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Tere hommikust / Good Morning! 🇪🇪 (Estonia) Here you have our 6 incredible job opportunities for April 1st:

Ⓜ️ Senior React Engineer @ Invofox
Madrid (90% Remote) - €50-60K

Director of Recruitment @ Invisible Technologies
Full-Remote - $105-140K

Ⓜ️ Sr. Platfrom Engineer @ Fresco
Full-Remote - €50-60K

Technical Writer @ Modus Create
Full-Remote - $50-60K

Ⓜ️ Java Backend Developer @ ING
Madrid (80% Remote) - €42-55K

Machine Learning Engineer @ Nexus Clips
Barcelona - €40-60K

📖 ON THIS DAY… 19 years ago, on April 1, 2004, the now ubiquitous Gmail service is launched as an invitation-only beta service. At first met with skepticism due to it being launched on April Fool’s Day, the ease of use and speed that Gmail offered for a web-based e-mail service quickly won converts. The fact that Gmail was invitiation-only for a long time helped fuel a mystique that those who had a Gmail address were hip and uber-cool.

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