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How to identify fake or real reviews and protect yourself from scammer
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Scam Alert:

Many fake account managers are taking the account on behalf of forextrade1 and making huge losses. We are requesting all the traders, and please do not trap with them.

First, contact us before giving your real account for the trading as forextrade1 never takes any account without advance payment.
See the appreciation from the traders; we are getting it on Whatsapp for the signals.

Simple and easy traders, and all the traders are enjoying the profit.
See if traders are making a profit still. We are guiding traders in the right direction.

Profit is not only the one thing, but risk and reward are also mattered, and based on that one, we are guiding traders.
One more appreciation we got it from our client end based on our daily work where always try to help each and every client through our free platform.

Daily we are giving the free signals for t he trade through our Whatsapp platform and getting such positive feedback.
We are getting good responses from our free followers to check our free signals for the trade.

Once satisfied with the signals, they are part of premium service.

We are thankful to god and our traders for this overwhelmingly positive feedback for our work.
We are giving our traders a good signal for the trade and providing good education through zoom meetings.

As a result, they are getting a profit, enjoying daily trading with us, and giving positive vibes.
For that reason, we are working 24/7 for the traders and improving daily with our different strategies and accurate signals.
Profit is easy if you have right direction for the trade.

That's why all the traders are connected with us and getting daily profit.

We never judge traders based on the capital and always ready to help them and that's why getting honest reviews from the client.
Mr. Naren, join our copytrade service and he is having few questions and based on that one we have arrange a call.

All the questions answered and now he is happy and soon he will add more capital and going to join our crypto trading too.
Client is having $2500 capital for the trade but still want to see the accuracy of our free signals.

As per his request we have given SELL USOIL free signal for the trade.

It's forex market where one signal or one day you will never judge the service provider for that you need to see consistent performance.

We have clearly mentioned him that trade with 0.10 lot only and put the SL for the trade so that you can control loss.

He is able to join paid service or not that we never count it but to secure his capital that's our first priority.
We provide the right advice to the traders on how to make a daily profit with our free signals.

See the response from the client which we are getting for our work where traders are getting signals + indicators + education, and for that, we are not taking any single penny.
See how many things traders are getting from our ends, like trading tools, signals, account management, level trading, etc.

We are on a mission where we want to educate all the traders only to make a profit.

Till now 100000+ traders we have educated regarding proper forex trading.
We are getting day by day good response from the traders.

If you see our work daily posting signals and for the same signals update for the profit and loss.

All the traders this kind of the transparency from our end.
You can see our work live where free traders also getting profit.

He traded only 0.01 lot and got only $7 profit but very much happy with the profit.

Today 90 pips profit delivered from our SELL GBPUSD signal, if someone traded with 1 lot $900 safe profit.
See the honest review from the paid client who recently joined the focal500 service.

Mr. Shekhar booked the small profit in GBPUSD pair.

We guide our traders properly so that they can get consistent return from the forex trading.
Scam Alert: Just now got the message from Mr. Rajat that one person name is Thomas using our name to chat traders.

Taking same fees for the service and then never traded in their account and also wash out many account.

He is using @ftrade_1 user id on telegram and till now more than $10000+ lost from the clients account and all of them are contacting us because of Forextrade1.

Please do not pay anyone who is using our name first of all verify details through our official website.

Good luck!! for your trading.
Woodard joined our rental plan and for that we have provided the indicators for the trade.

Soon as per the rental trades will place in his account and will deliver $25000 profit.

See how time to time we are helping our paid traders.
We always encourage our traders first so that they can learn things better way.

Now Mr. Woodard figure out the indicators and make good profit.

If he is having any issue for the trade then we always here for him to help him for trades.
See the reaction from Mr. Arun, for our signals where now he is getting important of hedge signals for the trade.

No matter how much capital you have but our first priority to save your capital.
Screenshot itself telling you the story that what type of work we are doing it.

All these are our free signals performance so you can understand how much our paid traders are getting the profit.