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Finally- Here is what was Promised
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Here is the latest version of Termux from F-droid
- Uses google drive index link to play media files in very efficient and cool way.
- Ui is designed to feel like a streaming service
- You can watch movies and tv shows from your index in app with a cool ui
- Can be used with external video players
- Supports Android TVs too(can be used with a remote)
- Supports any Android version above Android 5
- Your movies and tv shows should be in separate folders and their naming should be correct
- All the sub folders are scanned
- If a movie/show is mislabeled you can provide the correct tmdb link and fix it
- If your index is updated daily, you can set refresh automatically option
- You can Import and Export your database and share it with your friends or your tv so you don't have to add indexes manually
- If you have goindex or maple index it can be used with the app too

Try Here 👇

If you face any issues join the project help group 👇
Personally used and tested the app and it's fantastic 👌
Very useful for those who wish to have a minimal Plex like setup