Ghost Mirror Updates
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- Mirror direct download links and torrent/magnets to Google Drive.

- Porn mirror strictly prohibited here !

- Join the group and read the rules and guide.

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Few information regarding to our google group.

U need to join google group in order to get access to our google drive links

Join if u haven't joined yet.

As of now we have 1400+ members in our google group ( members count is hidden & members privacy has been updated ) If u joined, other members cant see your email address so feel free to join without leaking your email address, thou i can still see but u guys can trust me xD

After joining u can view our 3 shared drives in your google drive
just go to the shared drive section and if u want to remove those then just leave our google group
Index links are now password protected

for username/password, check notes in the group!
We have two bots now


commands has been changed so now
u need to add 1 or 2 in front of the basic commands
like for eg
if u want to mirror using bot 1 then use /mirror1
for bot 2 its /mirror2. same goes for all commands
except /search (no need to add 1 or 2 in front of /search , it uses bot 1 for doing search)
if u mirrored a file on bot 2 still u can search that particular file using bot 1's /search command

for more info do /help

and i changed the repo so ..

while mirroring using ytdl supported links by /watch cmds or while doing search by /search cmd you will se an interactive interface

as always repo link is in notes #repo
Presenting a new group!

Ghost Leech

• eh yo ghost, what is leech?
basically mirror and get a telegram file instead of drive and index link

• but why leech group?
It helpfull in many ways like
- Storing files on telegram (cuz why not, telegram storage is unlimited and cloud based)
- Usefull for channels who post movies, series, tv shows and all stuff
- And there are many creative ways use leech group :)
Added two new domains for our index (main default) (for backup) (old but still works)

username and password updated for index , check /notes in the mirror group.
Happy new year guys!!!
Join @mirrorsociety for off-topic discussion
Well Well Well

Time to block mirroring of educational content

Restricted mirror list
• Educational Content
• NSFW Content

if anyone found mirroring restricted content then he or she will be warned and after 2 warns

he or she will be executed on the spot without getting notified

peace 🕊️
Happy Holi !!
Horny Haven (NSFW MIRROR GROUP) Is Up Again!

Invite link at
Bot server upgraded (forever? no? maybe?)

> better ram
> better storage
> no restart after 24 hours
> better download and upload speed

peace 🕊
Group Unlocked:

» Added a new fresh drive
» Old file are still available under Folders named Ghost Drive One, Two and Three with drive links in our index
» Old links still works fine

Important Notice:
As you guys know we are running this group for free all thanks to Heroku.
But now Heroku suspending accounts. And now there is no other alternative to run mirror bots for FREE

Currently ours bots
ghost mirror bot 1 and 2
ghost leech bot 1 and 2
are running on trial servers and will run for 20 days approx?

And after that I might gonna close the group because my all heroku accounts are suspended.
And as i said Now its doesn't making any sense to run mirror bots for free, heroku suspending accouts and there's no other free good alternative like heroku to make bots running 24x7.

Once i close the group, I'll post few other mirror group links at @ghost_mirror channle
Ghost Leech Group Closed For Ever!

Time to say good bye...

It was a very good journey with you guys
we had lots of fun
we learned so many new things in last few months

but good things always come to an end. (someone said this quote long time ago i dont know who but for sure he/she is dead)

but anyways..
the point is

I'm closing ghost mirror also(forever? i dont know yet)
ghost leech is already closed forever

if you ask why?
> because i dont have time to manage bots now.
> because heroku suspending account
> because there's no other alternative like heroku

and btw if you guys dont know, google adding limits to shared drives and edus
so basically no unlimited storage from june 2022

and maybe other mirror groups will also come to an end once google announced there new limits for the drives

and yea do join our ot group. @mirrorsociety
if you want to know anything about mirror bots and groups you can ask there i will help you.

I might reopen group again. cant say anything for now
ill post few other mirror group and leech group links so stay tune

goodbye again
I'll miss you guys.❤️
Some alternative mirror and leech groups can be found in the /notes of @mirrorsociety
Do you guys want a step by step guide for deploying a mirror leech bot?

Note: join @mirrorsociety if you have any questions
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Ghost Mirror Updates
Do you guys want a step by step guide for deploying a mirror leech bot?

Note: join @mirrorsociety if you have any questions
Alright 669 votes in the above post and out of which 88% users wants a deploy guide for a mirror bot so here you go!


Note: i created this in one day, so there might be few typos. please report me at @hitesh920 and help me fix those typos.
Added a guide on how to create service accounts.
and can be found in the 1st point of the "Extra" section in the deploy guide

or just click here for the service account guide

for proper understanding ill recommend go through the main deploy guide first then read the service account guide.
Updated deploy guide for the mirror bot

For deploy on heroku click here

For deploy on VPS click here
Our meme channel is here

do join it.