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Web3 technologies and blockchain are driving the transition towards prosumption, enabling individuals to monetize their skills and ideas like never before. Prosumerism is blurring the traditional boundaries between producers and consumers. The rise of prosumption is reshaping the economic landscape, enabled by technological advancements and the development of the Internet. More and more people are engaged in creating, designing, and distributing goods and services through their own small online businesses.

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Traditional crypto mining has a negative impact on the environment, annually generating 30,000 tons of electronic waste while consuming a substantial amount of energy. The green blockchain is poised to replace previous iterations and allocate resources sensibly.

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Blockchain technology has traditionally attracted attention due to its potential to revolutionize various industries, primarily finance and supply chain management. Education and consulting are rarely discussed in this context, yet they also have aspects that can be transformed, such as certification.

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The automotive payments sector holds significant growth potential, especially with the increasing presence of connected cars and with the connection of net-zero blockchain to data streams.

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The sharing economy is rewriting the rules, reshaping how we live and work. Despite its innovation, it comes with inherent risks. How can blockchain act as a sort of "savior" in this world of collaborative consumption?

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Let's explore why blockchain in the hotel industry should embrace sustainability and how tourism companies can effectively utilize this technology while adhering to sustainable principles and establishing collaborative standards.

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More and more people, from major investors to retail consumers, are increasingly interested in surrounding themselves with companies that embrace ESG principles. People want to be confident that their money is going to companies that positively impact the world and not sponsoring environmental destruction, community oppression, wasteful use of natural resources, inequality, or even child labor.

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Banks have been actively integrating ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) standards into their credit processes for several years. These standards encourage clients to reduce their negative impact on the environment, benefiting both borrowers by potentially offering more favorable financing and attracting more investors, and banks by strengthening customer loyalty.

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As industries, such as the automotive sector, navigate transformative shifts towards sustainability, the ethical implications of child labor in the supply chain come to the forefront.

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Our Dear FCE Community,

Wishing you a festive season filled with joy and a New Year brimming with success! Together, we've been pioneers in Net-Zero blockchain technology, reshaping the future of business.

May the coming year bring even more breakthroughs as we continue to lead in innovation. Cheers to our shared commitment to excellence, sustainability, and a brighter business landscape.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

This annual report highlights our unwavering commitment to sustainability, trust, transparency, and cutting-edge technological innovations with a global impact, promoting responsible and ethical business practices. Explore the milestones achieved by our team over the past year.

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Climate change has become more apparent worldwide. Instead of merely making eco-friendly statements and engaging in eco-actions with limited impact, companies are now obligated to offset their carbon dioxide emissions. Solutions for this already exist in the form of carbon credit markets, but here’s an improved version: the carbon credit market based on NetZero blockchain.

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Blockchain is transforming the landscape of reputation institutions and business interactions. As we embrace the digital future, decentralized technologies like Web3 and dlt are playing a pivotal role. Learn more about the potential impact and how FCE Blockchain brings innovation to your business.

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Lucerne, Switzerland (May 1, 2024) — Impleon, a leader in technical and ownership consulting services within the data center industry, has announced a strategic collaboration with FCE GROUP AG, creators of the transformative net-zero FCEchain blockchain, and the TransparenTerra cloud platform. This partnership aims to revolutionize the data center sector by leveraging cutting-edge technology to improve transparency, accelerate decarbonization, and promote sustainable practices across the industry.

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Currently, utilized financial registries and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems often fail to provide all involved parties in a simple supply chain transaction with visibility into all relevant information flows, inventory, and financial streams, resulting in what is known as “blind spots.” Blockchain technology eradicates these blind spots.

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