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We help you validate your idea focusing on customer centric mindset

In this channel, we share:

- Insights from mentorship sessions
- Content on how to validate your business idea
- Access to founders network

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Are you passionate about some problem you’ve noticed? 😨 Do you have an a startup idea you’d want to take the first steps with? 💯 Are you unsure about applying to Betoni bootcamp?

Come spend an evening with us Wed 18.10. at 18 in Startup Sauna to learn more about Betoni bootcamp and have a good time with founder spirited friends. See details and sign up now to secure your spot, pizza and beverages! 😎🤝💥
📣 Calling all aspiring founders! 🚀 Not sure whether to apply to Betoni bootcamp? Don't worry, we've got you covered! 🔥 Hear it straight from Christian Haaramäki the co-founder & CEO of VEXT

”During the bootcamp I expected to learn how to validate and during the bootcamp I learned in the best way possible, through hands on experience. The most valuable knowlege I gained was learning the basic methods for validation to lean on and that most answers can be found from potential customers!

We got basic theory first and then executed, the instructors regularly asked if we need help with something or if we are stuck, so the support during the bootcamp was good. The mentors helped us find weak points in our ideas and short pitches.

After the bootcamp we have secured our first paying pilot customer! If you want to build something that people really want, you NEED to talk to customers. If you haven't done that yet, this is the place to do it!” 💪🏼

Still not convinced? Were having a coach and some alumni telling their stories and why they joined, as well as pizza for the interested on 18.10.2023 at 18 in Startup Sauna Sign up now to secure your spot, pizza and beverages! 😎🤝💥
🌟 Meet the Mentors of the Betoni Bootcamp! 🌟

Excited about the upcoming Bootcamp? So are we! We've got an incredible lineup of mentors ready to get you started on your startup journey. From idea validation & understanding problem-solution-fit to executing your first customer conversations, our mentors bring a wealth of experience to the table:

🔹 Otto Söderlund, Founding CEO at Speechly (YC W22)
🔹 Nea Harjanne, CEO at Kiuas
🔹 Elias Örmä, Co-Founder & CPO at Komu Homes
🔹 Mari Luukkainen, Principal at, Growth hacker
🔹Taru Hakkarainen, Head of Marketing at Inven
+ More to come!

Ready to get insights from the best? Tomorrow is the last day to apply for the bootcamp! You know what to do! 🚀
Today is THE DAY! The last chance to apply for Betoni Bootcamp 🚀

Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on this incredible journey of mentorship, dedicated time & support to kickstart your idea! ⚡️

Ready to make dreams come true? We can wait to see YOU! 🌟

Apply now! Applications close at midnight 💫
Do you believe intellectual property rights are just a boring legal concept? Think again!🥲

Whether you're launching a tech startup, a fashion brand, or a cutting-edge app, the way you handle intellectual property rights can define the future of your company.😵 Since these topics are less often discussed in entrepreneurship, Aaltoes invited an industry expert to come and explain the basic principles of how to secure your intellectual property stuff right from the start, so it won’t come biting you in the 🍑 later (because if it comes, it won’t be a small lawsuit).

Keynote by IP rights lawyer Jani Kaulo, will be held in Startup Sauna next week!! Come hear real VALUABLE information!
Hi founders! This week, there's 2 events happening in Startup Sauna we highly recommend you to join. From understanding the ins and outs of building products that people actually use, to safeguarding your company right from the start, the events on Tuesday and Thursday are packed with info relevant for all fields of entrepreneurs!! More info here: 🤩
An update from the Betoni Bootcamp this week 💫

There are already 2 days of the Bootcamp behind us, and the batch has already learned about many topics. 💡 We've had amazing workshop hosts ranging from Nea Harjanne telling us why validation is the #1 thing to do in the early stage, to Mari Luukkainen teaching us how to get valuable information from customer interviews by asking the right questions.

Thank you to all our wonderful workshop hosts so far:
Nea Harjanne
Mari Luukkainen
Otto Söderlund
Taru Hakkarainen
Elias Örmä

Here are some photos of the amazing batch! ⚡️ We’ll continue tomorrow with more customer calls! 😎
Do you have a startup idea brewing in your head? Do you want to work on your startup in a motivating environment with plenty of caffein?

We have the Founder Hack just for you!

You are invited to join the founderhack on 22.11.2023 at Startup Sauna. The hack includes working among other founders and mentors helping you solve problems.

​Breakfast and a lot of coffee are all reserved for the participants. The hack starts at 9:30 AM and if you are interested to join please sign up!!!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to message @ripatti!
Do you want to find customers & make more sales? 💵

Come to our Founder Hack and join an insightful sales workshop led by Ilona Sippola, the Head of Sales at Teamspective.

You are invited to join the Founder Hack on 14.12.2023 at Startup Sauna. The day includes working among other founders in addition to mentors helping you solve problems. ⚙️

Breakfast & lunch with a lot of coffee are all reserved for the participants. The hack starts at 9:00 AM and if you are interested to join sign up now!! 🚀

If you have any questions, you can message @petteriraita 🔥
We want to see YOU at the Founder Hack tomorrow! 🌟
Ilona Sippola from Teamspective will lead a workshop about sales!

If you haven’t already, you should sign up fast!

Breakfast, lunch, coffee & problem-solving are waiting for you! The day starts at 9:00 AM ❤️‍🔥
Just to let you know, the Hack will be held tomorrow despite the public transport strike. 🚌 But if you can’t make it, please send a message @petteriraita ! See you tomorrow (hopefully) 😇
The breakfast is on and we are starting the Sales workshop in 30 minutes 🔥 Join now at Puumiehenkuja 5
Hey have you had an energizing holiday? Good! We have some information about the next Bootcamp appearing here this week 👀

Get ready, gather a team and start ideating!
The next bootcamp is here 🤩

HEY THERE! You look like you could benefit from ⚡️Betoni Startup Bootcamp⚡️ 26.2-1.3.2024 at Startup Sauna

Have you seen a problem you want to fix, or have you had a startup idea brewing in your head? Maybe you managed to create some really cool shit last week, and are now looking to see where it could lead?

Betoni has a program waiting for a person just like you!⚡️ Go from 0 to validating with customers! During the 1-week bootcamp, you will:

⚙️ get 1-on-1 advice and support from experienced mentors & fellow entrepreneurs

⚙️ have a dedicated place to focus fully on your startup idea

⚙️ get to work in a community of passionate individuals to get peer-support & inspiration

Applications to all of THIS^ are open so see details and apply NOW💥

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact TG @ripatti /!
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Everyone on this channel came here because they were ambitious to build a company. For all of you; why not now?

We offer you the easiest, most straightforward way of discovering and validating a startup idea.

If you don't have anything else, pick an industry, figure out a problem you believe to plague the industry. If you are lacking an idea, check out this list. Either way, apply from the link below!

What are you waiting for?? See you on the 26th of February!

- Betoni team!
There is already a formula you can use to manufacture startup ideas, and the best thing - it's not that hard!

1️⃣ Identify an industry you want to tackle (you can start with a problem that annoyed you personally)
2️⃣ Go find relevant players in that industry and talk about the problems they are having
3️⃣ Figure out a way to tackle their problems

Do you want to try it out yourself?

Come to a week-long bootcamp at the beginning of the next school period (26.2.-1.3.) when your schedule is not that hectic with school! Join from the link below:

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We could go on and on about why you should join. But why us when we have our amazing alumn Olivia from Forage telling it to you in a much nicer way!!

❗️❗️❗️❗️ Apply now ❗️❗️❗️❗️