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Version 5.0.4 - what's new:
Now you can find a point on the map by its coordinates. The function is available in the main menu. Both decimal coordinates and degrees can be used as input. Also, now app can open coordinates from third-party applications (e.g. from Google Photo) – you can mark waypoints on your track, where certain photos were taken.
Added new measurement units – nautical miles. The option is available in the display settings.
Added support for closed paths from KML files (LinearRing). Polygons are imported as closed line paths in the application.
Improved algorithms for calculating statistics: maximum speed, elevations, vertical distances, slopes. Many of you sent reports, where maximum speed was higher or lower than expected. Vertical distances were often overestimated, because the application reacted to any minor changes in elevation – now the algorithm takes into account only those segments where the vertical distance begins to change direction. I tried to take into account all of your reports. Thanks to everyone who sent in their tracks and helped with debugging!
The maximum amount of cached data for OSM maps and Mapbox’s satellite images has been increased (from 50 to 256 mb).
• When copying coordinates, you can now choose the format (decimal or degrees). To do this, you need to long tap the copy button.
• When saving screenshots, you can take a screenshot of statistics only, without a map. To do this, you need to long tap the save or share screenshot button.
• Added new options in custom record profile settings for recording rate and minimum distance.
• Added a setting to completely hide the bottom status bar. This option is available in the display settings.
• Fixed rare issue, where tracks could not export correctly.
• Fixed rare issue, which caused abnormally large values in statistics. To correct statistics for already recorded track, you can export in any format (GPX/KML/KMZ) and then import back into the application. The easiest way to do this is through the “Share” option below the track name in the list. This “life hack” also works on previous versions, by the way.
• During stops, the speed on the charts did not drop to zero. This issue has also been fixed.
• Sometimes, when adding a marker, it was added to the wrong track (In the “add marker” dialog, by default, the last opened track was selected in the list, and this is where the marker was added. If you opened another track after starting the recording – marker was added there). Now, if a marker is automatically attached to a track (when a marker is added with a long tap on the map), it is added to this track by default. In other cases, the current recording track is selected by default, and only if the recording is not in progress – the last selected one. You can always select the desired track in the list, in the “add marker” dialog (if several tracks are opened).
The selected folder for export/import was often reset – this was fixed.
• Sometimes, when editing tracks in third-party programs, they “got corrupted” and failed to open back in Geo Tracker. Also fixed with the new version.
• After removing the marker, focusing on the track might not work quite correctly. This was also fixed in the new version.
• When recording a track, its display on the map sometimes lagged. In the new version, the lag should be less or absent.
• Several typos in the settings descriptions have been fixed.
You can get the new version as usual, from Google Play.
Version 5.1.0 - what’s new:
- Added navigation mode, which allows you to automatically rotate map to match your direction while moving.
- Now app warns you if geolocation services are turned off in your phone: before recording starts, the application will ask you to turn on geolocation in the system if this is needed, also the correct status is shown if geolocation is turned off while recording.
- Also on Samsung phones, the application now asks you to disable battery optimizations right before recording starts (if they were not disabled already).
- Design of application elements was refreshed a bit: icons, fonts, colors. Edit dialogs have become more convenient, and no longer occupy the entire screen.
- More data is now displayed in the recording notification: current speed, altitude, coordinates accuracy and the number of visible satellites.
- The application is now able to display your direction using device's compass. For correct measurements, you may need to calibrate the compass (you need to make the "eight" in the air with your phone several times). Compass reading can be disabled in the settings.
- Fixed an issue, which prevented your location from being displayed on the map sometimes.
- Fixed an issue, which resulted in incorrect statistics after a pause sometimes.
- Fixed displaying wrong message if you cancel the export process, saying that nothing was exported.
- Fixed an issue, which prevented focusing map on your location sometimes, when you press "Locate me" button.
- Should have fixed an issue, which bugged connected Garmin watches with notifications.
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