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If you have a skill you could provide do contact us we're looking to fill positions quickly, so when we apply for funding they know we're ready to go (had one offer), initially all are voluntary jobs but we're going to provide volunteer contracts and convert Vwork 2 signing bonus https://t.co/8Jm0Kc441T
We're hoping to have contracts in place with you and the ability to have all your content backed up to us, and provide alternate services. We don't support or bow to cancel culture, bullying, abuse etc. thanks for giving us a chance https://t.co/zMsVXe4dmg https://t.co/42VBAcAWCF
We have more jobs coming up, stay tuned to find out what we're looking for and learn how to apply. https://t.co/t8L3mXJNfr
So we started using @GoogleAds on the 03/02/2021, and ran a test ad. From then up and to today it's had 668,728 impressions.
@PeaceWolfActual Looks good, reminds me I need to use mine.
I'd like to introduce Vosti our new Swahili Translator & Website Manager, @OkutheSteven welcome to the team Vosti we're glad to have you on board. https://t.co/Kf6lUfLk3L #Staff #FurShows
I'd like to introduce Manish our new Hindi Gujarati Translator & Website Manager, @mannmodha welcome to the team Manish we're glad to have you on board. https://t.co/Kf6lUfLk3L #Staff #FurShows
We're going through a hiring spree, check out our jobs page at https://t.co/t8L3mXscnT (not all jobs live/written) don't see your ideal job listed? send your CV to jobs@furshows.org we'd love to hear about you and what you can do for us, and let you know what we can do for you!
@PeaceWolfActual You become like those you hang around most. Doesn't necessarily mean "friends", either!, I've been hanging around you, I guess I'm awesome then!
If I haven't already mentioned it, I can't find that I have on Twitter. The second subsidiary we plan to register will be Furportal News. https://t.co/OydIZ5BnXs originally a blog by @Fesothe it will become a full business.
I'd like to introduce Sunny our new Chief People Officer, welcome to the team Sunny we're glad to have you on board. https://t.co/Kf6lUfLk3L #Staff #FurShows
Our new logo for Snack Ferret Studio
I’ve been doing some preparation I’m starting to post again because if this channel goes too inactive telegram will sell the public handle