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Holly Cow Indicator has also been completed and will be sent here soon.
Sending GER30 back to the lobby this week 😎
Last one for the day 🀝
Holly Cow Indicator πŸ„ ⚑️
ForexHub SA Official 2
Basic tips for us.

- If you are a person who likes to change timeframes now and then without checking them on a new chart , we recommend turning on MES - No Repaint Mode ( ON ).

- Use CCI filter to filter out some bad signals.

- Lower your bars to 50 atleast for smoother experience due to its complexity of build.

- 3 trend confirmation and exit indicators
- Unlimited access
- 1 High accurate MA filter
- Enhanced trading strategy settings
- Enhanced exit strategy settings
- More set files included + installation / guideline clips
- Support service activated
- Early Access to Multi-Timeframe dashboard based on the signals and exits from the product.
KYLE BINARY NERD indicator in the works βš™οΈπŸ› οΈ
A binary trading and forex trading non repaint indicator. Each arrow shown at current candle , no need to wait for close..
Also possibly my last product under ForexHub😁