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A panel I attended a few weeks ago with Jimmy Song and Jamesson Lopp about "Miners and Black Listing". Despite the very racist title, I hope you will find it interesting!
Here's the animated video that LABITCONF people produced over my Bitcoin-version of a bedtime story. I find the animation work impressive. They just asked me to improvise a speech, so I just went with this alternative version of "The three little pigs". I sent them via vocal memo on Telegram, and a few days later they had everything in sync, with nice background images. Impressive. I hope you enjoy it as I did.
I promised to update the website session with all the missing material. I didn't promise to do it in THIS halving cycle, though. Stay tuned. It will eventually happen.
The half-empty glass? The website was down for about 1 month, because I messed up with nginx. The half-full glass? The website is now back, and the "Discovering Bitcoin" series, written for Bitcoin Magazine, is finally published there in full!
Ugly Old Goat podcast to introduce my participation at The Bitcoin Standard Conference ( Actual video recording begins at ~15 mins, with Knut Svanholm and Joakim Book, and with (unplanned) many shoutouts to Citadel21 Magazine!
I'm happy to report that all scholarship codes have been used! Nice. Now it's time for you nasty hodlers to finally relax your diamond hands and start filling up paid registrations too! ;)
See you in Mexico in 9 days!.