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Official news from the development team
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A lot of time has passed since the last news and it's time to tell you what's new with us:

About connection:

Keyboard synchronization is an indispensable thing when connecting to computers with different operating systems or locale settings.
• Pin and automatically hiding the control panel
• Sending a password from the clipboard on the account login screen
• Improved buffer-exchange synchronization when using different operating systems
• Fixes on keyboard typing when connected to Linux

About dashboard:

Automatic login/logout for accounts on Windows agents when you start and finish connection
• Accelerated generation and delivery of branded agents for MacOS and Windows

About agent:

• Public version of MSI-installer of agents for Windows
• Support for Ubuntu 16.04 for Linux agent

About integration:

• Published a public help for the HTTP API
• We have finished developing a plugin for LiveChat. It is moderated in their catalog.
• We published the plugin for Jira Service Desk on the official marketplace.

We will try to make you happy with the news more often :)

If you have questions or suggestions, write to us at
Little news about big functions from the development team:

• Added a new type of connection using WebSocket, for cases when the connection via WebRTC is impossible.

• Added proxy settings for Windows agent version

• Added a Linux version for Remote Support agent

• Added a new file manager in the connection window, with the ability to download files using Drag&Drop

• Enabled automatic keyboard synchronization when connected to different partner locations

• Adapted the connection window to the Vivaldi browser on Linux

If you have questions or suggestions, write to us at
This difficult year is coming to an end. So we decided to end it with some good news:

🎬 We've added a connection record.

You asked for it and we did. Now you can record your connection sessions and then view or download them in the history in your personal account.

What else is new:

• Temporary disabling mouse and keyboard controls when you connect
• Search and tabular view of the computers in the personal account
• File manager for Linux
• Support for vertical monitors
• Bug fixes

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Love, team 🎅
LiveChat integration and connection type switch

• New plugin for the LiveChat platform
• Manual connection switch from WebRTC to WebSocket and back
• Improved keyboard hot keys on mac2mac connections
• Made it easier to link an agent to an account
• New HTTP API method for connection history
• Bug fixes

If you have questions or suggestions, write to us at
We’ve got 10,000 users!

We opened up a registration on our website just a year ago. And for that short time, we’ve got our first 10,000 users. We consider this to be the most accurate metric of the high demand for new solutions of remote access in the established market.

We love our users very much. Now, we say thanks to everyone who sent us emails and messages, who rated us and voted for us on ProductHunt and Capterra.

We’ll go on delivering unique features and high-quality service to you.

Love, Team

PS: If you want to congratulate us, please give us a review on Capterra
Two-factor authorization by email🛡

• Branding for Linux agents
• Manage the list of quick commands
• Mouse control bug fixes
• Public page for connecting by code
Suggestion collection page
• Platform status page

If you have any questions or suggestions, please write us in chat,
email or suggestions.
Quick Support Extension for Google Chrome

With the extension, you can create invitations without leaving the page with the client.

We've implemented automatic filling of the name and inserting an invitation for popular platforms. Support for 12 platforms is currently available:;
• Zendesk;
• Omnidesk;
• Okdesk;
• ServiceNow;
• Chatra;
• Jivo;
• Smartsupp;
• Pure Chat;
• Tidio Chat;
• Formilla;
• HelpCrunch.

Also from the new:

• Pages for offline agents.
• A one-time link to connect in your personal dashboard
• Page for simultaneous connections
• Beta version of joint access
• Two-Factor Authorization via Telegram
• Easy monitor switching
• Bug fixes

If you have any questions or suggestions, send us a chat,
email on or write on the ideas page.
Automatic translation of text on the screen

With automatic text recognition and translation when you connect, you can serve foreign customers even faster! No more copying and retyping text in a separate tab with Google Translate.

What else is new:

• File download via the context menu
• Setting up automatic connection recording
• Installation and autostartup on Linux
• New resource section with tutorials
• Completed Portuguese translation
• Modified the connection accounting algorithm in Quick Support
• Fixed file transfers
• Bug fixes

If you’ve got any questions or suggestions, please send us a message to our chat, at, or from our Ideas page.
Team Accounts

Now you can organize all your employees into a team and assign them separate accounts with the roles of technician or administrator. Invite new or already registered users via email.

