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Prediction comparison with today's reality.
Current forex sentiment. Important numbers to analyze before the start of next week. Learn from other people's mistakes. πŸ“Š
Next week is FED week!
Still valid, still around the same pivot. Next week should be a break-out week, up or down...if down, BUY the DIP.
FX Option expiries for the week.
USDCHF looks to be desperate for an upmove. That could take EURUSD down a bit. Just thinking out loud! ⚠️
Bullish setup on EURUSD with a target of 270.πŸ“ˆ
Bullish setup on EURUSD with a target of 270.πŸ“ˆ
Hit and overshot, now with 360 being tested, I am no longer bullish...for now.
Best result yet and the EA is back! $1 to $220 in 26 days! 21,960%!
Bullish butterfly. Would be crazy, if it worked out...but crazy seems to be the new normal, anyway. πŸ¦‹
Bullish bat on H1. Something for early next week, possibly. πŸ¦‡
EURUSD - Bullish divergence on the monthly chart. πŸš€
First bullish target on EURUSD was reached this week. Lets see if 360 breaks and opens up the way towards 500. βœ…