the archives.
Article in the Daily Mail today, which pretty much sums up the west on Artemovsk -

"Ok, we may have told you for 9 months that the battle for Artemovsk is the most important of all time, and that NATO countries absolutely must flood Ukraine with weapons so they can defend Artemovsk, in the most important battle of all time.... but.... well, we didn't really mean that!!! And you know what, we're actually glad that Russia has taken Artemovsk, hear me, WE'RE HAPPY!!!!!! It's a Pyrrhic victory, absolutely and totally and totally absolutely!!!!! So, Russia, hear me, WE'RE HAPPY WE LOST ARTEMOVSK SO THE JOKE IS ON YOU!!!!!!!"

I personally like it when everyone is happy, and with the taking of Artemovsk, Slavyansk and Kramatorsk and now firmly in Russian artillery range. And, if it so happens that they're next, then let everyone be as happy as they clearly are with the taking of Artemovsk! 😉😇
So YouTube have deleted my Artemovsk reportage.... There was a time I would get all het up when YouTube deleted my reportage before, but now.... tbh I even feel a bit sorry for YouTube - what a chance they had, to be the global go-to for news, be it mainstream, be it alternative, YouTube could have actually ruled the internet. But, they went censor, and.... look at the difference between where they are now, and what they could have been....

Have submitted an appeal - if my Artemovsk reportage is restored, will carry on on YT as before, if not, will be back to Graham Phillips Lite on YouTube, and will switch the serious stuff over to my Rumble channel, which I have shamefully neglected it must be said, while YouTube seemed to have eased up on the censoring in recent times. But, it only seemed that way....

In any case, will wait and see, and go from there, and in any case, all good. Fighting in the information war for 9 years already, turns you into Reportage Rambo 😆
YouTube appeal rejected, so here we are, Artemovsk reportage on Rumble, and indeed stay with me on Rumble for those of you who enjoy your Graham Phillips harder....
For my YouTube viewers, see you again in a week, after the ban, for Graham Phillips Lite, where we'll begin by having a look at how i created the amazing effect of a starry sky on the roof of my Rover 75, all for 75 pence!!!
Blokes are clearly so much better at being women than women ive almost forgotten why we even needed actual women in the first place!! Maybe the actual women were just tuning up, holding the fort until the bloke-women rocked up, showed how it should all be done? 🤯
While my own assessment is that actual war broke out early in May of 2014, there is no doubting the significance of 26th May 2014, and events at Donetsk airport -
Final day of the English football season. It's not exactly match-fixing, but every club in the Premier League has benefitted from the UK Government stealing Chelsea from their legitimate owner, Roman Abramovich, under whose reign they'd been champions of England, Europe, multiple times. Letting the club then be bought by an American chump who if you gave him a week with Messi, would have him playing like Emile Heskey.

Surely must be a legal case against the UK Government for the weekly emotional trauma inflicted on poor Chelsea fans, because Downing Street decided they were actually an 80s style mob of gangsters that could just go around taking people's property, Long Good Friday style....
Philip Schofield - UK in shock as gay man also turns out to be paedophile....
Lindsey Graham calls ‘Russians dying’ the ‘best money US has spent’ in Zelensky meeting

What a sick, evil, vile sack of toxic scum.....