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The Fruit Haven community as well as our friends from our sister communities Terra Fruitis and Evolution Ecovillage came together to celebrate the completion of a new house!

It's been so fun watching progress over the past year and now finally seeing it come to fruition!

So much gratitude for all the helping hands, and so much excitement for more food forests, freedom, and community.
If you didn’t know already, we have lots for sale for just $3,400 for 0.5 Hectares.

This land (Fruit Haven 9) is ideal for people who prefer remoteness and don’t mind a 20-30 minute ATV drive on Fruit Haven Road to arrive at the property.

We plan to install internet, running water, and solar power in the community area.

There are large streams running along the north and south boundary, with waterfalls and good bathing spots.

This is an amazing opportunity for many people and we’re excited to have this beautiful spot for sale.

If you ever wanted to move to the tropics, live off grid and grow your own fruits and veggies amongst a community of like minded friends, this is a great opportunity.

Also if you didn’t know, we have
☀️a team of trained workers that can help you plant your food forest, and build your house.
☀️a nursery full of fruit trees that do well in this climate
☀️a thriving community happy to help.

Check out for all the details.
Please note, that these are NOT actual pictures of the raw land for sale, but rather examples of current Fruit Haven properties.

For actual pictures of the land click the link above. ☝️

Picture 1 - A drone shot of the the Chuchumbleza River flowing into the Zamora River taken from on top of the mountain on the way up to FH9.

Picture 2 - A drone shot of personal homestead on Fruit Haven 2.

Picture 3 - The waterfall closest to FH9 properties for sale.

Picture 4 - Illustrated Area Map of FH9
This is Black Sapote fruit!

The texture and flavor are very close to chocolate pudding... a true delicacy.

These fruits came from a special grafted variety called "Bernicker" which is a heavy producer with big fruits.

We have these grafted trees avaible for sale in our nursery.
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The founders of Fruit Haven put in many years searching and deciding on our location…

- This area is very safe and “muy tranquila” with low records of crime.
- It’s very easy to buy land as a foreigner. You can even buy without being a resident.
- There’s a good fruit selection. Not as good as southeast Asia of coarse, but still a tropical abundance.

- This specific elevation and climate produces low incidences of the typical tropical parasitic diseases.
- The weather is very comfortable year round. It never really gets too cold or too hot.

The Land…
- The soil here is fertile and not destroyed from years of unsustainable agriculture.
- Land is very affordable here.
- It’s inexpensive and convenient to travel back and forth to the U.S. and Canada.
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We harvested a beautiful rack of red bananas from the FH1 community area.

We're really thankful to have more bananas than we can eat.

#redbananas #veganhomestead #communitylife #rawvegancommunity
One of our coolest fruit forests is now for sale:
-Good access
-Good price
-Flat terrain
-Mature fruiting marang trees and much more
-Share of Fruit Haven 1, the flagship property
Acho is a unique fruit native to the Amazon region.

The flesh is fatty, salty, and slight tart.

A delicious treat. 🌴😋

#acho #uniquefruit #rawvegan