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READ THE RULES: This channel is set up to work in conjunction with the sponsorship program described at [] .

Please add your comment only corresponding to posts. This post serves as the rule post, discussion of rules can be engaged in the comment section of this post. New posts will be added by the admin as things evolve.

For comments that do not fall into any defined posted topic please add them to "General discussion"[].
General discussion.

For comments that do not fall into any defined posted topic, you can add them here. When we feel it becomes necessary, we will create new posts to correspond to the topics that was brought up in the comment section to discuss in more detailed manner.
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Clarification to the sponsorship program described at [].

1. It should be self-evident that contribution to the sponsorship program is non-refundable. From the official crowdfunding page, one can understand the contribution is not used to purchase any license or product, but merely to provide moral support to encourage Genius Vision to actively engage in the interaction with users.

2. On the other hand, by our initial measure of the total users who interacted with the sponsorship program and Telegram group since their creation in Feburary 2021, we estimate more than 50% of them are coming from the unknown group. This is the true reason that effective communication between Genius Vision and real users cannot be achieved. If most users who try to interact with Genius Vision are carrying malicious intentions, it would very hard for us to respond properly. In practice we would have to assume all interactions are coming from the unknown group, until proven otherwise. Thus, it would only be fair for users to pay for the cost needed for Genius Vision to participate in such interaction actively. Otherwise, merely responding to the "mostly malicious" interaction request will cause Genius Vision to lose money. No one wants to participate in a business only to lose money. The chance of profiting must be good enough for anyone to invest time or resources in it. Right now, under the influences of the unknown group, it simply isn't. That's why we need the sponsorship program.

3. If someone initiates a refund or chargeback of the sponsorship program we will deny it. If anyone somehow still managed to successfully achieve a refund or chargeback, we will have no choice but to shut down these channels (sponsorship program and Telegram group) once for all. We would hope this doesn't happen. Since the amazingly short time that these channels are established, someone has already attempted to initiate a refund of the sponsorship program. Clearly, the word "sponsorship" has an entirely different meaning in their world. We'll admit this is not a good prospect. Let's keep watching.

4. A major purpose of this group is to discuss a new business model that can deal with the attacks coming from the unknown group, including threatening to refund or chargeback. Thus, it would be a really bad idea to initiate such a discussion by "threatening to refund or chargeback." Imagine if you are a store owner facing customers threatening to do so unless you bend to their will with no justifiable reasons. It might be best to keep away from such customers. Not dealing with them at all seems to be more prudent.

Lastly, we will temporarily lift the restriction of previously banned users in this group. If you have been restricted before, it means Genius Vision deemed you are most likely under the influence of the unknown group. Please be extra careful of your conduct in this group in order not to violate our rules. The rules are not explicitly disclosed, because doing so will only invite attack against the rules. Just try to be constructive, and not give misleading information.