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At the end of last week we saw weakness in the Aussie Dollar. We are anticipating further selling of AUD against the CAD, continuing the downwards momentum. Here's our view.
Another AUD chart of interest this week is AUD/NZD and again we are looking for AUD weakness but after a short term correction from the buyers. Check out our previous analysis on this pair here.
EUR/AUD is a great trending market at the moment. With price pulling pack yesterday, are we now going to see another push from the buyers? This week is very news heavy. Make sure that you are aware of all the news announcements before trading. You can check out the economic calendar on our website here.
The Three Inside Up pattern is a three candle, bullish reversal pattern that you can look for in a downtrend. The pattern has very specific rules for each of the three candles. Here's the info.
Following up on our NZD/CHF analysis on 19th April, we may now be seeing the start of a change of sentiment for this pair. Check out our thoughts and analysis. What do you think? Are you bullish or bearish this pair?
Are we about to see some shorting opportunities on Gold? This is what we are seeing traders.
We are looking at EUR/NZD today. Price is sitting on the ascending trendline at present, but does that mean we should expect further upside or is this the start of a new trend?
The Rising Three Methods Pattern is a buy setup in an uptrend. It contains 5 candlesticks with very specific details about each one. Here's what you need to know.
We saw some major selling off of Kiwi last week when the markets moved into 'risk off'. EUR/NZD is just one of a number of charts presenting opportunities to trade Kiwi. Check out our weekly analysis.
Another Kiwi chart potentially setting up is NZD/CAD. Will risk off continue this week? Take a look at our analysis and wait for a trading setup that meets your strategy rules.
Are we about to see a drop for GBP/JPY or will we break out to the upside? Check out our technical analysis and what we think could happen next.
Look out for the 'Three Inside Down' pattern in an uptrend. It could be your signal to exit long positions and watch for short opportunities.
We had an interesting finish to the week for NZD/USD. Are we about to see the next move down?
Last week it looked like the price of Silver was breaking down. Can we take advantage of any short trades this week?
The technicals for NZD/CAD are playing out perfectly so far. Is price on it's way back to the bottom of the descending channel?
Look at our previous NZD/CAD analysis here.
We bet that you've never heard of the 'On Neck' trend continuation pattern. Here's the info and how to trade it.
Price closed below daily support last week for GBP/USD. We will be looking for further downside next week trading GBP against a strong USD.
Who's been riding the NZD/CAD train? Price has been moving very nicely within a descending channel. Time for upside now?