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Today is my 24th birthday. Thanks, y’all for the kind words!

I flew back to Russia from Shenzhen in February 2020. The outbreak influenced my life quite a lot — the same goes for hundreds of thousands of people. It seemed that the bacchanalia will end in a few months, though it never did. The world ain’t a welcoming place right now.

Back then, I realized that it’s time for a change, so I decided to become a designer. I translated my hobby into a job — really glad that I decided to make this change. Currently, I’m freelancing as a UX/UI designer — designing and developing websites and mobile apps, do video and photo editing, copywriting, marketing. Translate stuff to English, Russian and Chinese languages.
You can find more info on my temporary website (the main one is WIP) — The website is available in English and Russian.

Hit me up if you need a website, mobile app, no BS copywriting, or even a resume.
In celebration of my 24th birthday and the beginning of my design career, I offer a 50% discount for my services!

Feel free to ask questions in comments, DM, or email. Also, I reply to your messages on Telegram (, Instagram (, and VK (

P.S: I work with a vast selection of businesses, but small and medium-sized businesses will benefit the most from working with me, especially if they don’t have a digital presence or it needs a refresh.
My personal website —
A few hours back I was ordering “Moleskine” notebook A4 size and some protection stuff for my mom’s smartphone. I decided to get some more cool and fancy useful stuff while shopping — stumbled upon a Xiaomi power bank: 10 000 and 20 000 mAh, respectively. While I was doing all the shopping stuff, I recalled how Chinese customs folks took my 30 000 mAh powerbank while I was travelling from Zhenzhou/Beijing — made by ROMOSS and ordered from Taobao if you are curious.

I decided to dive deep and finally understand what the heck is going on with power banks and air carriers.

TL;DR, most countries are fine but China is an exception.

• Power banks with less than 100 W-h capacity are fine 99% of the time.

• It’s important to keep your power bank’s information on the device, specifically W-h. Try not to erase it by accident.

• If there is no W-h info on your device, then you need to calculate it yourself: (mAh*V)/1000=W-h.

• Power banks with more than 100 W-h but less than 160 W-h are fine too but you need to get a permission from your air carrier. More than 160 W-h? Probably but most likely you’ll get a harsh no.

• You are allowed to keep your power banks in the cabin. The reason is simple: it’s possible to something with your device if it gets broken or bursts into flames (I dunno, maybe).

• It’s kind of possible to get two power banks with 100 mAh capacity in both devices but it’s better to check the info with your air carrier.

Well, that’s all about power banks and air carriers’ relationship.

Again: even if your power bank is less than 100 mAh, it’s better if you contact the air carrier regarding the matter. If you can’t do that, then try to Google something like “power bank %air carrier’s name%”.
Published my first website on Webflow Showcase — NFT Moon’s Store.

Basically, I’ve changed a bunch of stuff on a pre-existing template but the ones responsible for it made a terrible job creating a website on Webflow: classes and other CSS stuff is just… facepalm, mates.

Anyway, this NFT store has minting feature and Metamask connection too (obviously!).
Today I decided to create my own NFT collection. I hope to release it in the 1Q 2022.
I’ve been into responsive design since day one of my design journey — Webflow is aimed to be a tool to design responsive websites but the most of it is a responsibility of a developer.

This stylesheet is a helpful guide how to design a website that can be changed according to default user settings — rem (root font size or “root em” where “em” stands for the size of a letter “m”).

The importance of designing in rem:
The Startup Curve by Paul Graham.
Decided to use the channel to send messages in group chat to attract more subscribers — another reason to create more content so people won’t be bored and find new interesting stuff (cuz, well, I create fun stuff, no cap).
Channel photo updated
Update the channel photo — will make a new one, this one is temporary.
Found an astounding UI kit — the creators claim that it is the largest Figma UI kit and design system in the world. Impressive!

It has a free version too. Though, it is so huge that may cause Figma to crash if your rig isn’t powerful enough.