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βšͺ️We're excited to continue our tradition of sharing insightful analytics about projects within our communityπŸš€

Today, we want to shed some light on the next exciting project in our radar: DOM

βšͺ️pitch deck

Project Description:

A cryptocurrency wallet for everyday needs, where you can pay for purchases with cryptocurrency by scanning QR codes. In addition, the project provides an opportunity to invest in DeFi by selecting a category relative to the degree of risk. The project promises to be as user-friendly as possible and does not use cryptocurrency words.


Undoubtedly, the project is focused on adapting cryptocurrency for people, but there is no clarity on the legal side. Given the focus on regions where cryptocurrency is a tool to enter the global market, the product may be in demand, but it should be noted that there are certain risks.

One of the main risks is the possibility of investment. DeFi technology is a great financial tool for experienced investors and analysts, but the main problem is that an inexperienced user can make a lot of mistakes when interacting with these technologies. If the project takes on the function of investment management, offering various options, it can suffer strong reputational losses if a negative situation arises in the market and the project user starts losing his funds or loses them all at once.

The project has conducted analytics that reflect the emerging market sector in which it will develop. It also conducted a comparative analysis with competitors, demonstrated what the project earns on and what exactly it offers to its client.


The project is clear about the goals it wants to achieve. The team has done a good job of documenting the many important questions that analysts may have.
πŸ‘‹ Calling Web3 VCs and investors! We're thrilled to expand our partnerships and open to collaboration!

πŸš€ It's Fractal Web3 Accelerator!
We're an experienced team of entrepreneurs, product managers, Web3 consultants, and venture analysts.

As a valued partner, we invite you to our upcoming Fractal Web3 Accelerator batches, Pitch sessions, and events!

πŸŽ™οΈ We'd love to have some of you as guest speakers at our next event!

Event Details:

β€’ Topic: Effective Use of Secondary Market Opportunities for VC and Web3 Projects during Bear Markets
β€’ Format: Panel Discussion
β€’ Date: August 10th at 13:00 (UTC+3) (Preliminary date)

Join us for insightful discussions on OTC utilization and choosing the right agents. Discover how the secondary market can boost growth during a bear market.

🌐 Excited to have you among 300+ VCs, investors, and web3 projects. Valuable networking awaits!

Feel free to reach out to our Community & Partnership Manager, @sveta_shirobokovaa
Getting "Reservations" from Angel Investors

When starting fundraising, securing commitments from investors can take time, and a lack of progress may make your round appear stagnant. To address this, obtaining reservations from Angel investors can be beneficial. Here's how:

βšͺ️Ask for investment interest:

During your meeting with potential investors, ask directly if they are interested in investing. For instance, inquire about their thoughts on your project and if they'd like to be part of your round.

βšͺ️Inquire about check size:

If the investor shows interest, find out their typical investment check size and decision timeline. This information is crucial for the reservation process.

βšͺ️Secure the reservation:

If the investor's criteria align with your plan, express your openness to having them involved. Then, let them know you'll reserve a spot for them while they make their decision.

This step is critical. For example:

β€œShould I hold that space for you while you’re deciding?”

β€œI will hold your spot, to give you some time to decide.”

β€œI usually hold space for investors while they’re in diligence, I’ll do the same for you.”

This scarcity will create a sense of urgency for other potential investors, increasing the FOMO.

When asked about your fundraising status, mention the spoken-for availability, for example, "We're raising $500k and have 50% spoken for."

Practice these phrases beforehand, and your early seed fundraising efforts will be more effectiveπŸš€
Pitch secrets by Alchemist. Secret 1

βšͺ️Success itself is a sales hack!

If you are a founder who has a technical or product background, this secret may upset you😁

A startup is not a story about a product, but a story about potential growth πŸš€

β€œProduct” is not equal to β€œsales.” Sales are equal to success!

Let’s see examples:

βšͺ️Case #1

A founder presents a pitch to an investor at a conference.

"Hi, my name is John Doe. We have developed an AI-based mathematical model for building routes in real-time for…."

John doesn’t stay on message.
He rambles on. He goes off on tangents. He doesn't focus on his client's needs and whether or not his client is paying attention to what he is saying.

His investor finds himself eager for John's monologue to end.

John thought he was bringing up something innovative and interesting, but it was interesting only to him, not to his investor πŸ₯²
He lost his chance to close.

βšͺ️Case #2

Let’s have a glance at the pitch of the Whizz startup. 

β€œHi! We have reached $1M ARR within 6 months, have more than 100 clients, and I was featured on the Forbes '30 under 30' list.”

They grabbed the investor’s attention! The team instantly gets questioned with, β€œWhat’s your name? What is your startup all about 🀯?” … SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

At this point, it is alright to focus on the product. Yet it is still better to commence with the use cases. For instance, start with the success stories of your clients.

