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Scribble Diffusion — draw whatever you like and AI will make an image out of it 👿

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Guys, it’s unbelievable — the title isn't a clickbait ☺️

The team at Corridor Digital was able to use Stable Diffusion to, basically, make an anime from a video. They explain the DIY process thoroughly, so I recommend to give it a watch.

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Client project — completed 💃

Since I’m gonna launch my business site soon, I decided to start sharing information about my client projects today!

💎 Info
A landing page for an aviation management company

ExHigh Air Space

🆔 Live site

🌐 Made in Webflow

🔴 Unlimited design and development

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The website launch is coming 👀
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Decided to start sharing stuff I like such as YouTube channels or blogs 😳

Here’s the first one: Alice Cappelle.

✍🏻 Quote from her Patreon page

“My goal is to make humanities cool again by applying sociological, philosophical or historical concepts to current media trends.”

📹 The video I watched recently

💬 Don’t forget to share what you like in the comments!
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Embedding Spline scenes on Webflow sites became way easier 👍

I haven’t tested it yet, but judging by the description it’s not only easier to add Spline scenes to the websites, but also integrating them without understanding many nuances of custom code became, actually, possible — just add a couple of scripts and everything will magically work out of the box.

I think it’s worth doing a tutorial on the topic — I’ve been wanting to understand how to do complex interactions with 3D on Webflow sites for a long time!

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Time to share some sweet discounts 💵

I don’t share discounts that often, even the ones I’ve found myself, so I decided to start sharing good (and not so good) deals that can save you a penny or even a lot of benjamins.

Today I’m sharing my personal, exclusive promo code for Polyflow — a tool for building multilingual websites, which is designed specifically for, as you may have guessed, Webflow.

Someday I’ll do a full tutorial on integrating this tool, but just enjoy the discount for now ☺️

😏 Promo code for 30% off → GEORGY


Thanks to @dima_batumi for the screenshot confirming that the discount works!
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Free school for launching any ideas you have (literally) ⌨️

Buildspace did totally free courses/workshops on developing all sorts of cool stuff — like building your own Web3 app on Solana or a personal AI assistant with GPT-3. However, the team has moved on to a new phase — they’re building their own school! Literally, with actual buildings and stuff like that.

The reason why I’m telling you this is simple: a lot of people on my channel, as well as myself, are eager to make their ideas come to life — though some lack resources like knowledge or money, while others find it hard to do it alone. Well, Buildspace gives you the opportunity for free! The school lasts for 6 weeks online, and then ends with 3 days event in San-Francisco and Dubai — of course, it’s not required for you to go there 😶

Again, you can apply with any idea from creating your own YouTube channel to designing a game or selling trinkets on marketplaces. You have to understand that the school is not a course, it won’t explain you how to make your product from start to finish, but you will get access to a community of like-minded people and lectures on related topics, and a structure/path to follow.

🏫 Apply to School →

🎓 Courses by Buildspace →

Admission closes on March 31, and the decisions will be posted April 1. There are only 1K seats, so don’t worry if you don’t get in — there are over 300K people participating in Buildspace’s email list. BTW, you can enter as a team — just mention it on your application!

P.S: I did apply too, so I’ll be writing about my experiences at the school if my application is accepted 👀

Update: I found out that some people will be invited for a 6 months IRL program after completing online school — again, absolutely for free. The team helps with visas (it’s really important for USA) and offer financial support for those in need.

#news #education
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GitHub Copilot X was announced 🕺

GitHub Copilot X is an AI (chatbot) similar to ChatGPT, but only for development and integrated right into development environments like Visual Studio Code and GitHub. The AI itself is built by GitHub, but they also use GPT-4 🫣

Generally speaking, Copilot X is more of a system made up of different tools for a particular niche. Actually, the “X” in “Copilot X” means exactly this, e.g. “Copilot <for pull requests>” or “Copilot <for security>”.

There’s no release date yet, nor is there a cost.

GitHub Copilot is not that interesting, for most of my audience (at the moment), but the usefulness increases with your coding skills — the toolkit will become a very good assistant. Of course, I’ll share my experience when I start using it 😏

You can learn more at →
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Figma to Webflow plugin update 🥳

Yesterday Webflow did a livestream about Figma to Webflow plugin — they shared news regarding new features that will come to the plugin soon.

🔗 Link →

Actually I thought I’d save you some time and tell you about the most important updates:

1️⃣ Class duplication

Finally, my main problem with the plugin will be solved in the next update!

There’ll be new copy-paste feature in Webflow — you will be able to choose what happens when you insert copied elements:

• Class duplication — same as right now.

• Use properties of classes that already exist in the project — for example, if you insert an element with class .button, but you already have styled buttons with this class (they are red and large), then it will use the styling of this class that already existing in your Webflow site. Basically, the button copied from Figma was black and small, but it will become red and large — like other buttons in your Webflow project. This is exactly what I wanted!

• Use properties of classes from copied elements and overwrite properties of the same classes that already exist in a project — using example above, all buttons will become black and small when inserting an element. I didn’t expect such functionality, but in theory this could be very useful for maintaining design consistency between Figma and Webflow — it would be enough to make changes in the design tool and then copy elements to Webflow to transfer the changes to existing elements in the project.

All in all, the Webflowers’ requests have been heard! I guess this functionality will be available not only for the plugin, but for other cases too — like when you copy-paste elements from cloneables or your other projects.

2️⃣ Combo classes (!!!)

Guys, this is a blast! In addition to getting rid of class duplication, they’ll give us the ability to make combo classes right in Figma — like!

My guess is that we’ll be able to develop 80% of a whole site directly in Figma.

3️⃣ More pre-built responsive components

There are pre-built components in the plugin which have integrated responsiveness for tablets and mobile. There will be more components like that! Maybe they will even add components with tabs and a slider!

4️⃣ Grid support

Currently, the plugin only supports flexbox — but developers from Webflow Labs are already looking at ways to make grids in Figma.

5️⃣ REM support

As in the point above, copied elements use PX right now, but it will be possible to use REM soon. Client-First fans, rejoice!

P.S: hey folks, you can support the channel by telling your friends about it or by sharing the link in your socials (if you like my content ofc) ☺️
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Wrap elements in div/link block with a shortcut in Webflow 😳

Just a couple (five–six?) hours ago, Webflow released a new feature — we can wrap elements in a div- and link blocks via a shortcut (you can see it in the screenshot)! No more having to do this stuff manually by creating a div block, then moving it around, then dropping elements into it, and so on.

It’s so fucking great, I can’t tell you how excited I am. Seriously, I’m still shocked that such an obvious UX feature wasn’t there before, but it’s good that they added it at least today.

Perhaps they’ll add multi-select soon too! 😘

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Counter-Strike 2 announcement 🥲

No comments needed, just watch this video →

Important note: Counter-Strike 2 will be available for free for all Counter-Strike: Global Offensive owners even though it’s an entirely new game, not just an updated version 💃
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