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Talrige politikere i Knesset siger direkte at Palestinensere er “animals” og skal udryddes. Skræmmende at lytte på alle hjernevaskede af Hollywood dybt traumatiserede danskere der bortforklarer klare brud på menneskerettigheder, Geneve konventionerne og tidligere indgåede fredsaftaler.
Israel er en apartheid stat med to slags indbyggere jøder og goyims. Zionisterne mener de er “ubermenchen”, ikke mine ord, det skriver de direkte i deres egen Talmud.
De ønsker “lebensraum”, de taler åbent om deres “greater Israel” Project som inkluderer hele Palestina, Libanon, Jordan, Syrien og halvdelen af Iraq.
Og med deres udtalelser i Knesset kan vi med deres egne ord konstatere at de har deres version af “endlosung”.
Enhver, der støtter zionister er enten en dybt racistisk psykopat eller en imbecil ignorant hjernevasket zombie.
Forwarded from HumanResistanceAlliance (Human Resistance Alliance [ HRA ])
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Bill Maher says it’s “great” white Brits are now a minority in London, but when it comes to Israel, his views on diversity differ

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Forwarded from Dr Mike Yeadon
I’m just watching a channel on YouTube about EVs. It’s astonishing how many lies this field relies upon.
Now, if people are content to believe anything and everything they’re told then, providing their received wisdom isn’t being imposed on me and mine or anybody else who knows it’s tosh, fine.
I’m not campaigning for truth inherently. That’d be daft as well as quite impossible. Humans tell lies. To some extent, we all do. Hopefully mostly if not always, we don’t deliberately hurt others in the odd little lie.
It’s the archetypical big lie I’m taking about. The kind of thing Goebbels understood can be turned into apparent reality by the simple expedient of hearing them from authority figures, often enough & with contrary opinions crushed.

Relevance? Well, as a topical example, to those who think they’re contributing to saving the planet by buying & using an EV. Because “CO2 is causing the planet to heat up and it’s global boiling” etc.
It’s a lie. It is complete nonsense. Try “The CO2 coalition”. Listen or read & then do your own research. I don’t mean literally get out your Bunsen burners and Petri dishes. No, I mean do a lot of independent reading, looking for things that mesh or clash. The thing about big lies is that many things seem to mesh, then you find something really major which doesn’t, and when that happens, you’ve exposed a lie. Please don’t turn away, as most people do at that point. That’s because it is frightening when you realise the implications of lying at the scale I’m telling you is happening (& has been happening for many decades at least).
So many things are lies. Like many lies, we believe them, because we were told them by authority figures, and we chose to believe them.
Almost no one independently checks anything. Being a research scientist for 35 years, I check a lot of things that have become important to my understanding of the real world.
I never use Google or Safari during such situations, because these search algorithms are intentionally misleading. Not all the time, but for a narrow range of “big lie-related” topics.
I’m afraid that “peer reviewed research articles” are also unreliable, because the people operating the lies have infiltrated the publication companies. Not all such publications are unreliable. Most are in fact still honest. The problem people like me now have is not knowing which published science is bent and which is not. It’s not as if there’s a footnote 😎
Mojeek and Yandex are less bent, because it’s a resource intensive to do. Always double check key information using different search engines.
It’s astonishing how completely wrong the major search engines are for certain things. They’re misleading only about “big lies”.
These include:
Fossil fuels (oil & gas are definitely not fossil fuels. Its possible they’re produced abiotically by geological processes. There are uncertainties in this field, but their assignment to the category “fossil fuels” was brought about in the late 19th century by people funded by the original John D Rockefeller.
Coal, on the other hand is, I believe, derived from long buried former vegetation. Whether everything classified as coal has the same origin, I don’t know.

Climate “science” (What do you get if you add politics to science? You get politics).

“EVs will contribute to saving the planet”

Mass migration is an unalloyed good.

Wars (all sizeable conflicts are arranged by people who profit both from the hot part and the resulting disorder and “new order”. Order from chaos is one of the mottos of the stratum of humanity that orchestrates such things).

Central Bank digital currencies. They’re not being lied about in every way. But you’re not being told the real reason they’re even a thing. It’s a component of a totalitarian digital control system.

Respiratory “viruses” (if you believe they cause illnesses which are readily transmitted to others, that’s not true). The whole category is almost entirely & deliberately false. The number of monumental lies in this field is extraordinary.

V*ccines especially gene-based v*ccines.
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Major investors are deserting wind and solar installations, walking away and writing off billions of dollars, as their share prices plummet. The ‘Green Dream’ is morphing into a nightmare of failure and financial loss.

What’s more, electric vehicles are losing value at twice the rate of petrol and diesel, while insurance policies rise at twice the rate. Hertz is hurting over the money it’s losing on its EV fleet and Australia’s Drive magazine writes that more EV sales will actually increase demand for coal, because solar and wind generation is not up to the job of charging these batteries.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) corporate blackmail is hitting resistance. Even Vanguard pulled out of the Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative, citing risk and poor returns.

We cannot ignore the signs – it’s time we followed in the investors' footsteps, cut our losses and start putting Australians first.
Forwarded from LauraAboli (Laura Aboli)
Interesting article…🧐

The plan for Israel to supply natural gas to Europe

"In December 2022, Netanyahu came along becoming the prime minister of Israel for the sixth time. And he offered the US and the UK a revival of the plan to make Israel the supplier of oil and gas to Europe, this time complete with the timeline of early 2024 to achieve that objective.
The US and UK accepted this timeline with open arms, as the situation is getting bad for them, and continue to get worse now.  
This is the casus belli for Israel’s declaration of war on Hamas."
Forwarded from LauraAboli (Laura Aboli)
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Climate hoaxer John Kerry announces the need to starve ourselves in order to save the planet from the HAARP controlled climate crisis:

"You just can't continue to both warm the planet, while also expecting to feed it. It doesn't work... So we have to reduce emissions from the food system."

Remember, they want to remove all independent farmers in favour of big corporations under their control. They will then feed us bugs!

If you control the food supply, you control the people.
Forwarded from LauraAboli (Laura Aboli)
Media is too big
Babies are injected with 24 diseases by the age of 24 weeks
Forwarded from (𝙰𝚛𝚖𝚊𝚗𝚍²)

1. One hectare of cannabis emits as much oxygen as 25 hectares of forest.
2. From one hectare of cannabis, you can get as much paper as from 4 hectares of wood.
3. Whereas hemp can be made into paper 8 times (recycle), wood can be made 3 times. Cannabis paper is the best and most durable.
4. Cannabis grows in 4 months, and a tree in 20-50 years.
5. Cannabis flower is a real radiation trap. Cannabis plantations clean the air.
6. Cannabis can be grown anywhere in the world, it needs very little water.
Besides, since it can defend itself against pesticides, it does not need pesticides.
7. Hemp textiles outperform even linen products in its properties.
8. Hemp is an ideal plant for making ropes, ropes, laces, bags, shoes, headgear.
9. Cannabis.
It is banned in many countries. But technical cannabis does not contain narcotic substances.
10. The protein value of hemp seeds is very high, and the two fatty acids in it are no longer found anywhere in nature.
11. It's much cheaper to produce hemp than soybeans.
12. Animals fed cannabis do not need hormonal support.
13. All plastic products can be made from hemp, and hemp plastic is environmentally friendly and fully biodegradable.
14. If the car body is made of hemp-based composite material, it will be 10 times stronger than steel.
15. Cannabis can also be used for insulation of buildings, it is durable, cheap and flexible.
16. Soap and cosmetics from hemp do not contaminate water, therefore it is completely environmentally friendly.

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