As a result, even if the investor is a little overwhelmed with detail, he will want to become a part of your ongoing success.

Triggered with dopamine, he is fully engaged in your achievements!
Hey, Web3 founders πŸ‘‹

There will be a Demo Day for Web3 Startups on August 2nd

⚑️The winner's pitch will be sent to 500+ investors

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity.

Feel free to join in πŸš€
πŸš€Hello, everyone!

We are planning an online event about Web3 Secondary markets, including web3 projects, founders and VCs.

Topic: "Effective Use of Secondary Market Opportunities for VCs and Web3 Projects during Bear Market"
β€’ Format: Panel Discussion
β€’ Date: August 10th at 13:00 (UTC+3) (Tentative date)

During this discussion, we'll explore how effectively use the OTC tools, discuss cases and problems in the web3 secondary market.

We intend to invite all our clients and partners, which includes 300+ VCs, individual investors, and Web3 projects.

⚑️We extend an invitation to VC funds, projects, SAFT/SAFE holders, and brokers to join the discussion.

We have two questions for you:

1) Would you be interested in participating as a speaker and engaging in the discussion?
2) What topics would you like to hear the speakers talk about? (Themes related to the OTC market and venture capital, primarily)

If you want to take part in the event, write to us directly here or DM @sveta_shrobokovaa
πŸ¦„Brief notes on the past Mastermind event for founders by the Web3 accelerator:

😒Hypothesis: Founders feel lonely and have a hard time working during the summer. Not confirmed.

However, meetings with colleagues in the industry indeed add a lot of energy. The founder's "keep moving forward" attitude remains constant, both in summer and winter.

πŸ”₯Those living in hot regions (Dubai, Turkey, SEA) work with air conditioning, maintaining productivity year-round (they can always step out to get some sun and vitamin D).

Others more sensitive to seasonal changes prefer working from home or coworking spaces during summer.

πŸ‘£Allocating time for rest during the summer is normal. It's essential to grant vacations to team members and redistribute tasks, avoiding burdening vacationers with work-related issues. The better someone rests and disconnects, the more effective they'll be when they return to work.

Team value and motivation:

In different situations, a properly motivated team demonstrates autonomy and effectiveness. Such a team is ready to weather difficulties and funding delays because they are working on an exciting product with an enthusiastic founder. People aged 35-40 tend to focus more on self-realization than just earning money.

Maintain warm relationships with valuable employees who are temporarily working elsewhere to meet their financial obligations. They will gladly return to working full-time with you when the opportunity arises.

Conduct a strategic session during the summer - it's beneficial for:

πŸ‘Alleviating uncertainty stress for the team.
🀝Defining areas of responsibility and reaching agreements on them, providing peace of mind to the founder that everything is being addressed and nothing is overlooked.

Thank you to everyone who attended!

It was fantastic: we exchanged contacts and pleasant news. After the 2-hour Mastermind, many participants continued to discuss, collaborate, and exchange ideas in private messages. It's delightful to meet both familiar and entirely new faces and names!
πŸš€Launching a Web3 Project in a Bear Market: Workshop + Q&A

You have an amazing opportunity to talk directly to the Senior Managing Director at Launchpool.XYZ (IDO launchpad and community pool with DeFi mechanics), discuss preparation for TGE, ask questions and get insights on a bear market launch strategy for your web3 project.

Roxana Nasoi is also a C-Level in emerging technologies and an angel investor. Featured in Top 100 Women of the Future 2nd edition. Keynote & Tedx speaker, mentor, and panelist in startup competitions.

⏰ When: Wednesday, August 2nd 18:00 CEST | 16:00 UTC
πŸ“Œ Where: InnMind

Especially for our community, the first 5 spots via the link are free, hurry and claim yours!
⚑️ We are excited to announce an online event organized in collaboration with our resident and strong partner - OTC MarsbaseπŸ’«

πŸ“£ Our meetup will focus on Web3 secondary markets for VC and crypto projects,
discussing effective portfolio management in bear markets for all VCs and SAFT/SAFE holders.

Additionally, we'll address common challenges, successes, opportunities, prospects, and more in web3 secondary markets.

