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ℹ️ Alpha 0.30.1
- Temporarily changed save backend to cached PlayerPrefs
ℹ️ Alpha 0.30.2
- Added debug option to disable fog
- Improved performance on low-end devices
- Modified fog effect
- Removed old scene lighting
Alpha 0.30.3
- Modified fog shader
- Improved code performance
Alpha 0.30.4
- Changed save system to external JSON file
- Added check for save file integrity on load
ℹ️ Alpha 0.31
- Fixed popups adding a layer of fog on top of UI
- Improved fog shader performance
- General code optimizations
- Fixed level scenes lighting too soft
- Stripped useless build assemblies
- Removed support to OpenGLES2 graphics engine
ℹ️ Alpha 0.31.1
- Added internal analytics system
ℹ️ Alpha 0.31.2
- Implemented support for camera movement
- Improved camera movement by script
- Optimized pause menu resource usage
- Optimized popups resource usage
- Converted various animations to use built-in animator instead of scripts
ℹ️ Alpha 0.31.3
- Minor code improvements
- Build size optimizations
- General bugfixes
ℹ️ Alpha 0.31.4
- Fixed menu buttons not working
- Fixed snow layer crashes
- Fixed skin and options back buttons not working
- Fixed animation errors in menus
Alpha 0.31.5
- General improvements and optimizations
(development build)