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Yesterday, this channel was created for operational discussion of issues of implementation and future development of the program.

All other means of communication, forums and sites, also retain their role. But since they did not provide the required level of responsiveness, they will be secondary.

For the most active users and co-authors of the program, this channel can become the main way to quickly find out or influence the status of the project.
Group/chat created:
Released version v2.17.0

- Fixed a logical error in the default records filtering method.
- Optimized data model to save memory when loading large files (over 100 MB).
- Updated German translation [Patrik Studer].
- FreeBSD port developed [Alexey Dokuchaev].
- Improved import from WikiTree.
- Updated Czech translation [Jerry Verner].
- Added the feature to interrupt some long-running functions.
- Temporary fix for maps output (OSM replaced with GoogleMaps).
- Fixed work of geocoders.
- Added option for dotted lines of adopted children in the diagrams.
- Editing dates in dialogs adapted to regional formats.
- Added optional warnings for closing editing dialogs with unsaved changes.
- Added configurable DepthLimit for complete tree [Milan Kosina].
- Optimized regex searching in "Selecting record" form.
- Fixed bug of second first names displayed in a readonly 'Patronymic' field.
- Added option to automatically correct the first capital letter in the names.
- Fixed bug when adding spouse to existing person.
- Improved import from Geni (tag _MARNM).
- Fixed bug during importing data from "MyHeritage Family Tree Builder" [Milan Kosina].
- Fix inconsistent error message when loading GedML file [Walter Rawley].
- Added display of marriage dates of parents in tree diagrams.
- Added call quick information about the person in the tree diagrams.
- Implements maximum number of backups for each revision backup [Milan Kosina].

Download links: (Windows)
и (Debian/Ubuntu).
Released version v2.18.0

- Optimized data model to save memory [Alex Zaytsev] (new achievement: 635 mb file (2.674.481 records) loaded in 3:46 minutes).
- Added option for separate depth of ancestors and descendants in tree diagrams [Milan Kosina].
- Added option to restrict geo-search by country.
- Added option to bold names in tree diagrams.
- To the record list added a context menu to merge selected items.
- In the tool for verification of database added: dialog of details, quick transition to a record and copying XRef to clipboard.
- In the tool for analyzing connectivity/fragmentation of data, added: display of an identifier, a dialog of details and a quick transition to a person record.
- Implemented support for years between 32 BC and 32 AD [Alex Zaytsev].
- Fixed slow display of large notes with html markup inside.
- Added some links to open data [Alex Zaytsev].
- Fixed a bug in the language editing dialog [Alex Zaytsev].
- Fixed drawing horizontal lines to adopted child in descendants diagram [Alex Zaytsev].
- Fixed bug with Hungarian date format for event editing dialog.
- Fixed pre-populating names for new records [Alex Zaytsev].
- Fixed patronymic editing according to the language of the name [Alex Zaytsev].
- Improved import of GEDCOM format from Ages files in terms of determining adopted children.
- Added optional feature to display dates and places in separate lines in tree diagrams.
- Fixed line break error in the information panel.
- Added feature of downloading and viewing multimedia via http links.
- Added transition to record of selected person from tree diagram.
- Added display of scale in the status bar of tree diagrams.
- Added three new reports: places, sources and repositories.
- Added experimental support for the Family.Show file format.
- Improved support of Geni file loading.

Download: (Windows) and (Debian/Ubuntu).
Released version v2.19.0

- Fixed a bug with filtering by locations, groups and sources.
- Added option to display names in reverse order - first name at the beginning, surname at the end.
- Fixed a bug in the work of events when creating an empty file, before loading any GEDCOM files.
- Added an option for short form of kinship in the relationship calculator and tree diagrams.
- Fixed full activation and data filling when calling plugins.
- Fixed getter and setter of items in comboboxes of calendars and interface language.
- Proofreading of Ukrainian localization [Oleksiy Diedush].
- Added a sample of Taras Shevchenko's genealogy [Oleksiy Diedush].
- Fixed focus issue in lists.
- Fixed extracting patronymic from complex name [Alex Zaytsev].
- Added ability to assign multiple places at once in the places manager [Alex Zaytsev].

Download: (Windows)
and (Debian/Ubuntu).