🀫Join us for intriguing presentations, insightful case studies, valuable information, and top-notch speakers.
Stay tuned for the list of speakers, which will be revealed soon

πŸ‘€ Date: August 10, 2023, at 11:30 UTC.
πŸ’¬ Format: Meetup.
🌐 Platform: Live Telegram + YouTube Stream.
βœ”οΈ Register here:
Forwarded from XFounders (Nikita C️)
XFounders Pitch HourπŸ¦„πŸš€

Join us next Tuesday, August 8th, for our first online Pitch Hour πŸš€ where 3 selected Web3 startups from XFounders community will have their strategies assessed 🧠 by leading Web3 experts:

πŸ”ΈOliver Silvey, Head of Crypto & Digital Assets, Mastercard
πŸ”ΈAlexandre Matsuo, Web3, AWS
πŸ”ΈKafkas Sonmez, Head of Turkey,
πŸ”ΈDoruk Işmen, dYdX Turkey Country Lead
πŸ”ΈMatthew Schmenk, Sr. Business Development, Ava Labs
πŸ”ΈTugrul Karakas, Partner of Polygon Labs
πŸ”ΈNik Pletikos, Head of Treasury, Sweat Economy
πŸ”ΈAmmar Al-Ansi, Co-Founder Fractal Web3 accelerator
πŸ”ΈSharon Sciammas, Co-founder,W3B Lab Studio
πŸ”ΈDavid Lolaev, Founder, Sal'Ad Labs

Gain constructive feedback from industry leaders, learn from peer presentations in SocialFi, DeFi, and GameFi, get tips for successful 2023 investment roundsπŸ”₯

πŸ—“ Mark your calendars for August 8th at 17:00 (CET)

Registration is open
πŸš€An exciting event we have coming up
Β«Web3 Secondary Markets for VC and Crypto Projects!Β»

We'll be diving into some really useful topics, like how to manage portfolios during bear markets.

Plus, if you're looking for insider tips on asset management using OTC, we've got you covered.

Trust us, this is the kind of stuff you don't want to miss!

πŸ“£August 10, 2023, at 11:30 AM UTC.

πŸ“£Ready to dive in? Don't forget to register:

This is where the magic happens!
See you there, right?
πŸ“£ Last call!

We invite you to our first Meetup on the topic of "Web3 Secondary Markets for VCs and Crypto Projects" today!

β–ͺ️ Date: 10th August 2023 at 11:30 UTC
β–ͺ️ Registration:

We'll explore how founders can effectively use OTC, the importance of choosing the right OTC agents, and how to interact with VCs in this context!

πŸ‘¨β€βš–οΈ Meeting Moderator: Mitchell Kim,
Founder of Venture Roof, Advisor to 10+ startups, Mentor, Judge, and Speaker at Alchemist Accelerator.

πŸ“’ Speakers:

Nike, head of client servise
πŸš€Fractal: Leontiev Mark, Crypto Analyst
πŸš€Brickken: Edwin Mata, CEO
πŸš€SuperWeb3: Spencer Fan, co-founder and chief business officer of Numen Cyber, a Web3 security firm based in Singapore.
πŸš€Voronkov Ventures: Andrey Voronkov, founder
πŸš€Afford Capital: Ilia Klinkin, COO
πŸš€Block Oracle Capital (OTC experience): Dmitri Prokopenko, сo-founder, public relations
Forwarded from QuickToken
⁠#blog #tokenization #cryptoindustry

More and more projects are adopting the concept of "tokenized rails." This trend is not coincidental, as many prominent figures in the crypto industry highly appreciate tokenization. Project XRP, which holds a top position on CoinMarketCap, is no exception.
πŸ“ΉInterview: Fundraising and Acceleration in Web3

Ammar Al-Ansi, co-founder of the Fractal Web3 accelerator, delves into the intrinsic value of joining an accelerator, even when VC funding isn't on your radar.

πŸ”ΈThe transformative advantages accelerators bring to startups
πŸ”ΈThe offerings Fractal extends to its participants
πŸ”ΈEnvisioning the future landscape of Web3
πŸ”ΈThe undeniable impact of diverse founding teams
πŸ”ΈHarnessing technology to address user-centric challenges and more
πŸ’‘Inspiring belief in your team's mission

To begin, it's important to note that a team's enthusiasm isn't innate; it's kindled by the founder's energyπŸ”₯ The team's vigor is directly tied to the founder's unwavering belief in the idea.

Where does this conviction originate in the founder? Undoubtedly, it stems from tangible progress: initial positive feedback from satisfied clients and the initial confirmation of the product's value. This instills confidence that the founder is on the correct trajectory.

How to validate the product's necessity?

Customer development
is an ideal tool to determine if you're creating something indispensable or merely conjuring ideas. Even worse would be investing substantial funds into a futile endeavor.

Consequently, we initiate conversations with potential clients, inquiring when and under what circumstances they encounter the problem we intend to address. Repeating these discussions 50-100 times reveals recurring issues, enabling us to either affirm our approach or refine the product based on each study's conclusions.

If the product isn't yet complete and motivation is waning, secure initial orders!

Establish a landing page, launch targeted advertising, and secure initial orders. Even if the product is in development for the next six months, the presence of demand will bolster the founder and the entire team's belief in the endeavor.

βœ…I employed this strategy when striving to scale. Each morning, I convened the scaling team and presented our achievements to either our central office or the partners who had already joined us.

