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Here they are! Happy Fursuit Friday :D
Wren the wolf and Riley’s edits are done! You might see them (as well as me!) if you’re going to AC this weekend :D
Quick life update! Because I am moving in a few weeks, I am now on a hiatus from fursuit making to focus on making sure everything goes smoothly. I expect this hiatus to last approximately 2 months; maybe more, maybe less. Since my queue is empty I may try to squeeze in a premade before I open for commissions in October, but this isn’t guaranteed.

During my hiatus, I’ll likely be spending some time on side projects such as the fur color picker, making headbase 3D models, and small sewn projects such as fursuit collars. However I will not be doing any “official” fursuit work until my hiatus is over.

Thank you all for your patience and support! <3

I will be taking 1-3 slots; prioritizing heads and partials. My queue is currently EMPTY so your fursuit will be started IMMEDIATELY!

For more information, check out :) I am NOT taking protogen commissions, apologies!

All information is on my website,! :D Give it a thorough read if you are interested in commissioning me.

I am taking a very limited number of slots, so please do not feel discouraged if you do not get chosen this opening. Once my queue is empty again, I plan on doing a YCH style fursuit auction with a canine base, where the winner is guaranteed a fursuit from me!

No character? Want a new character? Consider an artistic liberty commission from me! I will create a brand new design based off your budget for you and bring it to life :)

As a reminder, you must be 18+ to commission me. I do not work with parents or guardians commissioning a fursuit for minors.

If you haven’t gotten a quote from me, my quotes are always open! Check the how to order page on my website for more information, if you have any questions feel free to reach out here on telegram (@gatorwaves). I look forward to seeing everyone’s submissions!
Reviving this channel again! Here are some WIPs of Ferdinand the folf :D
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Excuse the odd lighting and how nothing is glued yet, but most of the fur is cut out now! Just waiting on a longer version of the darkest blue to use on the back of the head, which is scheduled to arrive on Monday. I’m liking how he’s coming along, especially the cheek marking :)
Finishing Ferdinand’s head tomorrow :)
Here he is!!! Up next is his tail, then he’ll be going home!