What else is new:

• Beta version of Android device control
• New computer card in the personal dashboard
• Tabular view in the mobile version
• Bug fixes

If you’ve got any questions or suggestions, please send us a message to our chat, at, or from our Ideas page.
Two-factor authentication with Google Authenticator

At the request of our customers, we strengthen the service security with each update:

• Added integration with Google Authenticator
• Added the ability to disable device preview in a personal dashboard
• Fixed Telegram notifications

Other new features:

• We continue our work on the Android version
• Added a timer for a one-time connection link
• Added history and file manager to the device card
• Fixed file uploading
• Added German language
• Bug fixes

If you’ve got any questions or suggestions, please send us a message to our chat, at, or from our Ideas page.
Release of the Android device control version

We removed the beta flag from the Android control app. Now you can control your phones, tablets and other devices right in your browser. The app is available for download at Google Play and as a .APK file

What else is new:

• Updated image capture and transfer for Windows
• Improved the interface for connecting via mobile devices
• Image output from all monitors at once
• The actual remote desktop resolution mode
• Translation into Chinese
• Fixed integration with LiveChat
• Bug fixes

If you’ve got any questions or suggestions, please send us a message to our chat, at, or from our Ideas page.
Personal domain for links

We finally made the domain setting for connection links and invitations! Now you can change the domain to your own by using the CNAME record in your DNS server. The SSL certificate is automatically issued by the public Let's Encrypt certificate authority.

What else is new:

• Fixed bugs in image capture
• Returned scrolling when connecting from mobile devices
• Changing your email in your personal cabinet
• Fixed bugs in Android version

If you’ve got any questions or suggestions, please send us a message to our chat, at, or from our Ideas page.
Wake-on-LAN: turn on the remote computer

Due to numerous requests from our users, we have added the ability to enable remote devices using Wake-on-LAN technology. Now you can wake up your computer remotely and continue working at any time!

What else is new:

• Black screen on a remote device
• Push notifications in Quick Support
• Manage active sessions in personal account
• Added the ability to send files in folders
• Updated the Personal Account Help
• Added setting that prohibits sending files
• Duplicated the option of quick links in the personal account
• Improved the auto-translate function
• Added microphone setting for calls
• Added fixes to the mobile Android version
• Fixed bugs

🎅 Congratulations to our dear users on the upcoming New Year's holidays! We are looking forward to seeing you in 2022! 🎉
Today is Safer Internet Day 2022!

Update your antivirus program, enable 2FA on all websites you sign in and never install suspicious programs on your devices!

As a present for SID we decided to give first 10 users a coupon to activate Black Screen mode on the Free Plan! Hurry up and log in, go to Rate Plan in personal cabinet settings and activate coupon SID2022 🎁
Desktop Dashboard for Windows

Now the remote connection is available not only through the browser but also with a desktop dashboard! Connecting inside a desktop application allows to intercept and use keyboard shortcuts only on the remote computer. This dashboard will be especially useful for professional system administrators and technical support operators.

What else is new:

• Permanent access in the Chrome Extension
• Automatic manual for setting up permanent access
• Branded agent generation statuses
• Optional confirmation of connection by the agent
• Official promo materials
• Reboot a remote computer in Quick Support
• Unofficial integrations
• Bug fixing

If you’ve got any questions or suggestions,
please send us a message to our chat or at
World Password Day 2022

On May 5 World Password Day is celebrated! 🎉 Don't forget to change your passwords and protect your personal data. And as a present, we give a promo code PLUSONEDEVICE to all our clients! Go to settings and activate it ➡️
Mass agent program deployment

Mass deployment is now available for the enterprise segment! Now you can perform a mass deployment of agents in Active Directory of your company using the MSI package or using scripts for RMM systems. You can use console commands to configure agents personally. The descriptions for the available commands are in the personal account in the add new devices window.

What else is new?

• Button to contact the administrator in agent
• Forced 2FA and IP whitelisting for team members
• Pagination, grouping and new filters for the list of computers in personal account
• Locking the operator's keyboard in full-screen mode
• Support for mouse lock and relative coordinates for games and 3D modeling programs
• Accelerated file transfer
• Rebooting in safe mode
• Connecting to RDP sessions
• Accelerated data transfer in MacOS
• Bug fixes
Programmers Day is coming! 🎉💻 Until September,13th we have made a 50% discount on all rates! And Starter users can access the Wake-on-LAN for free - just activate coupon PROGDAYWOL in your account. Happy 256th day for all developers here!
SSO for authorization in the personal account and dashboard app

Single Sign-On (SSO) is a technology that allows your employees to log into their personal accounts without re-authenticating if they are already logged into your corporate system. This option can be enabled and configured in the team settings.

What else is new?

• Adding a computer to Permanent access from Quick Support sessions
• Improved file transfer speed while connected
• Setting up a message for the black screen mode
• Added mechanism to respond to unsolicited invitations and automatically block the sender
• Bug fixes
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For example:

💻 more devices in permanent access

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👨‍💼 more team members

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