I showcased the investments secured, the fund allocations, and the commissions earned. I presented tangible evidence to the teamβ€”a testament to our creation of a robust, exceptional product. The more evidence we gathered, the stronger our belief became.

It's imperative for the team not only to believe but also to be motivated to independently advance the product. This amplifies their faith in the project's significance. Conduct collaborative strategic or decision-making sessions. Foster an environment that encourages the product's advancement.
πŸ’£Secondary market research & score

We recently launched a new section of research reports on assets traded on the Marsbase Marketplace! In this post we have collected all available reports at the moment.

⚑️ This information will be interesting and useful to all current holders of this or that asset, and to everyone who is thinking about its purchase or sale.

🟠The reports are made by professional venture analysts with specialization in Web3
🟠Information is gathered from paid, both closed and open sources
🟠Each report is a 10 page presentation
🟠The density of useful content per square cm is very high

Share reports on social media and with your partners.
Reports are free to share at the moment.

Available reports:

1️⃣ #Manta Secondary Research
2️⃣ #Fuel Secondary Research
3️⃣ #Celestia Secondary Research
4️⃣ #Angelic Secondary Research
5️⃣ #LayerZero Data Report
6️⃣ #zkSync Data Report

*To get access to analytics you need to enter your email in DocSend.

πŸ’²ZEALY / πŸ›’OTC / πŸ”’ SAFT / SAFE /✈️ TG / 🐦 TW / πŸ“Ή YT / 🌐 Web / πŸ“· IG / ➑️ Links
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Starting a startup with no Initial investment. What to do now if starting from scratch

In crafting a formula for a prosperous startup, we'd encompass three vital elements:


Let's explore each aspect in detail, considering the lack of initial capital.


Realize that ideas, akin to capital, are valuable assets. We choose them based on our interests or circumstances.

Identify a trend πŸ‘‰ immerse ourselves πŸ‘‰ experience a problem πŸ‘‰ engage in customer development to formulate solutions.


A team must:

πŸ“Œcollaborate on an equal footing (each member freely expresses opinions)
πŸ“Œbe comprehensive. This means including three roles: the hustler (dealing with sales, resources, management), the hipster (managing marketing), the hacker (tending to the product), and the analyst, who processes data.

Once the team is established, it's vital to agree that success leads to commercial partnerships. If not, acknowledge it as a valuable experiment. The team's success tomorrow heavily hinges on each participant.


With the MVP ready, the problem verified, and willing paying customers, attracting investments comes next. Collaboratively develop a presentation. Be it a canvas, PowerPoint, or Google Slides, it incurs no cost.

Armed with this, approach potential clients. With the team structured as described earlier, contacts are likely to include someone interested in the product.

❗️If there's no immediate client, leverage your network for recommendations; undoubtedly, someone will be of assistance.

The subsequent steps involve:

🟣Crafting a product presentation.
🟣Promising to resolve the client's issue and securing advance payment.
🟣Replicating this process tenfold, delivering on commitments using the funds received.
🟣Recognizing the need for expansion.
🟣Scaling up.

❗️At the outset, a product isn't mandatory. Understanding how to fulfill commitments remains the primary focus.

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πŸ’² A quality update to the Pitch Deck.
Check it out

What's changed?

🟣 More useful data
🟣 More specific metrics to help you better evaluate your project
🟣 Rethink positioning.
🟣 Updated recent achievements and results

πŸ’²Actively fundraising now, want to invest or can recommend us to VC? - DM Denis Isaulov (CEO Marsbase) or Vlad (CBDO and IR) .

⚑️ We are in the final stage of development and release of the deal aggregator and launch of the new web version of the platform. More details will be given in the next post.

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Forwarded from QuickToken
⁠#blog #tokenization #realestate

Real estate is one of the strongest investment objects and one of the most interesting objects for tokenization. Regardless of the situation on the stock market, there is always a need for housing and working space. Therefore, real estate is characterized by stability and continuity.
Building a cohesive and successful team is one of the most crucial aspects that investors look at. After all, investors invest in people, not just technology or a product. It's extremely important that the team can bring the envisioned and initiated projects to fruition.

How to create a close-knit and successful team that will be a pleasure to invest in?

🟒 Choose individuals with shared values, strong players, and diverse skill sets.
🟒 Foster communication within the team; talk openly. Address any emerging negativity right away, without letting it accumulate.
🟒 Ensure that employees' motivation is not at zero or in the negative zone.
🟒 Assign responsibilities and tasks based on skill levels, without overtly leaning towards skill reduction or advancement.
🟒 Hire people you would want to work with over the next 5 years.

With these steps in place, success is bound to follow!

❓And now, let us ask you: what strategies have you found effective in building and nurturing a strong and motivated team? Share your insights in the comments belowπŸ‘‡