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We’re starting our Town Hall in 3 minutes!
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💰Lend East ( is opening a Borrower Pool for $10M, opening @ March 17th, 8 AM PST

The Due Diligence dataroom is now open!

✍🏽 Click here to view and sign the Lend East Non-Disclosure Agreement, and gain access to the dataroom:

📖 Read more about the Borrower Pool here:

🎮 Join the discord channel to connect with the Lend East team:

They have been working hard to put this deal together, and are looking forward to answering any questions you might have!

About Lend East:
Founded in 2019, Lend East has originated 100+ deals and invested in market leading alternate lenders in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. Lend East is excited about making access to this upcoming asset class simple, transparent & frictionless for investors; presenting an opportunity to earn healthy returns while creating a real impact.
🎧 Excited to see you all this Friday at 9:00 am for a panel discussion on "Best Stablecoin Opportunities" with Goldfinch & Stratos (!

💰 Rennick Palley (Chief Investment Officer at Stratos), Eli Nuss (DeFi Research Analyst at Stratos), & Mike Sall (co-founder Goldfinch) will be on the panel 👀 We'll also take live questions from community!

🕐 Friday, March 18th @ 9:00 AM PST – Please set a reminder:

❓ Send us your questions:

We're going to give a shoutout to one randomly selected attendee who asks questions in our newsletter!

We hope to see you there!🎉
Happening in 30 minutes: join our panel on Best Stablecoin Opportunities with Stratos:

We'll have an open Q&A at the end! 🙌🏾

See you there!
The Q&A is happening now – join in:
🌅 GM to everyone who's going to join us in 20 minutes for our Town Hall


Note: You don't need a Twitter account to join in!
We're going live on Twitter in 15 minutes!

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Everyone who attends will get a POAP
Addem Capital Pool is now open on the Goldfinch Protocol

You can access the pool directly here:

Please note that this Borrower Pool is only open to all Backers who have minted their Unique ID NFT (

If you are experiencing any technical issues, please get in touch with the community in #verification-uid-support in Discord:
🪙 Let's chat about Backer Rewards in this week's Warbler Labs Town Hall on April 22nd, 9:00 AM PST

Join Blake, Greg, Will, and Paz from Warbler Labs to understand the what Backer Rewards are in Goldfinch, and how you can earn them.

We'll keep the last 10 - 15 minutes for Q&A. We love hearing from the community!


This event will happen in our Discord. Don't forget to RSVP!
GM world 🌤
Happening in 30 minutes: Join our Twitter Spaces with Addem Capital ( and explore the world of DeFi in Mexico.

We will have space for an open Q&A. Join here:
Twitter Spaces Discussion on the IMF report covering DeFi happening right now:
🎧 Live Q&A session: Curve Pool at Goldfinch, Monday May 9th at 9:00 AM PST

Join Discord community members alvinh, RP, and Paz for an info session on Curve's ( integration into the Goldfinch protocol (, and what that means for interested liquidity providers @everyone

👇🏽On the agenda:
- Verbal walk-thru of Curve / Goldfinch integration
- User's guide to park capital using Curve
- Open Q / A with community


Share feedback for past events:

See you there!
🔥Live in 30 minutes: Live Twitter Spaces on reveal of Community-driven Curve's Pool integration with Goldfinch
🎧 Join us now:
Q / A will happen 25 minutes in!
⏰ Happening in 1 hour: ALMA x Goldfinch: Carbon offsets via NFT & a carbon-neutral Pool launch.

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Join our Twitter Spaces happening now: