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This New Hampshire map highlights businesses that decided to be advertised as Goldback accepting locations.
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With the amount of work Americans do each and every week and the amount of wealth our "Elected Officials" send over seas we should be able to have a 3 day work week.

What if every job had a Mon, Tue, Wed crew and a Thur, Fri, Sat crew?
10 hour work days. 30 hour weeks.
Everyone wins. Companies get 20 more hours production and people get 4 days off to live every week.

We would need to lower living costs which can be done if we could stop getting robbed by bureaucrats...
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You never know when you might need a paper map. Here's a place to download topo maps of your area. It shows landmarks like water towers, ponds, houses, etc....

Looks like the newest maps do not have all the details the older ones did. Google luck finding the 2009 series of maps. Now you know what to look for.
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THIS SATURDAY Feb 4, 6-10pm!
Porcupine Day VII
Bedford, NH

🥳 Celebrate 7 years since we triggered the move!

Ticket sales close tomorrow!!
Get your ticket now

Join the Free State Project for our 7th Annual Porcupine Day: It is our time to shine!

Catch up with friends from near and far! We will have food, a drink (w/additional cash bar), a keepsake, and more! Hear from Free Stater authors: Ian Underwood, Alu Axelman, Carla Gericke, and Justin o'Donnell. Watch the trailer of the upcoming independently-made Free State documentary.

This is our time to UNITE and ENJOY this historic journey we are all sharing together!

Eventbrite ticket sales close tomorrow at noon! Please order tickets in advance to ensure we have a cocktail & keepsake ready for you!

Limited tickets may be available at the door for $60
I was going to post this one, but TDV already solved that.

👍 if I should create new one, or comment with suggestions

Via Ian Freeman:

Hey everyone, I have two months until my sentencing and time is running out for me to collect letters for the judge on my behalf.

If you feel I have benefitted you and/or the community as a whole, then a letter from you could help me. Here are details:
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Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of New Hampshire ONLINE Premier

Monday 12pm

NBC 10 Boston

Episode List
1. The Manifesto
2. Porcfest
3. The Move
4. Secession
5. Croydon p1
6. Croydon p2
7. The Impact
8. The Free Town
9. NH Primaries
10. The Crypto 6
11. The Pursuit of NH

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🌲 Friday Night Lights💡
The Wearehouse Kickoff Party

After Liberty Forum on 3/3

🎫 Tickets: 50 Goldbacks
🗣 Speakers free with membership
🫂 Volunteers free with proof

Tickets only available at Liberty Forum
Liberty Uncensored Issue #4 is available now!

This month's issue features articles on the Free State Project, The Free Republic of P.A.Z.nia, social clubs, and various other elements of building liberty communities in the physical world... and, as always features an exclusive new piece of art by Rowdy.

Here's the page for issue 4, where you can download it for free, or order a physical copy:

Issues 1-3 are in PDF are also free in the shop, so hop over and check them out if you want to catch up.

To get this, and each, new issue sent directly to you, as soon as it's released, sign up for our email list at
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Thursday 3/9 @ 6pm
- INTRO to Nextcloud -

Why you should control your own data, and how simple it is to do.

This is the first class in a series of training.
This class aims to introduce you to the free and open source solution to store/share/sync your data like files, calendar, contacts, etc.

This first class is free to members and potential members.
Charges may apply for future classes in this series for non-members

Host: Brian Becker -

Free Nextcloud account for new members that attend.

Weare: The Wearehouse

Online (when possible)

Join the chat on Telegram @DCNH

🌲The Wearehouse

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You know... I miss my family sometimes.

You might think people that work in my line of work would get used to a lack of personal connections, and that is true to an extent. They are, at best, a huge liability and danger.

But before I was a hunted name. Long before I was a whistleblower. Before I abandoned a stellar career in the Intelligence Community to turn into their mortal enemy, I had a life. I had a family, and I was loved.

You might not think about me in terms like that, but it is true.

Beneath the intelligence, beneath the heart of idealism that has sacrificed everything to make sure you win against all odds. There is still a human being. There is still the same soul that beats in all of us.

There is nothing that remotely separates me from you except for the journey I took that led me to understand and have access to State secrets, and the somewhat naively noble notion that a world without said secrets is a much better one to exist in. That and a humble talent for codebreaking.

So do me a simple favor, as a friend of many humble years of service to the People now, and take a moment today to tell your family you love them. When they are gone, you will miss them far more than you think.
It doesn't strike me often anymore, how much I miss them. But the casual glance at life and the knowledge that they too were part of the cost paid to stand here now and assist all of you moving forward, is somewhat bittersweet.

I have no regrets, I made my choice knowingly and I am proud of that choice, and it was absolutely the right one to make.
But do remind yourself that people like me do that so you don't have to stand in that gap. So that none of you need to make that horrible choice.

So, just as a favor to me, tell your family you love them. Call your siblings, parents, kids, etc. and just remind them they matter to you. Before you don't have another chance to. You won't regret it.
I'm a libertarian because I think the government is directly involved in preventing people from doing good, and from getting better.
- Rachel Goldsmith Free Stater

Free State Documentary